Sunday, 30 December 2012

The Waiting Hand: Secret sale at Arachne silks

Arachne Silks are marking the end of 2012 with a five day secret sale called 'The Waiting Hand' after the Gorean term for the last days before the new year dawns with the vernal equinox.

Each of the final five days before the end of year will be marked with a new outfit reduced to a practically free 5L. Four outfits are reduced now, and another will be added tomorrow. Unfortunately, you will have to check over a lot of outfits to find which is on sale! The three pictures below might help you, and the outfit added today is in the camisks section (to the left as you enter the store).
Arachne Silks - Heidi kirtle in brown

Soedara - The Gadis camisks

New from Soedara: the Gadis Kota and Gadis Gurun hooded camisks. The essential difference between the two ranges is the trim; Gadis Gurun has a rough, burlap trim while Gadis Kota has a printed fabric, gold-ish coloured trim, so is more exotic or suited for city girls.

You can also wear this camisk as a top, and as usual with Soedara, the clothes come with some fabulous jewels...

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Bare Rose - Kudomo mesh outfit

A recent trip to BareRose's mesh section yielded this exotic Kudomo outfit (it actually reminds me of the older Thai Dancer outfits from this store).

Friday, 28 December 2012

Thursday, 27 December 2012

More gifts from The Plastik (and ellabella too!)

As if the pre-Christmas gift givers weren't enough bounty, a couple of gift packages were sent out recently to Plastik group members. Ellabella sent out a non-scripted version of a new release, while the Plastik box was full of goodies...
The.Plastik - Ataciara skin in Retro Chic plus makeup layer; Vae Collection eyes in Beauty;
Daunting Fate corset in Beauty; Annamalie armwarmers; Azrael pants

Soedara - Captive to Winter

In some regions, simply surviving has to come before being chic, but wrapped up warm in this fur and hide outfit from Soedara, you'll be able to brave the elements while maintaining some rough glamour.
Soedara - Captive to Winter in black

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Giving Circle at Fallen Gods Inc.

I'm a bit behind on this one, but I just discovered this today (clearly, I am way out of the loop).  There is a huuuuge gifting table laden with goodies for you at Fallen Gods.

In fact, I think there is one of everything ever* piled up on that table. There's lots for petites and for biggies, including gifts from Dreamwalker's Creations, deviousMinds, The Looking Glass, Frippery, Trident, plus of course Libertine and Fallen Gods among others. I don't know how long it'll remain there so might as well get down there now!

*Not really.

Vanafindiel, the white-haired girl

This ethereal gown ('Vanafindiel *white as snow*') from K a s h i e is available free as part of Atooly's Hunting for Winter hunt. It's very cute so I thought I'd style it up to show you. Most of the other items in the pic are free or on sale, so even if Lindens are tight, you might find something worth investigating!

Details after the jump.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

A quick post to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or Solstice Celebration (ok maybe a couple of days late for that last one).

Today, Christmas Day, is a very special "gift round" of 25L Tuesday, with all the participating designers leaving out a special gift for you (some have sales too). Read more on the 25L Tuesday blog

I guess now is a good time to thank the wonderfully talented creators in Second Life for the beauty and creativity which they bring to our SLives all year round - and also for any Christmas gifts they might have given us :)

See you later - right now, there's some champagne and veggie treats with my name on them! Hoping you all spend a joyful day with your loved ones in all worlds.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas gifts under the tree at Soedara!

Marbella at Soedara has just put a bunch of Christmas gifts out under the tree at Soedara - and you don't even need to be a group member to grab them.

I put together two outfits from the gifts on offer, which include the Mistletoe camisk (two versions), mesh uggie boots, mesh sweater and thigh band.

Thanks Marbella!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Last day of the Midwinter Fair

Today (23rd December) is the last day of the 30L Midwinter Fair, so if you haven't been yet, better hurry!

There are lots of 30L and some 50% items on offer and a Christmas tree with gift items, all 5-10L, most of which are transferable. Naturally, you can 'gift' some of these to yourself :)

There's also a hunt with free prizes - look for the Christmas baubles dotted around the market. Some stores have prizes back at their mainstores too.
Silk Worms - Licorice - 10L under the Christmas tree

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Soedara: Abandoned slave camisk

Soedara's latest release is a mesh camisk which comes in a whopping 24 colours. The collection's divided into a number of ranges - Lights, Cute, Dirty and Knit.

You can probably guess that Dirty includes the grungy textures, Lights is pastel shades and Cute is, well, pastel shades with a cute little print. The Knit range features cosy, woolly textures, so ideal for the time of year. And as it's winter, there's a cute little extra in the shape of cloak or cape in a complementary colour.

My avatar in these pics consists of items from Together for Sway - a fund-raising event to benefit Sway Drench. So, guilt-free shopping for a good cause. If you haven't been yet, definitely try and stop in because it's full of goodies, all of which donate 100% to the fund. The event runs until 31 December. Read more here.
~Soedara~ Abandonded slave camisk Dirty Some Rag

Huge sale and group giveaway at Angelwing

It's been pretty quiet at Angelwing lately, but a huge sale and giveaway has just been announced.

Angel has made most of her older creations free for group members (group join fee of 50L applies). There are dozens upon dozens of gowns, silks and fairy outfits on offer. Prices have been slashed on newer releases - everything is 25L. That is a ridiculously low price for these gorgeous creations!

Petites especially are spoiled rotten - their group gifts consists of some relatively recently outfits such as petite versions of the Timeless outfits, released for last March's Fashion for Life event.
Angelwing - Adorabelle in white and gold - now only 25L

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Lorraine camisk from Delicious

Delicious have just released a couple of new outfits with a family theme, one of these is a maternity gown for free women, and the other, photographed here,  is a camisk for a child-minding kajira.

It's a really cute outfit which has already featured on a couple of blogs, so I'll keep it brief. Suffice to say you get two versions of the camisk, one PG for your babysitting tasks, the other a little more risque for whatever other duties you might need to fulfill!

To enhance your RP, the Lorraine camisk also comes with two wearable, animated props: a baby for you to rock, and a hairbrush to help you maintain your exquisite beauty. (Oh and there's a cheeky cherry mouthie too!)

But, whatever you do, don't drop the baby...

Thursday, 13 December 2012

New camisks from Soedara

A quick post tonight... early start tomorrow! Soedara have just released two new camisk lines, and I've crammed them both into one post. As usual, both offer you plenty of options to be more or less modest, as you please.

The first is Run Amok, a mesh camisk which features the same top as the Winter of Hedwig kirtle, and it comes in three different layers of transparency. I love the jewelry included with this set - so bright and charming, all in candy colours - it reminded me of edible candy necklaces you could buy. But I think Soedara's are prettier, although they might not taste so good!

The second line, Just a Slut, is based around textures and a prim bow. It includes a modifiable lace-textured undershirt, so you can play around with colour combinations to your heart's content. Again, you can choose opaque or sheer options with this camisk also. Pictures after the jump.
Soedara - Run Amok camisk in Earth

Monday, 10 December 2012

Rhapsody Designs - Elsinia silks

Slave Fair is over for now, but I'm sure it will be the first of many... you can see some pics from the event over on Slave blog.

In the meantime, here's some pics of gorgeous outfit I found over there, the Elsinia silks from Rhapsody Designs.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Christmas gifts at The Plastik

If you haven't been down to The Plastik lately, you might want to check out their Christmas gift giver which is doling out presents to group members every hour (there's a gift giver for non-groupies too, if you haven't any group spaces left).

Lots of clothes and cute mouthies to be given out, plus the occasional holiday-themed skin.
Fable Skin in HollyJolly; Bordello dress in Company Party

Saturday, 8 December 2012

30L Saturday, 8 December

I'm poorly RL at the moment so it took me a little while to summon up the energy to take the pics (don't worry, you've still plenty of time to grab the offers).

Luckily it didn't impair my shopping abilities... interestingly, where I live, today is traditionally the big shopping day before Christmas. So while I might be stuck at home this weekend, at least I can indulge my one of my favourite hobbies in SL!

Anyway, lots of gorgeous things in this week's 30L round, including some cute mesh from On a Lark, Sweet Pea, and Sweet Poison; a new store to 30L in the shape of Velvet Whip; and this adorable Christmas camisk from Dream Things.
Dream Things - Daisy Christmas Edition in red

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Soedara: Winter of Hedwig

The latest release from Soedara is a fun wintry outfit that's jam-packed full of wearing options. (For your lindens you get three skirt options, two mesh tops, and even a choice of armbands.)

The outfit is intended for bonds but the many different elements could be co-opted into outfits for other roleplayers.

BTW, the teal version (below) is available at a promotional price of 150L for a limited time... so now's a good time to check it out ;)  (The top is mesh, so check out the free demo.)
~Soedara~ Winter of Hedwig Teal - Full skirt, opaque top

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Advent Calendar at FallnAngels Creations

The Christmas elves must have been very busy over at FallnAngel Creations as there's a stack of gifts for you, including an Advent Calendar in the Holiday Room, where you can pick up a new gift each day.

As well as the MM boards and/ or lucky chairs on every floor of the mainstore, there's now a Christmas tree with six lucky presents underneath it.

And there's more - grab the notecard from one of the gift-wrapped boxes for LMs to the advent countdown board (letter changes daily) and the lucky Santa.

Skin: Pout 2 from Curio (not currently available)
Shape: Self-made
Eyes: Morning Sea (deep sky, mesh) from Mayfly
Hair: Nyx from Truth

Kouse's Sanctum Advent Calendar is back

Kouse's Sanctum Advent Calendar is back! From now until Christmas, you can pick up a holiday-themed gown or piece of jewelry for a bargain price. Pictured below is the Felicia gown, which is just 30L. 

There's an extra sweetener for shopaholics - if you collect enough ornaments contained within the packages, you could qualify for a free gown or jewelry gift card.

The poses, necklace and earrings in the pic are Advent Calendar prizes from Adorkable, Perception and Alice Project respectively... more info after the jump!

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Slave Fair gifts

If you roleplay as a slave, you'll surely want to check out the Slave Fair, sponsored by Cristine Easterling's *Slave blog and fashion line.

You can check out the latest releases from your favourite designers and avail of discounts (Rhapsody Designs have 20% off, while On a Lark and some others have 50% off, I also spotted a couple of 30L outfits).

There's also a veritable cornucopia of gifts waiting for you! Most are piled under the tree in the centre of the fair, but a couple are dotted around the stalls. Some photographs below; but of course there's even more gifts than I've pictured here. Enjoy!
On a Lark - gift -  Antlers - Got a Point?
Whatz - gift - camisk

30L Saturday, 1 December

Don't miss this week's round of 30L Saturday - there are so many great bargains to be had.

I've taken a few quick pics of some favourite outfits, but there are way more than I can show you right now.

I also picked up some great furniture and props which I haven't photographed... what can I say, get shopping!
Sweet Pea - Aura in red, (MESH, more colours available)