Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Angel from Unique Clothing @ Designer Showcase

I popped down to the Designer Showcase discount store to check out some skins and poses when this cute little white dress caught my eye.

It's only 55L on sale there for the rest of this week, and I thought it might make a cute fairy outfit...

So, here's what it looks like with the addition of some gift wings from Wishbox and some 10L goodies from the Cart Sale at The Wash.

10l camisk and other goodies at the Cart Sale

The legendary cart sale at The Wash is back - and it's full of stalls packed with lush 10L bargains.

It's mostly mainstream fashion, but you will find some pieces for your roleplay, not least of which is this camisk from Zibber's Designs who have a cart.

Oh and there are lots of 10L skins, from the likes of Heartsick and Style by Kira among others, which is reason enough to get down there and shop!

(Bikini bottoms not included - added for modesty purposes!)
Denise Camisk (inc waist chain) from Zibber's Designs
10L at The Wash cart sale

Monday, 27 February 2012

Silks of the Siren - Alimah silks

Brand new from Silks of the Siren - this stunning silk in red and gold 'baroque' fabric.

This outfit gives you lots of options as really, it's dancing silks and camisk in one.

Once you've decided whether you're a silks or a camisk girl today (see what I did there :P), you'll have to decide if you want to wear with or without sleeves, and of course you'll have to choose between naughty and modest options...

Beauty & The Beast hunt - Gorean grid wide hunt - prizes part three

Okay, these are my last pics from the Beauty & The Beast hunt. It ends 3 March, so you still have time to hunt some fabulous prizes!

Highlights include a cute and colourful, could-be-contemporary, slave outfit from Black Cat Bones; a gorgeous purple plaid Free Woman gown; a bouquet of roses weapon; and this delightful ballgown from Voltai.

It's a recreation of Belle's gown in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. (*Cough* Disney Gor?! *Cough*)
Voltai - Belle

Sunday, 26 February 2012

100l silks at Elegantly Yours

Drew Bartlett has reduced lots of silks in her Elegantly Yours range to just 100l, including the four sets pictured here.

There are lots of sultry and sexy outfits in her range, so be sure and check them out!
Arabian Nights silks

Free gown - Penitent hunt prize at Kashie

There are some nice prizes in the Penitent Hunt, but as far as apparel goes, the stand-out for me is the Antoinette gown from Kashie.

(Skin, shape and eyes are also prizes from the the same hunt.)

Saturday, 25 February 2012

60L weekend - Victorian Burlesque from Absolutely Smitten

It must be burlesque week at Silks Girl... I couldn't resist this adorable outfit that was on today's 60L list. You'll be able to grab it at the discounted price today and tomorrow.

30L Saturday at Silk Worms

Yay! It's great to see Silk Worms back in this event.

Three items on offer - a gown and a camisk in two colourways.

The 30L price is guaranteed for today only, so hurry down.
Silks Worms - Nuala

Beauty & The Beast hunt - Gorean grid wide hunt - prizes part two!

Got some more hunting done, in fact I'm almost finished. I just have to go back and look for the most difficult ones that I skipped. Ouch.

There's still plenty of time to find some of the great prizes out there - the hunt runs until March 3.

Today's batch of hunt prize pics is mostly outfits for slaves - there's just one Free Woman outfit from Priory of Roses (it comes with boots and a backpack though so a really nice prize).

Bacidalucia - Naked Bella silks
Ais Ink - Rose Chain tattoo
The Legacy - leather colour change necklace

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Solange - Carnal lingerie in pink (Festival of Sin exclusive)

Something a bit out of the ordinary for me... a trip into burlesque territory!

I had so much fun taking these pics - not only because I got to live out my Dita von Teese fantasies, but also because of two great people I got to meet on my location search.

Naiki Muliaina is the owner of Blue Moon Burlesque Cabaret and couldn't have been more helpful, arranging the stunning sets for photos (all except the very last photo were taken at her club). Be sure and check out their show every Saturday at 2.30pm SLT.

Autumn Teardrop took some wonderful photos and gave me some great photography tips - so inspiring, I must get my experimenty hat on again! I've included two pics she gave me in this post.

Anyways, on to the pics. There's lots of them! So I'll shut up a bit. Info about the outfit at the end.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Free silks - Another Feb group gift at Bacidalucia

 Did you already get the Valentine silks gift at Bacidalucia? You can still pick it up, but there's another set of silks out now - a simple outfit in the kajira's favourite colour, red.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Free silks/camisk - group gift at Arachne Silks

An exclusive group gift went out today to Arachne Silks members.

This is the 'Pleasure Silk', a by-the-book interpretation of Gorean slave clothing.

The blue colourway is exclusive to the group gift too, you can't buy this one!

Free camisk - gift at Soedara

Woot! There's a new giftie out at Soedara (one of my favourite places to drop lindens!)

Probably for a limited time only, so be quick!

(Updated: This is now a dollarbie in the 'freebie & cheapie' section upstairs in Soedara)

Beauty & The Beast - Gorean grid wide hunt

Hunting is definitely one of Second Life's most fun pastimes.. it's like shopping with extra mental stimulation! Plus, the prizes are usually free or 1L.

There so many hunts on these days, it's impossible to do them all (unless you're very dedicated and have a lot of free time).

So while I dip in and out of most hunts, the Beauty and The Beast hunt is definitely one I'll be following from start to finish.

So far, I'm about half-way and there are tons of great prizes! Standouts so far? For me, it's got to be the 'Beauty' gown from Pekas, the whole box of goodies from Shack, the panther accessories from Bina, and these purple silks from Tamiron Forge.

Plus, the skin in all these pics is the prize from Severed Heart. Isn't it gorgeous?!
Tamiron Forge - Kajira purple
Pasties not included!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

The White Armory - 100L sale on selected gowns and outfits

Yay! The White Armory have added some new gowns to their outlet section, and to celebrate, there's a 100L sale on everything in the outlet.

Considering that new gowns are 799L and outlet prices usually 150L - 350L, this is a golden opportunity to stock up! Also... some of these gowns are not very old at all.

The outlet is also stuffed to the rafters with fabulous outfits - mostly gowns but some other roleplay options as well. (Also some 'contemporary couture' stylings.) One of these days, I'm going to count them. Or at least come up with a good guesstimate.

Bee Dumpling is surely one of Second Life's most talented and generous creators, as members of The White Armory, will attest.

Without further ado, here are some quick pics of three recent outlet additions I picked up earlier today.

Your slurl to The White Armory awaits at the end.
The White Armory - Divine Sanctum

Gorean Room - Floor Candy, Luas, May's Soul, On a Lark, Torvis Gorean Weapons, Una... phew!

There are some really appealing offerings in the latest round of one of my favourite Second Life sales events!

As usual, everything is either 50 or 70L, and this round kicked off Feb 15, and I'd expect the offers will be out until 28 Feb.

Keep a special eye out for the Beauty silks from Floor Candy - they're one of my favourite sets and I blogged them previously. Now's your chance to pick them up for a bargain price!
Luas - Cintia slave outfit

On a Lark - Coco (30L Saturday)

Another fabulous roleplay outfit in the 30L Saturday sales from On a Lark.

Gorean girls should find it suitable for free women (maybe add a face-covering scarf), outlaws and bonds.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Shack - Cindy camisk

Yayyyy it's Friday! And you know what that means... new releases and special offers at The Shack!

Today's new releases include a skin, some boots, and the brand new Cindy camisk.

Pictured below is the Mint colour, which is this week's countdown vendor offer.

Hurry - you only have a few hours left to get the outfit at the special price of 150L (the outfit is usually 295L).

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Free gowns - Subscribo gifts at Kouse's Sanctum

Shhh... don't tell anyone, but you can actually pick up two different subscribo gifts at Kouse's Sanctum.

They're in the middle of changing their subscribo systems over, so you can sign up to the new and get that gift, of course... but the old subscribo is still open, for the time being, so you can get that too!

This is the new gift, and it's gorgeous.
Kouse's Sanctum - Tranquil gown in sea breeze

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Monday, 13 February 2012

25L Valentines gown offer at Kouse's Sanctum

For girls, nay ladies, who want to celebrate Valentine's in a more modest fashion, I present to you this offering from Kouse's Sanctum!

This black-and-red beauty is called Brianna, the colourway is 'Deep Love', and it's a steal at 25L.

Such a versatile outfit - I can see it working for dozens of roles and characters.

Free Women of Gor, you'll need to get knitting modesty tops again, or better yet, get one of those lazy wench slaves to do it for you.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Broken Heart Fair: Silks! (and a panther outfit)

Lots of red, for Valentines! Most outfits are 30L, excepting the one from PA Designe (they do have some 30L offerings, but the one that caught my eye was a raunchily priced 69L!).
PA Designe - Dark red lace silk - 69L

Broken Heart Fair: 30L goodies from May's Soul

More Broken Heart Fair bargains - this time a whole pile of desirable outfits from May's Soul.

Check out the roleplay belts at the end of the post - I love the detail in them. The idea of a 'sweet belt' in RL is one I'm considering... cupcakes on call, mmmm...
May's Soul - Give Me Your Heart orange

Broken Heart Fair: 30L gowns from Damned!, Voltai and Una

Lots of bargain-tastic gowns to be had at the Broken Heart Fair. Just a few pictured below! No words, just a taxi to the Fair at the end.
!Damned - Ruffles

Sale on gowns at Arwen's Creations

Medieval ladies and Gorean free women, if you want to add some pink or red to your wardrobe, get down to the Arwen's Creations mainstore, where there's a Valentines sale on selected items on until 13 February, 3pm SLT.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Free gown - Angelwing Valentines gift

Another gorgeous Valentine's gift, this time a beautiful gown with fairy wings from Angelwing.

Free silks - Group gift from Bacidalucia

The Valentine-themed February group gift from Bacidalucia (previously known as Silk & Passion) is out now - here's a quick pic.

The sim has been completely changed too, so it's a great chance to check out the new build!

Free stuff - Broken Heart Fair hunt prizes

The Broken Heart fair - presented by the lovely folks who bring you 30L Saturday each week - opened yesterday, showcasing some of SL's very talented Gorean and fantasy designers.

The event runs until 14 February, and there are simply tons of 30L bargains.

One of the fun things about these events is there's often a mini-hunt, as is the case here. There are some wonderful prizes to be picked up on sim, and in some cases, back at the designer's mainstore.

I haven't taken pics of the various furniture and roleplay items you can find, but there's plenty of them.

And the range and quality of the clothing prizes is very exciting, so a big thank you to all the generous designers participating!

Going to kick off with one of my personal favourites, the 'Broken' camisk from Gem Designs. I love the fresh colours, and how you could wear it with a pair of jeans for an edgy contemporary style.

(Look out for Wrapped in White from On a Lark also, it's another personal favourite.... oh and the hair featured throughout is also a hunt prize!)
Gem Designs - Broken camisk

Friday, 10 February 2012

Shack - new release Aria silk & discounts

Quick! If you're a Shack fan (who isn't!), hurry down to the Shack in the next few hours tonight (Friday) to take advantage of these offers.
Aria Silk in Blue - limited time vendor price 200L

Sweet Poison - Kari silks

Say hello to Kari - a recent release from Bella Domela's Sweet Poison line.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

FallnAngel Creations - Tiyo silks

Sssh... whisper it... but don't these kind of look like Domme silks?!

Free camisks - Valentines gifts from Soedara

Don't you just love holidays? Seems like our favourite Second Life designers go crazy gifting gifts!

Marbella, over at Soedara has just put out two gift camisks, one of which can be worn as a mini-dress, as seen here:

Monday, 6 February 2012

Gorean Room - Outfits from May's Soul, Sweet Kajira and Floor Candy

Some more of the great value outfits from the Gorean Room! I found lots of good stuff this time, and if I wasn't watching my lindens, no doubt I'd have brought even more home.

Everything at the Gorean Room is either 50L or 70L, hurrah! (Tomorrow is Linden day for premium account holders... shopping trip, anyone?!)

Not much to say tonight, so I'll just get on with the pictures. As promised, the skin is from yesterday's Mother Goose bundle of free skins and dollarbies. This one is Donna, and it's cute!
May's Soul - Laundry Girl

Sunday, 5 February 2012

OMG tons of free skins at Mother Goose!

I popped down to Mother Goose earlier, to have a little look-see if there were new skins on the lucky boards (yes, there are).

Well, I almost fell over these baskets full of free and dollarbie skins!

Free stuff - Valentines group gift from Sophistishapes

Have you sorted a Valentines gift for your Second Life honey yet?

Saturday, 4 February 2012

30L Saturday special edition - silks and roleplay outfits

Today's bumper edition of 30L Saturday sees some of your favourite Second Life designers adding a half-price offering to the usual 30L bargains. (That's why you'll see one of my picks with a 75L price tag!)

Remember, these offers are guaranteed available for one day only, so if you see something you like, don't delay.

Lots of pictures for you, so I'll skip the commentary, and just let you know that links are provided in the captions and again at the end. You can grab a full 30L list at any of the stops along the trail.

Happy shopping!
Sweet Poison - Minky - 30L

Free silks - Midnight Mania at Stars Fashion Mall

Sometimes in Second Life, you can find cute things in unlikely places.

Stars Fashion Mall doesn't specialise in fantasy or Gorean clothing, but these silks are on a Midnight Mania board there.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Gorean Room - Silks from Luas and Pani kimono from Voltai

The latest round of the Gorean Room opened today and it looks very interesting indeed! As always, everything is either 50L or 70L and some of Second Life's finest Gorean designers are participating.

I grabbed a bunch of outfits, and am going to kick off with two for starters, and another couple over the next few days.

Anyway, first up are the Godness (sic?) silks from Luas. These will definitely add a sashay to your step!
Godness Silks from Luas - 70L