Wednesday, 11 February 2015

More from Enchantment

Hey all. Well, sometimes it is really hard to think of anything that looks like a vaguely interesting title, so I just went for something really, uh, straightforward instead.

The current round of Enchantment is still going strong, and in these pics I'm wearing some of the store offerings from May's Soul (the Beast horns in black) and Unrepentant (the Precious Rose corset). Both include a stamp card which you can redeem for super-exclusive prizes (more info here on the official blog).

Also pictured is the latest release from Calico - the Daphne hair style is available now at We <3 Role-Play. I love the tumbling waves... this style also comes with flexi add-ons, not shown here.

The top is from 22769, but I changed the colour completely. Sometimes, with modify items, I'll buy them in white or a very pale shade so I can play around with them later. Of course, you lose a lot of detail when you colour them yourself so just be wary of that!

Lastly, the footwraps are from Cerberus Xing and must have been a Christmas special (they're called Joyeux Noel and feature a little jingle bell) and the manicure is from La Boheme - a hunt prize freebie.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015


 More from Enchantment!  This time out, I'm wearing BCC's beautiful gown, La Petite Morte's skin, and posing with An Lar's Beauty Series poses.

Each of these is a featured main store release, and each includes a stamp card.

Wear your stamp card(s) and visit all the stores participating in this round, and click the stamp machine in each store whilst wearing the card. Once your card has all 20 stamps, you can teleport to the prize location and and claim your prize.