Friday, 28 February 2014


It's your last chance to get to the  Fantasy Gacha Carnival today, where you'll find the Jasmyne hat and ribbon choker. They're a joint effort from Le Petite Morte and Enfant Terrible.

The Ariela gown is new from Junbug, and you can find it at The Fantasy Collective, which will be open for another little while. Don't forget, items at TFC are exclusive for the next six months!

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Her fragrance and her radiance

February's almost over, which means it's almost time for this round of We <3 Role-Play
to end, before another new round starts on 4 March.

Fantasy Gacha Carnival will be finishing up on the 28th February also, so now's your chance to hit those machines up in search of those elusive rares!

In these pics, the kaftan and moon necklace are both to be found at W<3RP (from Apsara and Bliensen + MaiTai respectively) while the choker I'm wearing is actually a circlet from Black Pearls, the gacha ultra-rare at FGC.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Lots more from The Fantasy Collective  including outfit from The White Armory, hand and foot jewels from On a Lark, hair from Tableau Vivant, headdress from OrsiniSun, and pose prop from Captivity Co.

Full credits after the jump!

Monday, 24 February 2014

The Precious Haifa silks - and a free gift - from Soedara

The free version of Soedara's Precious Haifa silk; pose by Mien

To celebrate her association with Port Haifa, Marbella Pronovost has created the Precious Haifa silks. You can currently grab a special edition of this silk for free at Port Haifa, where Soedara is vendor of the week.

If you like the silk, you should definitely consider the 'deluxe' version of the silks, you get a twin pack of colours. Each colour comes in either silver or gold trim (with matching jewelry), and there are three styles of skirt - long, short and 'slutty'!

You also get armbands and anklets in both silver and gold, and Lola's Tango and PhatAzz appliers. (The freebie includes just one colour silk and the long skirt.)

Friday, 21 February 2014

The Brutal dresses from The Plastik

New from the The.Plastik - the Brutal dresses, a two-part outfit that could work as anything from an alternative camisk to clubwear, as the textures range from grungy leathers to brash colours. (I've 'borrowed' the previewer and added at the end!)

The top and bottom parts of the dress are separate meshes, so you can mix and match to your heart's content... or make your look a lot more risque.

Accessories - Wimey's Medusa arm band and Bliensen + MaiTai's Cassis earrings - are from the current round of We <3 Role-Play.

Slurl to The.Plastik  

Thursday, 20 February 2014

No pleasure in anything else

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single lady in possession of some linden dollars must be in want of a new gown. And perhaps also a rugged wealthy gentleman in a wet shirt.

This month's round of  The Seraphim Social can certainly see you suitably attired as it's theme is deveoted to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. This outfit is Junbug's 'Mrs Darcy' and it's a one-piece mesh empire line gown and over coat.

If you do have a hunky gentleman in your Second Life, or indeed if you are one yourself, check out the accompanying Mr Darcy outfit, with its daringly unbuttoned shirt (think Matthew MacFayden as Darcy). Pure 19th century hotness right there.

Slurl to The Seraphim Social

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

New round of The Fantasy Collective opens tomorrow

A new round of The Fantasy Collective opens tomorrow (rumours of its demise had been greatly exaggerated) with the inspirational theme of 'Arabian Nights'.

As always the event is full of exclusive goodies - they will not be available again for at least 6 months.

In these pictures, I'm wearing some mesh silks from Sakide, Slink feet add-on shoes from Hopscotch, and hair jewel from Sweet Poison.

River's daughter

Quick post - some more items from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival which runs till the end of the month. Crown and trident are from the May's Soul Naga Princess gacha, while the gown and armbands are from Decdadent Courtesan's Longest Night gacha. I'm also wearing some of Enfant Terrible's offerings which you can find at the current We <3 Role-Play.

Full credits after the jump.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Last days of Chinese New Year festival

Have you been to the Chinese New Year festival yet? The event closes on 21 February so there's not much time left to visit.

This post features skin and dress by Potcha, purse by C'est La Vie, and decorations from Dysfunctional Designs and Xiaj.

Slurl to Chinese New Year festival

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Damsel du Sanct Grael

Ouch, RL suddenly got very busy, hence the slow down in posting. In spite of this, I finally manged to get into the February round of Collabor88, where I bought the base skin from Glam Affair (388L), together with the add-on packs for nose and cheeks (188L each).

I paused at the lip packs though. The accompanying lipsticks look absolutely beautiful, but  thought they were a little pricey at 288L. However,  I'll probably go back and get a pack when the weekly stipend comes through on Tuesday.

In the meantime, I added a liptint from Musa at We <3 Role-Play to add a little more oomph to the look. These liptints add a sheer and subtle hint of colour without altering the shape of your lips and look very natural.

In fact, apart from the skin, almost everything I'm wearing comes from We <3 Role-Play. (which of course means its discounted between 25% and 50% for the event). The gown is Adele's Secret from Junbug, and the chalice I'm holding is from The Forge.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Drapee silks from Soedara

New mesh silks from Soedara! The Drapee silks come in two styles; Beaute Drapee and Dirt Drapee, for dancing girls or hard workers.

Each set of silks comes with a hud allowing you to choose different colours for the chain parts, and for the Beaute silks, different levels of sheerness. The Dirt silks come with three different shades included, while the Beaute packs include a solid colour and an ombre.

The Dirt silks come with shackles, while the Beauty silks come with jewelry, including an ornate circlet. (There's a simpler version of it with the Dirt silks.)

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Little red

Another trip to Enchantment!   This is the Rotkappchen (the German name for Little Red Riding Hood) outfit from Junbug, which comes in three different colourways. It's based on a traditional dirndl, and could be a great peasant, wench or servant's outfit, for all that it's so lush and colourful. It would certainly make a change from the homespun browns we're used to seeing.

The ballerina shoes are from Enfant Terrible, and once you've bought your favourite colour shoe, you can change out the sock textures with the hud. Left and right socks can be changed separately, if you want to be a little unconventional!

The flower and ribbon head wreath also comes from Enfant Terrible, and the neckalce and ring from Bokeh. Once again, poses are from Infiniti

As with yesterday's post, the poses are from Infiniti. You can see that some of the  dynamic 'Running scared' make the mesh gown look as though it's billowing in the air.

 I mentioned yesterday that 'Better to see you with' was a great set for showing off nails... but I forgot to mention that it also includes a set of nail appliers for Slink avatar enhancment hands. Sorry! The 'Little Red' set includes five different tones of red, from bright scarlet to deep burgundy.

All Enchantment items are exclusive to the event, so if you want anything there, now is the only chance you'll get...

Friday, 7 February 2014

More from We Love Role-Play

Super-quick post tonight, but a whole bagful of goodies from We <3 Role-Play to show off.

The gown is new from Roawenwood and I love the texturing on this. The skirt's front panel looks so deliciously taffeta-y (apologies for my murderation of the english language).

Iren have put out a  hair and skin for this round, and the skin includes its own matching mesh hands.

The tiara is from Tea.s, and necklace from Bliensen + MaiTai.

As always, the featured items at W<3RP are 25-50% off until the end of the month. And if you've already been in the early days, why not check back in again - a couple of designers have just put out their items.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Blood of the wolf

Some more items from Enchantment and the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

First up, the outfit is 'The Wolf' from The Library. It includes the wolf-head hooded cape, pant and boots and is currently at Enchanted. Likewise, you'll find the necklace and cuff from AZE Designs there too. (AZE have a few different styles of cuff out, each with different insignias, and available for men or women.)

My other items are from the FGC, including the small sword from Raare from their dragon eggs gacha. The tattoo is from Demonic, and roleplay belt from PFC, while the hair which is specially designed to be worn under hoods is from Little Bones. (NB there is no back to this hair so it's not for general use, but you could always add it to another style.)

Monday, 3 February 2014

We Love Role-Play opens tomorrow

After a month-long break, We <3 Role-Play returns tomorrow at a new location (so bin your old landmarks!).  The event opens at 3pm SLT.

Just two of the items you'll find there are the Sister Crow necklace and headdress from Paper Moon's Sisters of the Wood series. The necklaces are new additions to the series are have an introductory 25% off for the event.

The outfit I'm wearing is from Soedara - a panther or bondmaid outfit called Journey of Dagveig. It comes in four colours, and each colour somes with with different variations - leather, fur, mixed textures, and stud top. There's also a hud which allows you to change the textures of the belt leather, buckles and studs.

The red witch

Another Red Riding Hood-inspired outfit from Enchantment. This mesh gown is from Peqe and comes in two ombre shades; red to black or black to red. There's a matching hood included which you can wear or not as you please, and there are three different sizes to help accomodate your hair.

The gown isn't entirely innocent as there's a skin-revealing cut-out at the back. I think it could be a great option for a sorceress or priestess - someone with a little magic and maybe even some menace to them.

The customisable necklace is from Aisling at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival - this one is the rare, which comes with a hud for multiple texture change options.

Additional jewelry comes from Bokeh (also at Enchantment), Magic Nook and Soedara, while the skin is from Belleza at Collabor88 (this round will be changing over very soon).

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Title goes here

If the last post was quick, this one is supersonic.

Showcasing a couple more objects from Fantasy Gacha Carnival - elven-themed jewelry and belt from Sax Shepherd Designs, plus armbands from Luminary's Byzantine sets.

The bracelet is from tea.s at The Fantasy Collective, and the gown is part of a outift from Maitreya at Collabor88. If you haven't been to this round yet, hurry before it changes over. - you definitely won't want to miss it!

The legend of Miaoshan

Quick post today - some more items from the Chinese New Year festival which runs until February 21. 

First up, is the lush gown from Junbug, named Quan Yin for the goddess of compassion. It's inspired by historic Chinese clothing, so it's a bit different from most medieval-fantasy gowns. But I think it could be a very stylish option for an aristocratic lady?

The poses are from the Mineko set by Posetivity. They include a fan, but I've not used that here, instead I've used some of the fans from Attic's gacha.