Sunday, 30 June 2013

Crayon Colour Challenge: Week 23, Coconut


Yes, I'm back! Lots of catching up to do (so much that I'm not actually going to bother with most of it), starting with some posts for the Softpaw's crayon challenge.

This week's is Coconut or as I've been thinking of it, not-quite-white. Hopefully this gown from The White Armory fits the bill.

I've accessorised with the Arachzis horns from Plastik and worn one of the Lionheart skins - so I'd have an excuse to tell you that the Plastik annual half price sale is on, until July 25. What are you waiting for? Go take advantage!

While we're talking about sales, the hair is from Magika, who are in the midst of a half-off sale. Check it out at the mainstore until July 10.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Sales.... at Solange! and Kouse's Sanctum

Oh noes... Kouse's Sanctum is closing. All gowns at the mainstore are reduced to 75L until 28th June, after which time they'll no longer be available. Kouse will be focusing on her jewelry line instead, so don't miss this chance to grab some of her gorgeous gowns at great prices.

The sale at Solange is less final. For a limited time - not sure when the sale will be over - many silks and lingerie are 50% off. Shoes and bargain basement items are reduced to 10L and will be discontinued when the sale ends. Some outfits are reduced to 100L, and most will be moved to the bargain basement when the sale ends. The reductions are only available at the flagship store in-world.

Happy shopping!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Holiday... (celebrate)

I'm off on holidays in the morning, and won't have much by way of spare time or internet connection. So while I'll probably log in to get messages and inventory, there won't be any blog posts for a while (unless I hear of any fabulous sales or events and simply have to share the news).

On that note, don't forget that the second round of We Love Role-Play opens on June 4. All the info on the official blog.

Be well!

Music: Camera Obscura - Let's get out of this country

Saturday, 1 June 2013

New from Wishbox: Caprice fae silks

Going to try and get a few posts done quickly now, so less talking and more pictures!

I recently picked up the new Caprice silks from Wishbox. In fact, I indulged myself with the fatpack, as Wisp's are always such great value.