Monday, 30 January 2012

Silk & Passion - 10L sale on camisks

If you missed the silks sale at Silk & Passion, too bad, but this week you can have your pick from the camisks pagoda for only 10L.

Here's a quick pic of a set I picked up - the spring-themed Danuza set, in apple green and decorated with daisies.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sale at FallnAngel Creations - selected outfits 50% off (silks, gown & bellydance outfit!)

FallnAngel Creations is pretty much a one-stop shop for all your Second Life roleplay needs, so when they have a sale on you might as well get ready to go shopping!

There's a variety of oufits and accessories on sale, and I've put the direct links to each at the end of the post. (All the outfits are available in a range of colours also.)

Sale continues until 2 February so you have a little bit of time :)

I just grabbed my own personal favourites to show you, which include a bellydance outfit, a gown, and a set of fantasy (rather than gorean) silks.
FallnAngel Creations Taj outfit - 200L on sale

Weekend special at Montagne Noire - Le Peignoir Victorian gown

Better be quick if you want to snag this weekend special - you only have about 14 hours left to avail of it!

While the outfit is intended as nightwear, as shown buy the animated candle and the sleep cap, you could certainly get away with it for day.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Soedara - Chainmail silks

I just love these new Chainmail silks from Soedara!

At first glance, I wasn't convinced, so I didn't rush to grab them... but once I tried them on, I was a convert.

They come in three shades, the lightest is shown here.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Free silks - Midnight Mania at Kirina's Creations

Kirina's Creations currently have the Temptress Harem Silks in cinnamon on the MM board, /75.

They can change the boards up quite frequently though, so I don't know if it will be there much longer!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Free silks (group gift) and 10L sale - Silk & Passion

 If you're on the hunt for some bargain silks, you could do worse than check out Silk & Passion.

All silks are 10L until 28 Jan - and there are some beauties waiting after the jump - and the month's group gift is exceptionally generous.

For January, group members can grab a FATPACK - no less - of the Please silks.
Please silks in glace

Gorean Room - outfits from May's Soul, On a Lark, Floor Candy and S&S

Going to try and get through a lot tonight, so that means less words, more pics... First up are some picks from the Gorean Room's latest collection.

I'm a bit behind with this, as the current round landed on 15 Jan.

The new collection is due on 30 Jan, so if you see something you like, get your skates on!
S&S - Leorah in white - 50L

Monday, 23 January 2012

Free silks - Midnight Mania at Elegantly Yours

The very generous Drew Bartlett of Elegantly Yours changes her board up often - there are a least four different silks in rotation there.

Up for grabs (or slaps?) tonight are the His Gem silks in orange.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Soedara - Talender Girl silks promo price

Having narrowly escaped from being force-fed Oreo cookies by Marbella Pronovost, I can now tell you about the great promotional offer on her new silks (which are a bargain-tastic price anyway).

You can now commit daylight robbery - for a limited time - by picking up the orange colour of her latest silks for only 80L.

Or if that doesn't tickle your fancy, any of the other colours in the Talender Girl line are only 165L.
Talender Girl in orange-pink, limited time promo price 80L

Second Moon - Desert Desire chalwar

More of the gorgeousness we've come to expect from MoonRiver Darcy!

Desert Desire is an addition to her range of chalwars. This colourway is called rose quartz and features soft pastel tones of pink and blue.

Free silks - Hunt prize at Angelwing

Angelwing are participating in the Where Is The Concert? Hunt which runs  from 20 Jan until 3 Feb

The prize is the Precious Pink silk, perfect for fae or dancing girl.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Free silks, gown/dress and panther outfit - Mini Mania at Vigo

Some great Mini Mania boards at Vigo - with prizes for slave, free woman, and panther. So with a little persistence and a few repeat visits, you could bag yourself a nice haul.

There's also a male outfit, but that's beyond the scope of this blog (meaning: I'm too lazy to sort out a male avie!)

First up are the very pretty and extremely sheer Courtesan silks.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

May's Soul - Lumi camisk

It's not spring yet - not quite yet - but in this cute outfit from May's Soul, it definitely feels like it is. (So, no snow in these pictures!

This pastel camisk is one of the latest designs from May Tolsen and with those flowers and feathers,  it's one for the girly girls.
Lumi - pink

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Tian Xia Hui - 60L weekend Ting outfit

I love checking Tian Xia Hui at the weekend to see what they've put out for the 60L sale.

This week, it's the adorable Ting outfit. I must confess, I like it so much, I couldn't bear to leave any of the photos out.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

30l Saturday - Slave outfits from Damned! and Zibber's Designs

Two more outfits from today's round of 30l sales! This time though, it's a camisk and set of silks.

Usually I'm a bit underwhelmed by camisks, but this is is so pretty... far too cute for any menial chores!

30l Saturday - Cute winter outfits from Sweet Poison and On a Lark

A few things stood out today, while doing the 30L rounds... first off a couple of delicious winter-y outfits for your Second Life roleplay!

This Winter Time set from Sweet Poison is ridiculously cute...

Friday, 13 January 2012

Shack - selected new releases half price

In case you don't know, Shack do a very cool offer whenever there's a new release - Firefox picks a colour from each of the brand new ranges and makes it half price, for 24 hours only!

So if you want to avail, you'll need to get down there before the clock strikes midnight SL time tonight (Friday 13th).

She's obviously been very busy this week, as there's a raft of new releases... so I decided to treat myself to some new silks and a new gown. They're on sale, so I was totally saving money. :P

No more chit chat, just some pics, and a couple of direct flights at the end.
Planet silks - 300l - regular price 595l

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Dark Flower Oasis -Rai's Dancing Silks

Beautiful... like a rainbow!

These silks might not be too everyone's taste - definitely no muted tones here - but they're perfect for any dancing girls of Gor.

While the bright colours mean you'll never be overlooked, the silks really impress when they're in motion.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Free silks - Midnight Mania at Enchanted Silks

Enchanted Silks are lots of fun - there's usually lots of pieces and option to play with, and I really like Ms Buffie's style... Her silks usually feature the most amazingly delicate primwork, like precious strands of gold and silver wire.

The current Midnight Mania prize  -Flavia Silks in Blue - has some of these features. Check the silks belt and the headband or veil.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Bare Rose - Exotic Dancer outfit

Bare Rose always do fantastic deals, and with their Exotic Dancer outfit, you basically get a three colour fatpack for 140L.

And they're pretty useful colours too - red, white and black.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Gorean Hunt II - silks, camisks, outfits for outlaw and bondmaid

More pics of outfits from the Gorean Hunt, which is in full swing, with all prizes out and ready to be picked up.

Hunt info and some hopefully useful tips and SLurls at the end of the post.

Today's picks include Pucci-inspired silks from Red Hot Ginger, a pink slave tunic from Bina, outlaw and Bond outfits from Claimed, and this cute offering from Floor Candy, one of my favourite stores.
Floor Candy - Master's Old Clothes

30L Saturday - Charmed roleplay outfit from On a Lark

Another amazingly versatile roleplay outfit from On a Lark which should suit lots of medieval/fantasy/Gor RPers.

It can be worn with a full skirt for Free Women or a medieval gown, with kirtle for bonds and more, with leggings for hunters, or 'bare' for slaves!

I'll shut up and let you look at the pictures...

30L Saturday - Finea silks from Elvenromantik

Just a quick shot of some cute silks I spotted on the 30L round today.

The Finea silks are available in four colourways, each blending a pastel shade with grey, giving them a soft, subtle look. These are the purple:

Friday, 6 January 2012

The Shack - MoonDust silks

*Squeals* I think I'm in love!!!

Just look at that beautiful skirt... The photos really don't do it justice.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Elvenbreath - Gowns and silks 50L in sale room

Sometimes when you go to a store's discount room, the overall impression can be a bit... meh.

That's definitely not the case at Elvenbreath, where there's some very nice things on offer in their 50 Linden room!

(If you're a Free Woman, you might need to knit some modesty tops.)
Nalani gown

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Free silks - Group gift at The Roawenwood

Searlait Nitschke must be alchemist - she's managed to turn a few scraps of fabric into slave gold!

And, she's giving it away to group members as part of her 'Twelve Days of Christmas'.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Gorean Hunt started today!

Been looking forward to this for a while... the latest Gorean Hunt kicked off today!

Not all prizes were out when I was hunting earlier (merchants have RLs too, I guess) but here are my favourite outfits of what I picked up so far.

(Lots of other RP items too, but this blog is about the clothes!)
Cossack Fur Cape Ensemble (over Freya outfit) from Priory of Roses

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Seldom Blue - two dollarbie 'silks'

Technically these outfits aren't silks, but they are cute as hell - and only 1L apiece.

First up is the Romana lingerie set in black. It's a 'permanent dollarbie'.

On A Lark - Loomed (Gorean Room special offer)

The next round of the Gorean Room doesn't start until 15 January, so you have until then to check out the current set of outfits, and I have a chance to show you one of my favourites!

I love this versatile roleplay outfit from On a Lark, which can be worn with trousers or a long skirt.

Happy new year!

Hoping 2012 will be a great year for you and yours...

... and that the world doesn't end next December :)