Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Love Donna Flora

Two quick photos showing a few things I picked up at the Love Donna Flora event, which opened on 25 July and will run to 11 August. I'm pleased to report the event was so busy the first few days after opening, I couldn't even get in to the sim!

As you've probably heard, the event is being held to raise funds for much-loved designer Squinternet Larnia, who is gravely ill.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Crayon Colour Challenge: Week 30, Ocean Green Pearl

Ocean Green Pearl

When I had to do a photo for a green called 'Mountain Meadow', I did a mermaid theme. Now I do a photo for 'Ocean Green Pearl'.... and I use a flower theme.  Of course.

In the starring role, being all ocean green, is the Sephie top from The.Plastik, one of the latest releases.  The fantastically pouffy skirt is borrowed from a outfit by Boudoir (but I made my own knickers to go under it, lol).

You're bound to have heard something about the  Love Donna Flora  event (if not, maybe check out the official blog). The skin in these pics is kindly donated by Pink Fuel, meanwhile the jewelry in the shot is from Donna Flora itself.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

30L Saturday, 27 July

Velvet Whip -  Jeweled in Aquamarine -
I haven't blogged 30L Saturday in a while, but there were so many cute outfits on today's list that I couldn't resist.

(And because it's summer, I ended up in a wintry skybox on the Humanoid sim. Go figure.)

Most of the outfits have multiple ways to wear them, so they're insane value for 30L. 

Thursday, 25 July 2013

subOrdination by Soedara

~subOrdination~ by Soedara Bondage Leather {Brown}
Marbella Pronovost of Soedara has launched a new sister line to her Gorean- and fantasy-themed brand.

The new collection, subOrdination, features more fetishic outfits. So, you'll find PVC and latex (and some of those outfits look really cool!) ... but you'll also find some things that might just fit a roleplay scenario.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Crayon Colour Challenge: Week 29, Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket

I thought this colour would be really hard, and though this colour isn't a perfect match, I think I managed okay.

In truth, I had some White Armory gowns that might have fit the bill, but TWA seems to have been a bit of of a fallback option in this challenge (weeks 28, 25, 23...plus weeks 8 & 1!). So I decided to push myself and rummage through that wardrobe for something different.

Monday, 22 July 2013

To the waters and the wild

What do you you, if you're editing a photo and realise you made a boo-boo with your outfit?

If you're me, you ignore it and carry on regardless (well it is almost midnight for me) :D

Errors aside, you have approximately one more week left to enjoy this round of We <3 Role-Play.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Free alt gets a makeover

Free alt has a whole new look this week, courtesy of Analog Dog, Filthy, Mayfly and The.Plastik.

Analog Dog at Hair Fair have a whole fat pack of colours of the Mono hair waiting for you. Just click each of the colour packs that you like to get the hair for 0L!

(NB watch out for the scam group invites at Hair Fair. Do not accidentally accept anything, read everything carefully! More info here.)

Crayon Colour Challenge: Week 28, Relay Purple

Relay Purple

This colour presented something of a dilemma - the RGB colour values looked really different in-world compared to the hexadecimal codes for online. Hmm. I decided to go with the hex code colour, but it meant I had nothing to compare the outfit to in-world.

Anyways, Relay Purple (Softpaw explains all about this non-crayon colour here) offered another The White Armory gown a chance to step forward from the shadows of my inventory and shine!

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Nadia from The.Plastik

I finally got all my Hair Fair shopping done... so many nice hairs! It was expensive, that's for sure. I'm not going to blog all my favourite hairs, as you've probably seen them all already. But... I will pass on a warning.

Beware - if you've still to go or return to Hair Fair, a truly reprehensible individual has set up a group invite inviting you to join a 'Hair Fair Gift' group, for which you pay to join. This group is totally fraudulent.

You do not need a group to take the gifts at Hair Fair - participating stores have simply put them in their booths where you can grab them for 0L or 1L. No group needed.  The 'gift' group is a scam which has official status whatsoever. So.... if you get an invite, decline it. Better yet, block or mute 'hairfairgift' resident. (Though whoever is behind this scam might have created another identity by now.)

So, on to the clothes. Nadia is a recent release from The.Plastik. It comes in 28 different textures, many of them dark and grungy, with some edgy prints and vibrant colours if you're looking for something more contemporary.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Someone of your own

After I put together this latest look, starring Junbug's new Stellata mesh gown, I figured it reminded me of Cersei Lannister... can only be the red dress and green eyes, I suppose!

Stellata is a lush new mesh creation which comes in a few variations. The red gown featured is Stellata in silk, a posher version of the Stellata peasant gown. The chief difference I can see is in the texturing - silk features a shinier texture for the main part, and the contrast panel at the bottom is a floral print.

The black gown, pictured at the end, is the Stellata maternity style, ideal for any free-companioned Gorean ladies who might be raising a family! It includes three sizes of bump for the different stages of your pregnancy.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Crayon Colour Challenge: Week 26, Daffodil


I don't have too many yellow items in my inventory, and definitely very few in this brazen shade!

Luckily I discovered this silk - this very skimpy silk - from D&T designs in my inventory. They used to feature in the weekend sales a lot, and I'd imagine that is where I picked it.

Free gift skin at Rozena

There is a summer gift skin out at Rozena, and I believe it's only out until Friday (19 July). So if you want it, get down there nowwwwwww!

Thank you, Lindsay!

Slurl to Rozena

Monday, 15 July 2013

Triumph of Ariadne reworked

Photographing remains a slow process, due to working around the crashes, so I'm not going to show you *all* the looks possible with Soedara's revamped Triumph of Ariadne silks. 

Although even on a good day, that would be quite a task as the box is full of pieces to play with!

The original outfit was released almost two years ago and it's been thoroughly reworked, now combining unrigged mesh, sculpted prims, flexi parts, and a texture-changing hud for the jewels. (I really like when designers mix up materials - mesh is great, but on its own, it can be a little dull.)

And to bring it fully up to date, there's an applier for your Lola Tangos too.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Free gown: Group gift at Madison's Creations

Okay, I know I commented on how this blog had been almost taken over by gowns, just the other day... but here's another gown.

It's group gift time at Madison's Creations, and this black, white and red Danielle gown has been sent out to group members and subscribers. (I couldn't find how to retrieve the gown from the subscribo, so you will need to join the group and check the notices.)

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Sweet nothing

Aaargh! So it turns out enabling hi-res snapshots is a one-ticket for crash city to me, thanks to whatever bug is lurking in the mandatory upgrade versions. Also, seems ambient occlusion (which smooths the edges on shadows) isn't working so well either. *Sigh*

On plus side, it's nice to have legacy search back, and... I don't see any glitch lines on these photos!

Anyways, a couple of pictures showing some more items from We <3 Role-Play. I've been posting a lot of gowns lately, so time to get back into skimpies, heh.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Fifty Linden Fabulous

Sephie top, Misfit skirt
Oops, using the new viewer after a clean install, and forgot to tick hi-res photos. Never mind...

The Plastik have put out another two fabulous offers for Fifty Linden Friday. One is a special edition of the Astrali skin, which as usual comes with appliers, eyes, Soul Ink tattoos and other extras in the box.

Even more spectacular though is the Decay megapack, which is stuffed full of mesh goodness... allowing you to play whatever role you like. In these three photos I'm showing you just six pieces from the massive collection. They all use the same basic texture so you can mix and match as you please! 

(Psst - special deals at the Plastik often stay out for a little bit longer than the specified day, so if you're reading this on Saturday or Sunday it's still heading over to see if the deal's still on...)

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Crayon Colour Challenge: Week 25, Misty Moss

Misty Moss

Another week of the crayon challenge caught up with! Just Daffodil to go, then I'm up to speed.

Misty Moss was really tricky. I think I literally had only this one outfit which matched. (It's the Victorian Rhapsody gown from The White Armory.)

It was made a lot easier by my wardrobe inventory organiser. I so need one of these in real life.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Sing, little bird

Junbug's offering for this round of We <3 Role-Play is the Willow gown, a strapless mesh creation - although I couldn't resist borrowing some puff sleeves from another outfit for the shot above.

I love the chintzy floral bodice, which, combine with the Donna Flora headpiece, just makes me want to squee!

Friday, 5 July 2013

We Love Role-Play - Round 3 now open!

We <3 Role-Play opened earlier - here's your slurl, get shopping! (Items are 25-50% off.)

For a preview, check out the latest from the The Blogging Elf - Arica has compiled all the items.

Have fun!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Sun and Stars

Loaded down with jewels tonight, courtesy of Soedara! The face chain is one of the We <3 Role-Play offerings which is 40% off at the event. The bodice, armband and bracelets are parts of other Soedara releases.

The stunning gown is from The Lounge - it's called 'My Sun and Stars' (supply your own Khal Drogo) and I'm really impressed with the texturing. Love it. It's another We <3 Role-Play item, so it will be discounted too.  (The event opens tomorrow and there is some amazing stuff down there, let me tell you!)

The skin is a special preview of one of tomorrow's Fifty Linden Friday's offering from The.Plastik.

Crayon Colour Challenge: Week 27, Star Spangled Banner

Star Spangled Banner

Yes, I know I've skipped a few, but it's the 4th of July so I couldn't possibly not do 'Star Spangled Banner' today!

Softpaw did specify the colours on her blog, but I didn't check too closely (or at all), I went with the overall theme instead.

You might recognise the hair from yesterday's post; it's another colour in the MINA pack for We <3 Role-Play (opening tomorrow).

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

We Love Role-Play: The Library and Mina

Round 3 of We <3 Role-Play will open on 5 July, and the first review copies have been sent out by The Library and MINA Hair.
There's another special event in the works now - a benefit to support Squinternet Larnia, the creator behind the amazing Donna Flora brand.

Sadly, she is gravely ill, and the event will raise money to help her with expenses. Gogo of Juicybomb has written a very eloquent post, so I'll refer you to it for further information.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

My free alt goes shopping

I know I haven't posted much free stuff lately (though you can always check my frees page if you're feeling strapped for cash) so I thought I'd send my alt on my mission and prep a very quick post.

She currently has 6L to her name (she had 8L, but I let her buy two recent dollarbie skins at Mother Goose) but came home with a sackful of stuff, so I should be able to put together another couple of posts.

The main part of this outfit is a group gift from Delicious - it's copy and mod, so you can tint it to any colour you like.

Tunic & Belt: Delicious - Lei tintable tunic (group gift, includes necklace not shown)
Necklace & earrings: **RE** LUX Celeste - (free on marketplace)
Skin: {TaRget} Eva Skin - Tan  [Makeup 3] -C-  ('subscribo' gift, limited time)
Hair: (red)Mint Hair(Msh) No.10 ~ gG 03'13 (group gift)
Eyes: IKON Ascension Eyes - Sahara (group gift, available till 7 July)
Pose: Flash Friendly Poses - Seraphim Turns Two 2 (join Seraphim group, gifts available till 19 July)
Shape: Old group gift from Filthy. No longer available. Why not make your own!

We Love Role-Play: Round 3 is only days away!

The new round of We <3 Role-Play opens on July 5 (delayed one day to allow for a major US holiday!) with, as usual, an insanely awesome list of participating designers, including The Plastik, Soedara, Wishbox, Junbug, Bilo/Jalwa, Roawenwood, Deviance...

The full list is after the jump, do bear in mind it may be subject to change as real life can intervene in unexpected ways.

You're guaranteed to find top quality clothing, accessories, avatar components and furniture at very attractive prices. Discounts of 25-50% apply!

Monday, 1 July 2013

Crayon Colour Challenge: Week 24, Shimmering Blush

Shimmering Blush

Another quick crayon challenge catch-up post, and for this post I've used Angelwing's Tahlia outfit.

It's only the second time I've used an Angelwing outfit for the challenge, and I say 'only' because everything is the store is either 25L or free to group members (group join feel 50L) so it's the perfect place to run and grab something for the challenge!

(I have a self-imposed 'no buying' rule for the challenge as my inventory is already way, way out of control.)