Wednesday 11 February 2015

More from Enchantment

Hey all. Well, sometimes it is really hard to think of anything that looks like a vaguely interesting title, so I just went for something really, uh, straightforward instead.

The current round of Enchantment is still going strong, and in these pics I'm wearing some of the store offerings from May's Soul (the Beast horns in black) and Unrepentant (the Precious Rose corset). Both include a stamp card which you can redeem for super-exclusive prizes (more info here on the official blog).

Also pictured is the latest release from Calico - the Daphne hair style is available now at We <3 Role-Play. I love the tumbling waves... this style also comes with flexi add-ons, not shown here.

The top is from 22769, but I changed the colour completely. Sometimes, with modify items, I'll buy them in white or a very pale shade so I can play around with them later. Of course, you lose a lot of detail when you colour them yourself so just be wary of that!

Lastly, the footwraps are from Cerberus Xing and must have been a Christmas special (they're called Joyeux Noel and feature a little jingle bell) and the manicure is from La Boheme - a hunt prize freebie.

Wednesday 4 February 2015


 More from Enchantment!  This time out, I'm wearing BCC's beautiful gown, La Petite Morte's skin, and posing with An Lar's Beauty Series poses.

Each of these is a featured main store release, and each includes a stamp card.

Wear your stamp card(s) and visit all the stores participating in this round, and click the stamp machine in each store whilst wearing the card. Once your card has all 20 stamps, you can teleport to the prize location and and claim your prize.

Friday 30 January 2015


Last day of The Secret Affair! Don't miss this amazing round, and watch out for the Maochi horns and fur vests from May's Soul!

Antlers: May's Soul - Maochi horns (at The Secret Affair)
Fur waistcoat: May's Soul - Maochi vest grey (at The Secret Affair)
Dress: May's Soul - Pompeya dress brown
Hair: Calico - Marian
Circlet: Bite & Claw -Mesh Elven Circlet - Saida
Arm warmers: The.Plastik - Catori Warmers// Tyrant Queen (part of outfit)

Skin:  Leafy -  Mirabai - Pure - LBB (worn with some included makeups)
Eyes: Ikon - Spectral Eyes - Hazel
Hands: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands
Shape: Self-made

Thursday 29 January 2015

Enchantment: Beauty and The Beast

The latest - and last - round of Enchantment opens on 1 Feb.

You can read my explanation of the process in this older post, or even better, read the instructions on the official blog - you'll find Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese and German translations there also.

Enchantment in SL will also have previews of all the exclusive prizes.

The gown I'm wearing is Luminary's store release for the event. It's inspired by Beauty's fateful rose and comes in five different colours. One thing I love about this dress is how the folds at the bottom of the gown were done. Grab yourself an demo and check it out for yourself!

Caelan Hancroft has created some brand new jewelry for the event. The Belle ring set contains rings for left and right hands, and a pair fitted to mesh hands. They're hud controlled, so you can switch up the colours of the metals, the pearl, the rose, and the small gems on each.

The necklace, called Belle's Rose, is an event exclusive and will never be sold again. You'll also only be able get your hands on it if you have a completed stamp card. (A card from any merchant's Enchantment special will work - you can swap a card for a prize from any of the participating merchants.) The necklace is hud-controlled too, so you can wear it in gold, silver or bronze.

My skin, Beauty, is a brand new release from .la petite morte.. It comes in 8 tones, and each pack contains 4 skins with different brow/cleavage options. I'm wearing a medium tone here, but I'm liking the darkest tone too, so will probably try that one out soon... assuming SL co-operates and actually lets me take pictures, which is a bit hit-and-miss these days. Grr!

Sunday 25 January 2015

Coming soon...

The final round of Enchantment opens on 1 February, with "Beauty and the Beast" as its theme.

Yes, you read that correctly - it's the last ever round (sob).

Sunday 18 January 2015

Winter lavender

I've always been a big fan of  Kaethe Dyrssen's Leafy skins, so I was really happy to see a new release - her first in ages - pop up in her Flickr feet. And, guess what, appliers are included... for Loud Mouth,  Nyam Nyam, Phat Azz, Tangos, and Slink Hands & Feet.

At the moment, there's just one pack of Mirabai available, which includes three skins in two pale tones with different brow options.  Also included are 25 different tattoo layers with makeups, freckles and so on, brow shapers, and cleavage enhancer layers.

The skin is young, fresh, and pretty; and I think 875L is not a bad price for what you get in the box. If you like pale skins, I definitely recommend that you grab a demo and check it out.

My outfit is new from Soedara - the very smexy Wyntir camisk.  It's hud-driven, letting you choose between five different tones and clean or dirty versions. You also get upper arm bands, bangles, and a belly jewel.

While short hair is not traditional for slaves, I thought this tousled style from Elua could make for some fun roleplay. Perfect if you've had your hair cropped as a punishment, for travel, or due to illness.

The lavender headdress is from Lode, and it's at the current round of The Secret Affair. The theme is "Untamed Purity", and if you haven't already visited, be warned! The event is so full of delectable and desirable objects that you're going to need a wallet full of Linden dollars...

Friday 9 January 2015

On ice

One of the starring items in these photos is Melora, the new hair from Calico. It's out now at We Love Role-Play.

This hair is super-intricate, so it would be ideal for a character of high status, such as a lady, mage, or even a pleasure slave. Basically, anyone who would have the time or the help to create all these rollsand looping braids; it's not really a style for farm girls or tavern wenches! The hair also comes with an add-on flexi piece to add movement to the style.

Calico Ingmann also updated her texture packs a couple of months ago and there are now a lot more shades in each pack. An example: previously you might buy the browns, dark browns, or light browns pack, each containing five basic shades.  Now you buy the browns pack, containing 20 shades. There's also a separate streaks hud for customisation.

Another featured item is the new 'Indian Necklace' from May's Soul which comes in either silver or gold. Also from May, but slightly older, are the Dyona circlet and the white fur from the Harvest Moon gacha.

The bracers are and older release from Enfant Terrible (pre-mesh!) and a group gift gown from Junbug. There is a 250L join fee for the Junbug group but it is well worth it if you're a fan of Juno Mantel's creations as the gifts are both very generous and regular!