Friday, 30 May 2014

Current rounds of Enchantment and We Love Role-Play end this weekend

A lot of events are ending this weekend, as the calendar changes from May to June.

One of these is the current round of We Love Role-Play (the new round will open on 4 June).
Just to be confusing, I'm wearing items from both the soon-to-end and soon-to-open rounds.

Currently available is the Zinga belt (with matching anklets, not seen) from May's Soul. Don't forget all items at We<3RP are discounted between 25-50% so take advantage of the opportunity to get it for less. Coming soon is the hair-headdress combination from Emo-Tions. (Note: The hair, horns, crown and face chain are one piece, so you can't wear or move them around individually.) The pack includes a hud which lets you change hair tone and the colour of the jewels.

The tunic/ camisk I'm wearing is a recent release from Soedara, called Siv of the North, and I'm not actually wearing half of what you get in the box. Each pack includes two colours of the mesh tunic in two lengths each, circlet, chore belt, rope belt, boots, and bracelets. Thre's also a clothing layer undershirt (to keep those nips covered!) and and armbands, which I am wearing.

Another event ending this weekend is Enchantment. The bracelets I'm wearing are from Boom, and they're one of the special, exclusive prizes you can choose when you buy an Enchantment item from participating stores and complete the stamp card contained within. This post on the official Enchantment blog explains the concept in five languages (English, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, and German).

Slurls to the stores after the jump, and you might like to check out this post on Seraphim which has some previews of the items.

Saturday, 24 May 2014


Natsumi Girl is a new release from  Soedara, it's an Asian-styled 'dress' so perfect for Pani roleplay sims. The outfit includes five sizes of mesh, bracelets, and a hair flower. It's also a bargainous 150L.

I haven't tried layering it yet, I suspect it might work well as a tunic over trousers, but it looks like it might be a little too fitted for skirts and gowns.

Also, if you're not as out of the loop as I am, you probably already know that Aisling (or a i s l i n g) are celebrating their first anniversary. They've very generously put out a special collection of gifts, which includes this circlet and necklace set for women. (There's also a necklace for men, and a variety of decor items.)

This slurl should take you right there - Aisling anniversary gift - but if you do land at the main entrance, look for the special glowing teleportal! I'm not sure how long gifts will be out for, but at least one is a limited edition and the countdown clock reads 19 days.

Earrings (by Distorted Dreams) and Face jewels (from The Forge) are both available at We Love Role-Play while my foot jewels (Pure Poison) and fan are from Fantasy Gacha Carnival 
Both events run until the end of the month.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Fire and blood

A quick Targaryen-inspired look after a bit of an unscheduled, unintended mini-hiatus from blogging!

I'm wearing several accessories from Fantasy Gacha Carnival including pauldrons from Luas, headdress and necklace from Zyn, collar from Noodles, and poses and prop from Nantra. FGC runs until the end of the month, so plenty of time to get down there and work those gachas.

Clothes-wise, I've layered one of the Hanael tops, a recent release from The.Plastik, over The Library's Jessica dress.

The skin, btw,  is a special deal from Curio at  Collabor88 - you get four makeups in all tones of the skin for 888L.It's a rockabilly theme this round, so I didn't find much for me, but I can't imagine not going to check everything out...

Sunday, 11 May 2014

FF2014: SSD

Today is the last day of  Fantasy Faire for 2014, so it's your last chance to wander the awe-inspiring sims and snap up some purchases in aid of the American Cancer Society.

In these pictures, I'm wearing a set of body jewelry from Sax Shepherd Designs (Hope's Horizon sim). This is the Nyx set in gunmetal.  Your set includes a forehead jewel, necklace, earrings, nipple covers (with a set pre-positioned for Lola's), belt, and a bikini bottom for modesty (!). There's also a hud which allows you to turn the modesty on or off, recolour it, and change the colour of the gems.

If you have some add-on silks, you can turn the jewelry set into some dancing silks. After the jump, I've used Soedara's add-on silks for the Adora Bejewelled outfit. These are perfect as you get several different lengths and style of silk, and front and back are separate so you can position them exactly as you want.

I've also added some hand and foot jewels from On a Lark, because I'm a sucker for hand/foot jewels...

Saturday, 10 May 2014

FF2014: Fairytale

I took some photos at Fantasy Faire sim Hope's Horizon the other day, and noticed that the white tree near the summit was labelled 'RIP Daddy'. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that tears came to my eyes.

Sometimes, it's little touches like this that remind us what Fantasy Faire is all about. There isn't a single one of us who hasn't been touched by cancer in some way, whether someone dear to us has been taken too soon, or is bravely battling the disease.

While the funds raised for the American Cancer Society are vital, the Faire also gives us a chance to remember and honour those we have lost to the disease, and be thankful for and celebrate loved ones who have pulled through.

It's in this vein that Augurer of Luminary has included moving tributes with each of her RFL items and named the gowns for the women in question. I'm wearing Annette, a beautifully modest outfit, fit for a fairytale princess.

I've teamed it with House of Rain's Melt necklace and earrings, and I'm sitting on {anc}'s Fairytalebook pose prop. (You have to see this in-world; my photos don't do it justice, and it's a mere 4 land impact.)

Tomorrow is the last day of Fantasy Faire; so visit while you still can.

Friday, 9 May 2014

FF2014: Peacocking

Due to time constraints, this is going to be a quick post, so here goes.

Today, from Fantasy Faire I'm wearing Paiva, a stunning gown and cloak outfit from The Muses. The outfit comes in four pieces; gown, fabric cloak, additional feather cloak, and feather cloak clasps, so you can mix and match.

The necklace is from BluPrintz (another new-to-me store) and the gem is colour change... to match your birthstone. I'm also wearing several items from LaNoir Soleil - the eyes, hair and horns. (I also added and tinted a random modifiable hairbase that was lurking in my inventory.)

Now, I know I've told you this before, but the Faire only runs until the 11th May - that's this Sunday. So please don't miss your opportunity to visit the beautiful sims and maybe even support the American Cancer Society by buying from the special vendors.

A couple of Fifty Linden Friday items in the mix too. The armbands are from Noodles, and the poses are the special offer from !bang. You'll find slurls to the stores linked in the credits at the end, remember the offers are only good for today!

I'd also like to draw your attention to the fabulous sandals, brand new from Pure Poison who are really turning out some beautiful add-ons for Slink feet these days.

Travelling girl

More from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, which runs until the end of the month.

Again, the hair is Penelope from Calico, and if it looks familiar, it's because it's a variation on the Penny style which was released last winter. You have all the same colour-change options for tweaking the bandana and the beads, so you can get all matchy-matchy with your outfit.

Jewelry is from Frogstar's Marauder collection. I modifed the arm wrap a little, turning it from a wrist bangle to an upper armband. The chains around my wrists come from Haste, while the belt back is from Pucca Firecaster, and the thigh dagger is from The Forge. (I also tweaked the positioning of this slightly, turning the dagger from the front to the side.)

The top is one of the leather tunics from Aphorism. The rares from this machine come with an 'Arrow Attack' hud - activate it to see an arrow appear in your shoulder as you collapse to the ground, writhing with pain.

Boots and skinny pants both come from the The.Plastik. Both are actually from previous Fifty Linden Friday/ Lazy Sunday outfit packs... and why is this relevant? Because there are more fabulous goodies from Vae in this round of FLF, in the shape of another outfit pack and a fantasy skin. I haven't been there yet (and probably won't have time to blog them), but I can promise you I am going there right now!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

FF2014: Like Niobe, all tears

I don't know the inspiration behind Alia Baroque's Lacrimosa avatars for Fantasy Faire, but they remind me of the legend of Niobe.

Niobe was another of the foolish mortals of Ancient Greece who angered an Olympian and was made to pay a terrible price.

Blessed with fourteen children, seven sons and seven daughters, Niobe boasted that this made her superior to Leto, mother only of twins Artemis and Apollo. Enraged, Leto sent her children to enact vengeance, and all her offspring were slain.

In her grief, it was as if Niobe had been turned to stone, though her tears continued to fall, becoming the river Achelous.

Fittingly, the skins for the Lacrimosa come with a weeping and non-weeping version (they also comes with a nip-free PG version!). The pack also includes matching tunic, eyes and various appliers, including Slink and Lola's.  A male version is available also.

You'll find Fallen Gods on their sponsored sim of Sanctum sim while the Faire continues. It runs until May 11, so don't delay. There are nine beautiful sims to explore.

A gown of green

Once upon a time, I read somewhere that "to give a maiden a green gown' was medieval slang equivalent to today's "roll in the hay".

Hmm. Well, perhaps you'll treat Junbug's lavish Freesia gown with a little more dignity... or not. This is one of the ultra-rare prizes from Junbug's machine at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Only 50L a pop, and it's stuffed full of common accessory prizes, rare gowns, and super-fancy ultra-rare gowns.

The hair is another Calico creation, and includes optional ivy wreaths and face jewels. The hud allows you to change the colour of the metal bands, the ivy leaves and the face jewels. Aaliyah is one of two Calico styles available at FGC (and both are cool).

The poses are also from FGC - part of the Dita set from Ilaya. The necklace though, is from AZE Jewelry Designs, and you'll find it at Fantasy Faire, which only runs until 11 May.

Love is blind... more from Enchantment!

More from Enchantment! (The event is still going strong, and runs all month.)

The charming and inventive fairytale gown is from The Annex . I love the subtle base colour, while the whole concept is really original. The skirt cage is like something from underneath a crinoline, but here it's outerwear, festooned with flowers.

Lark's wild rose accessories are so versatile, and could work for several RP characters - fae, slave, elf... even panther or wild girl. The armbands can be bought in the main Lark store, but the mask is one of the special prizes, which you'll only be able to obtain at the prize location with a completed stamp card.

My hairstyle is the main Enchantment release from Mina Hair  although I have to give you a heads-up... Mina's prize is a fatpack of a related style. The prize style concept is hair spread on a pillow, but it's also great for a windblown look. I actually used it for my water sprite look in the Naiad post.

Whenever you buy a special Enchantment release, you get a stamp card which entitles you to choose a never-to-be-available-again prize.  Get your card stamped at each of the Enchantment stores, then take it along to the prize hall.

IMPORTANT - you can wear as many cards as you like when getting them stamped, but only wear one card at a time when you are redeeming prizes. Otherwise, there will be tears.

I went into more detail on the process in this post, if you'd like to know more. Alternatively, it's also explained (in different languages!) on the official Enchantment blog. You'll also find a full list of participating stores - with slurls - there.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

FF2014: My new shiny

This year, there are a number of Fantasy Faire blogger challenges. You don't have to be an official blogger or even a blogger to take part - if you'd like to know more, details are on the official FF blog.

This post is my shot for 'My New Shiny' - a challenge to find a store you'd never heard of before, and blog or photograph something you love from there.

Even though I haven't spent nearly as much time exploring the Faire as I'd like (must rectify that before it closes on May 11), I did stumble across two treasures.

First of these is the Fantasy Headdress and Collar from Unzipped (on the Asperatus sim). The set includes the filigree mask and sidepieces, the collar, and the black feather-y 'hair'. It's one of Unzipped's RFL items so benefits the American Cancer Society, and it's a very good deal at 400L!

Second is the Mystik foot jewel from Hollyweird, who are sharing a booth with Heartistic and Cutebomb (on the Mourningvale Thicket sim). I love foot and hand jewels, and this one is slightly different in that it's for Slink mid feet rather than flat... perfect for dancers, elegantly perched on the tips of their toes. Again, it's an RFL item, and 150L seems a fair price for such a pretty little trinket.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

White silk

We Love Role-Play is now open!

I spied the pretty Elora mesh lingerie set from !gO! and thought the top especially would make a nice addition to my wardrobe. Perfect as an alternative top for any white silks. I love the ribbon that threads around and dangles in front. Mesh panties (not shown) are also included, and the set also comes in pale pink.

There's another great new release from Calico - this time it's a super long style. That is to say, it's superlong at the back, but the front is relatively short ensuring it doesn't hide your beautiful clothes or clash with your Lolas. Very clever, and very wearable.

I finally picked up the cheapie necklace from Kahli Designs, I don't now why it took me so long as it's only 50L and very pretty. Perfect for slave bina or a rustic look as it's beads threaded onto wicker laces.

Don't forget everything at We Love Role-Play is discounted for the duration of the event.

FF2014: The Woodlander

A woodland look today, gleaned from Fantasy Faire's offerings.

The outfit is a combination of items from Fantavatar & Moonstruck and Poet's Heart; with a necklace from House of Rain, tatoo from LaNoir Soleil Designs, and staff poses from Hopscotch. (Yay for staff poses! They are much needed.) The hair, meanwhile, is just one of the great new styles Wasabi Pills have out.

Full credits - and links to the relevant Fantasy Faire sims - after the jump.

Don't forget; the Faire only runs until May 11. Time is fleeting, so make sure you explore the beautiful sims before they are gone forever.

Fantasy Gacha Carnival is now open!

Fantasy Gacha Carnival is now open, so let the shopping begin!

In these posts, I'm wearing some stunning new foot jewels for Slin feet from Pure Poison, the beautiful Arabian Rose set from May's Soul, and bodysuit from Kun.

These are just a tiny selection from the fabulous prizes that await you at FGC!

Slurl to Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Saturday, 3 May 2014

The red fairy

Fantasy Gacha Carnival opens tomorrow, so get ready to hit those gachas!

Here's a few more items for you to peek at. Fairy wings and wand come from Una; collar from Kei-Spot; tiara from Leo; and rings from BananaN and Candy Crunchers. The hair is Moon Child from Little Bones, and the gown is Rapunzel from Momo.

Friday, 2 May 2014

FF2014: The Naiad

Tonight I'm a naiad... Outfit by Mermaid Treasure & Boutique, jewelry by AZE Jewelry Designs, skin by Niekra's Dreams, scales from Folly, and eyes by Musa, all from the Fantasy Faire.

The hair is a special Enchantment stamp card prize by Mina. Links to participating designers and stamp card instructions (in five languages!) on the official Enchantment blog.

Wow. Such colour. Much materials. Wow.

The Muses have put out four stunning gowns for the upcoming round of W<3RP, which opens on 4 May. There are four distinct styles but they share a common colour theme - orange, red and gold - and make for a really desirable collection.

Some people can be snobbish about about original mesh (I'm not one of them). When you see ravishing texture-work like this though, you can't help but think they're missing out. The 'materials' are beautifully executed too, with the golden parts having a real lustre under the light.

These outfits definitely have the 'wow' factor in my book, and I can't recommend them highly enough.

Also fabulous is Aiyana, a new hair from Calico. From the front, it looks like a simple updo, but at the back you'll see the braids wrapped and secured with flowers (colour change with hud). It's currently available at the Fit for a Princess Event.

The golden 'sandals' you can glimpse in some of the photos are Slink flat foot add-ons from Maxi Gossamer, at the April round of  Collabor88. The new round will be opening soon, but I imagine you'll be able to find them at the mainstore thereafter.

Finally, I added various bits and pieces of jewelry from Soedara to finish off the look.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

FF2014: The Unseelie Queen

The Queen of the Unseelie Court has gone a-wandering in the gloom. Though richly robed and fair of face, her desires are as dark and twisted as the thorn trees in the shadowy thicket.

Fantasy Faire  2014 is now open! There are nine beautiful sims to explore, as you shop for a good cause - the American Cancer Society. You can read a little of the background here on the Fantasy Faire blog. Click on each sim title link for a list of stores and a map

My dark fae look comes courtesy of Aisling (the amazing headdress and collar), Evie's Closet (gown) and Folly (rainbow sheen and leaf tattoos). Eyes and hair are from Musa and Wasabi Pills respectively, and they're also at the Faire.

Slurl to Fairelands Junction - portal to the realms