Thursday, 30 August 2012

Slave Dressing Room - Wild Princess

The latest release from Cristine Easterling's Slave Dressing Room is Wild Princess, perfect for panthers and any other wild girls! The outfit is mesh, with prim accessories, and features what I'm gonna call a 'grassland print' trim.

I've been hanging onto this cute skin from BRAT[inc] till I had a panther outfit to wear, so now's the time. It's Extreme Brat T4 EarthAngel, and I love the black 'warpaint' on the cheeks.
Outfit: Wild Princess from Slave Dressing Room; Skin: Extreme Brat T4 EarthAngel from BRAT[inc]

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Retirement sale at Roawenwood

Just a little reminder that if you want to take advantage of 50% off at Roawenwood, get down there by August 31. Everything that's still out at the in-world store is half-off, and will be retired after the sale.

There's a huge range: clothing, including silks, camisks, kirtles, footwear, tavern wench gown, and at least one fae outfit; furniture (including adult furniture at Splinter'd); and chores. The discount clothing department also seems to be included as prices there seem to start from about 22L!

I teamed one of the kirtles with a silk for this look - well there was a sale on; I was hardly going to buy only one outfit, now was I?!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Soedara - City Girl mesh camisk

Ooops, a bit behind, but this is a recent release from Soedara. I've actually had the photos sitting on my machine for a while but only posting them now :emb:

Each of the City Girl mesh camisks comes with two versions included, an opaque and a transparent, in the usual range of sizes. Plus, there are anklets, armbands and bracelets, and you can turn scripted chains on or off with a click.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Massive marketplace sale at Nomine

Nomine, the fantasy and gothic store (or as creator Munchflower Zaius describes it "darkness, haute couture, and bohemian inspired aesthetics", which sounds much nicer) is having an enormous sale.

Just about everything (well over 2,000 items) for male and female avatars has been reduced to 100L. Demos are the exception, they're free!

There's an insane breadth to the range, so what's on offer inclues hair, skins (all kinds - human, fae, drow, doll, mermaid, android, neko, deer, panda, reptile, zombie), make-up, and all sorts of clothing including the most recent mesh outfits.

Nomine - Butterfly Cheongsam outfit in Mulberry
Nomine - Nephilim skin peach tone in specialist red

FallnAngel Creations - Emma silks in blue for just 20L

Falln are having a flash sale on the Emma silks in blue. Until 2nd September (10pm SLT) the outfit will be 20L on marketplace only. You can buy it for yourself or gift it to a friend!

BTW, the skin and shape in the pictures are another FOTA prize - this time from Gallant. Yours for some searching and 5L!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Fairest of Them All! hunt

I spent quite a bit of time today running round grabbing prizes from this hunt. At 5L per prize, it's a little bit more expensive than usual, but there are quite a lot of previews available.

Prizes on this hunt are really top notch - including clothing, jewels, skins, hair, and some great photo props, all following the fairytale theme of the hunt. Have a look for yourself on the prize preview page!

Luckily, I'm not completely redundant and can show you some items which there aren't currently previewed - a skin and a mesh gown from Bonne Chance, and wings from The.Plastik. A couple of extra hints (where they're not currently on the hint list) after the jump too.
FOTA #12 Bonne Chance -  [Milk] Rose skin - prize 1 of 2 at this location
FOTA #12 Bonne Chance - Rapunzel mesh gown - prize 2 of 2 at this location
FOTA #47 - The.Plastik - Naira mesh wings (blue also included in pack)

Friday, 24 August 2012

New release day at Shack: Andrea 2 silks!

It's new release day at Shack, which means until midnight SLT tonight (Friday 24 August) you can avail of half off one colour in each of the new release ranges.

Tonight, there's a new camisk, a new kirtle, and a reworking of an old favourite - the Andrea silks. Fire writes in the notecard that they're woven by the slaves of the Priest Kings in the mountains of Sardar. And you *know* they make the best shizz.

The black set of Andrea are half price, so you can grab them for just 200L instead of the usual 395L. And, if you're a group member, you can get 15% cashback on all the latest releases... so I treated myself to the red also :)
Shack - Andrea silks in Boastful black

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Zodiac: Virgo (featuring Evie's Closet, Cheeky Pea + Exposeur, Elymode, {Happy}, Adorkable)

Poor Virgos! Seems to have been decided they're the housemaids of the Zodiac, judging by the amount of cleaning utensils available at the latest round of Zodiac. (I suppose someone has to tidy up after all the messy Aries and Sagittarians.)

Never mind; it makes for great RP props for the rest of us. There are some really fun collab pieces from Cheeky Pea and Exposeur, and in tems of clothes, it's great to see an established and much-loved fantasy store like Evie's Closet taking part. (Last round had Solange! - I'm really liking this about Zodiac)

Also, nothing is over 200L, and lots more in store as well, so, what's not to love...
Elymode: Sitari outfit in aubergine - partial mesh, more colours available
Fancy bucket pose prop from Cheeky Pea + Exposeur

Gorean Room: August 15

It's coming near the end of summer for some people... but for some of us, this year, it seems like it never started! Look at it that way, and it makes sense that May Tolsen made 'Romantic Winter' her Gorean Room outfit for the second half of August.

Photos of a Les Encantades Free Woman outfit after the jump too... as always, lots more to be found in the Gorean Room, including slave outfits, more options for Free Women, roleplay props and furniture. Everything remains 50L or 70L.

Authentically Celtic weather courtesy of the Empress and Heirophant sim.
"Winter clothes in August? Are you mad? I'll just wander outside in my dreamy new maxi dress...'
May's Soul: Romantic Winter (mesh)

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Dark vintage: A look from Vintage Fair

More Vintage Fair finds: this time, a dark formal look. Bargainistas rejoice, as the main part of this outfit is a 10L gown from 1-800-Bettie's (as blogged over on FabFree).

In fact, I was inspired by this skin from BRAT[inc] (another in the blogger's pack). It's called PinUp Brat T1 Extreme Monroe, but the smooth texture and strong make-up said GOTH to me, so I ran with the theme and landed on the stunning Venexia dark'n'vampy roleplay sim.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Free gown (group gift) at Delicious

Just a quick post to tell you about a free gift for group members over at Delicious. Francesca, a gown for Free Women, is the latest release, and there's a special edition only available to group members.

The gown features three different skirts, two tops, and various accessories, so there's lots of ways to wear it!

Soedara: Mystique Seductress silks

After the soft Romantic Slave silks, it's back to chains with a vengeance for Soedara. The latest release is 'Mystique Seductress', featuring a chained bodice and skirt, and as always, lots of jewels.

This one's pretty raunchy... in a very opulent way, of course!
Soedara: Mystique Seductress silks in passion

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Conquer mesh outfit from Silk Worms

This outfit from from Silk Worms is tagged as silks/kirtle on the marketplace entry, but I find it's got a bit of an edge.The (rigged mesh) skirt looks like chainmail as much as anything, giving it a bit of a fierce, grungy look. So, I imagined this girl as someone a little more free-spirited - perhaps she's run away to the woods to become a panther!

The skin is from a new skin line, BRAT[inc], by AzureFera Resident, who was kind enough to pass me a blogger pack. There's a great variety in her store, but this is one of my favourites (it's Pure Natural T3). Lots of detail, plus the freckles and reddened cheek make for a lovely outdoors-y look - clearly, this girl's been out in the sun and wind.
Silk Worms: Conquer outfit in gold; Brat[Inc] skin Pure Natural T3

Friday, 17 August 2012

Vintage Fair finds from Vassnia and Rookhold

Now that the crowds (and the lag) have gone, I've been exploring Vintage Fair at my leisure.

The Renaitre (meaning 'reborn') outfit from Vassnia isn't specifically for roleplay, but it suggests a length of silk wrapped and knotted about the body. So if you RPing as a slave girl and want something a little bit different, why not have a look at this? It comes in several colours; as you can see, I went for striking red.

Likewise, the Anthropic Principle jewelry set from Rookhold (formerly Axiom) - the choker necklace resembles a collar... and teams up very well with the dress!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

10L gowns from Kouse's Sanctum!

I was wandering around the Cart Sale at The Wash (nothing more than 10L), picking up some bits and pieces here and there... when suddenly, I happened up a cart from Kouse's Sanctum! SQUEAL!!

There are 8 gowns in a variety of styles on the cart - some are medieval or Celtic, one is 17th or 18th century, there's a couple of ballgowns... but they're all gorgeous, and they're all only 10L each.

The sale runs until September 5th, so plenty of time... but why delay when there's bargains like this?!
Kouse's Sanctum -Natasha gown in blush

Two prizes from the 'If I were rich' hunt

The If I Were Rich Hunt ("if you could have anything, what would it be?") runs until 31 August, and features one of my favourite stores (The Roawenwood) and one (deviousMind) I should check out more often!

Roawenwood's prize is the Zumurrud aybed, and deviousMind's is the Diva Diamond burlesque outfit...

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Free camisks (opening gifts) at Hopeless Designs

To celebrate the store opening, there are two free camisks at Hopeless (one of these, the Sari Wraps camisk can be worn three ways). Lots of bargains as well, for Free Woman as well as slave, and a lucky board upstairs on the balcony!
Hopeless Designs - Sari Wraps camisk in red

Monday, 13 August 2012

Free gown and sale at Deviance!

Selected gowns, silks, fairy outfits and costumes are 50% off at Deviance for the end of summer sale - look for the little red stickers. The sale will run till the end of August, and different colours of the outfits will be on sale each week. Slap the subscribo to get updates on when new outfits go on sale. (Pics of the initial offerings at the after the jump).

And, if you're prepared to do a little hunting, you can find this dreamy gown at Deviance for precisely 0L! It's the Deluxe Fairy Tale Princess gown in a new color, Mystic Sky. Previously available for petites as a hunt prize, it's now been sized up for us biggies!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Soedara - Romantic Slave silks

A small change of direction for Soedara... this gorgeous set of silks is less raunchy, more pretty, and appropriately entitled 'Romantic Slave'.

Another point of difference from the rest of the line is that there's maybe a little less prim work than usual - the decoration on the silks (flowers, tassels and so on) has been done with textures.

In common with many of Marbella's other piece,  the outfit includes some beautiful jewels; make sure you take a good look at that necklace!

30L Saturday: Singapore Day specials at Zibber's Designs

To celebrate Singapore's national day of independence, Zibber's Designs have put out no less than 10 designs for 30L Saturday, including two previously blogged outfits (pictures below).

On offer are various slave silks and camisks, including a set that could work for panthers (Tee: Brown) and a more fantastical set that could work for fae, elves,  or priestess (Phoebe silks).

There are two lucky boards and midnight mania to slap while you're down there too!

Slurl to Zibber's Designs
Sawadee silks in red chili Chinese ruby silks

Friday, 10 August 2012

New camisk and kirtle at Shack

Yay, Friday! So many reasons to love it :) If you're in a shopping mood, it's new release day at the Shack, so there are a couple of sets on half price offer - but only until about midnight SLT, so get your skates on.
Shack - Grant kirtle in green

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Monday, 6 August 2012

Evie's Closet - Sorcha gown

I was feeling a bit uninspired the other day... when a notecard from Evie's Closet landed in my inventory, showing off her gorgeous new partial-mesh gown, Sorcha.

Yay! I thought, next post sorted. So I wandered down to the store and bought one... then had the extreme good luck to score all the colours in a facebook-related giveaway! So, you see, it always pays to follow your favourite creators on facebook.

Now if those darn numbers would only come up on the lottery...
Evie's Closet - Sorcha gown in red

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Just a Slave camisk from Soedara

The 'Just a Slave' camisks are a recent release from Soedara, and a fun concept to boot.

Essentially, you're wearing a sack (and hopefully looking good in it) - and the sackcloth still bears the stamp of whatever goods it last held. Excepting the plain version, which has no label, and the 'for sale' version which informs the world that you're... for sale.

The mesh and clothing versions of the outfit are quite different... so have a look at the pics and see which you prefer. (Watch out for non-PG pics after the jump!)
Just a Slave - MESH - For Sale

Friday, 3 August 2012

Fairy outfit hunt prize at Kastle Rock Couture

If you head to Kastle Rock Couture on the Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves hunt trail, make sure you don't miss out on this fairy outfit which is a dollarbie prize in the Nature's Hunt - Summer Fantasy hunt which runs till 14 August.

You're looking for an ice-cream cone, and when you find it, it actually contains four prizes - two for 'biggies', and two scaled down versions for petites.  Main prize is this fairy outfit (ditch the wings for cute silks!) but there's also a whimsical sandcastle pose set.

The biggie version of the prize includes a skin and (smallish) shape, pictured after the jump. The petite version doesn't include these.
Woodland fairy outfit - Kastle Rock Couture
Skin & shape - Belleza

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Gorean Room, 1 August - Sweet Poison, Arachne Silks, On a Lark and more

Lots of mesh and muted, neutral tones at the Gorean Room this round. Lots to tickle your fancy!

Great value too, as always - most of the outfits here are 50L (Corseted from On a Lark is the exception at 70L).

Plenty more to be found in store, including roleplay props, furniture, more clothes, and a skin, so be sure to take a look before the collection changes over on 15 August.
Sweet Poison - Zinnie (mesh)

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves: Hunt prizes!

The Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves hunt kicked off today and runs until 15 August. I had a quick run round some of the stores and there are lots of fun prizes to be picked up. Best of all, they're all FREE (not even dollarbies!)

The hunt starts at Reliquia, and you can find a hint list with slurls at the Slave blog or you can visit the official Red Silk Productions blog. 70 stops in total and you're looking for a crystal ball.

Here are a few quick pics of favourites from what I've grabbed so far!
39 Bacidalucia Chicago