Monday, 30 April 2012

Dollarbie gown from Seldom Blue

To celebrate the opening of their presence at Club Shiraz, Seldom Blue have put out a new dollarbie gown.

And what else would you do in your brand new gown but go tramping through Yosemite National Park.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Slut Goes Burlesque at Soedara (+ special 100L promo)

Hey! That's the name of the outfit, not a summation of my morals.

When I'm not swathed in silks or shrouded in gowns, I love me some burlesque, so am really happy to see one of my favourite designers tackle the theme.

(Also, it's one of the most fun genres to photograph - maybe because you can have a lot of fun with props and sets. These photos were taken with Miamai's Victorian Room prop.)

Also - don't miss - one of the colours is also available as a special promo (less than half price!) for a limited time. All details after the jump!

Slut Goes Burlesque in Silver with 'rich' skirt

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Shack retirement sale - all the pics!

OMG... photo wrangling on Blogger... no fun! Anyways I thought I would take the easy option (haw haw haw) and snap the vendor pics for the Shack retirement sale.

Tomorrow (April 29) is the last day of the sale, so if you see something you like, don't delay!

All the pics and prices after the jump.

Fantasy Faire: Flower Sing Spring donation outfit from Forest Feast

Piling on a bunch of Fantasy Faire goodies for this post!

Not only is the fairy outfit from Forest Feast a donation item in aid of the American Cancer, but so is the hair, and the skin is specially priced from The.Plastik.

Anyways, back to the outfit... 

30L Saturday at Sweet Poison - BeeCharmer silks & dress

The stand-out, for me, of this week's 30L round has to be Sweet Poison's crazy cute Bee Charmer outfit.

You can buy either a gypsy- or wench-style gown or slave outfit based an the same theme (fairies might find the silks of interest too!)

The outfits centre around a patchwork tube top and matching skirt/belt, decorated with flowers.

There are four colours in each, and today only, they're a knockdown 30L!
BeeCharmer in purple, 30L today only

Friday, 27 April 2012

Fantasy Faire freebies - Lost in Starnight

Fantasy Faire ends this weekend so you'd better get your sweet little ass down there if you want to explore!

I've got a few pieces left I will try to quickly blog for you, including some freebies, such as this complete Mer outfit form Lost in Starnight.

Shack - Opal Delight silks new release

Kajirae, run, don't walk, down to Shack where your favourite colour of the new release silks is on the special Friday sale board!

The new Opal silks are super-versatile and can be worn with a full skirt and bra top, or with a skimpier skirt and chest silks - or any combination you prefer. The box is stuffed full of goodies!
Shack - Opal Delight silks in red - 399L on special countdown board today only

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Kintala camisk from Soedara

Another gorgeous release from Soedara! Marbella Pronovost is coming up with the goods at an alarming rate.

It's great value too - for 199L you get two versions of the camisk, sheer and solid, plus a full set of jewelry (including scripted and non-scripted collars) and a cute little silks belt.

The jewels are fully mod, so you can turn adjust glow and turn full bright on or off as you wish.

There's a wide range of colours also, so you can match to the relevant caste, or choose one of the more unusual options like Snake Shimmer to express yourself!
Soedara - Kintala camisk in Earth Creature sheer

Fantasy Faire: Tuala gown from Evie's Closet

Who doesn't love Evie's Closet? I've had the gorgeous Tuala gown in my inventory for a while now - since it was on sale at the Gallery Gift Shop in fact - but as it's available at the Fantasy Faire, I thought now might be a good opportunity to finally take some pics!

It's a beautiful 18th century-inspired gown, and if you so desire, you can buy matching wings, crown and collar.

Tuala is availabe in a range of colours, including brights, earth tones, and the misty lavender-grey Tryst option, pictured here.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Fantasy Faire: Amat silks from NaLa

There are some great bargains to be found at Fantasy Faire - check out the NaLa store for starters, where all buildings are 99L and all clothes are 60L.

I couldn't resist grabbing a couple of sets of the Amat silks...

Monday, 23 April 2012

Fantasy Faire: Ilithyia gown from Elysium

Somebody needs to go back to blogger school, cos she didn't realise this outfit came with two skirts, duh.

Never mind, cos this gown is just adorable, no matter how hard I try to mess to it up!

Elysium by Ophelia Dayafter is actually a new store to me,  and discovering new stores is just one of the many great reasons to visit Second Life fairs.

(Other reasons include supporting good causes and running round picking up freebies.)

Fantasy Faire: Yume donation outfit from Kotori

Another outfit in aid of the American Cancer Society - this time it's the Yume gown from Kotori, which is on offer for 200L.

The skin featured in the pics is one of two fantasy skins on sale at The.Plastik for 249L - this is a pretty substantial markdown, so take advantage! (The store is on the Nu Orne sim.)

This skin is the Muted Ataciara Elven skin in Cumulus. The Soar colour option is also on offer for the reduced price. You get matching elf ears and eight different make-ups of Plastik wonderfulness in the box, so it's a deal.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Fantasy Faire: Mystic Hope donation outfit Sheeyla

Another Fantasy Faire donation item - this time from Mystic Hope.

Again, it's a donation item, so 100% of the price (399L in this case) goes direct to the American Cancer Society.

Fantasy Faire: Rya donation outfit from Dream Things

I've been spending a lot of time at Fantasy Faire this weekend - mindful that it only runs until April 29th (nooooo!) and trying to take in as much as possible of the glorious builds and, of course, the fabulous shopping!

Here's one of the outfits I picked up: Rya from Dream Things, a dress which converts into a camisk.
Dream Things - Rya in purple - 150L
All proceeds to American Cancer Society

Saturday, 21 April 2012

New mesh Gold Chains silks from Bare Rose

Some gorgeous mesh silks have just been released by Bare Rose.

As always, they're exceptional value - you get four colours (white, pink, red, black in the box for 185L.

30L Saturday - gowns and slave outfits from !Damned, On a Lark, Sweet Poison, Swords and Sahara

More favourites from today's round of 30L Saturday, which is also a 50% off event also. As always, I only pick out my personal favourites. There's lots more on offer, so have fun exploring.

All the items pictured, with the exception of the Swords & Sahara gown, are 30L. The S&S gown, Noa, is one of today's 50% off offers, and comes in at 135L.

Don't forget the cute gowns from Junbug in the earlier post.

!Damned - Heaven in charcoal - 30L

30L Saturday at Junbug

Yay! It's a great treat to have Junbug participate in 30L Saturday, as they're not always in it.

It's a 50% special this week, which means designers will have at least one item for 30L, and at least one for 50%.

At Junbug, the 30L offering is Miss Victoria, an oufit which goes from gown to burlesque (or goth-loli) and the 50% off outfit is Miss Bourgeousie, in two colourways. As it's half off, it's 248L (usually 499L).

When I was there earlier, it wasn't too clear which was the 30L offer and which was 50% off (though if you get the 30L notecard, you'll recognise the outfits) so just be careful when it's time to buy!

Junbug - Miss Victoria in Violet - 30L today only

Friday, 20 April 2012

Slave Dressing Room special hundred sale

Slave Dressing Room (henceforth SDR!) are having a 100L sale on a bunch of outfits at the moment.

Don't delay though, as the sale only runs until the 23rd, so you'd want to get over there this weekend.

Adding to the great value that's on offer is the fact that many of the boxes contain more than one colour... so it's like getting two (or three) for the price of one.

Going to fly through these as it's late for me now :P - and there's much more than just these outfits included in the sale.
SDR - Daisy mesh

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Free cloak at The Old Forge

I finally made it down to The Old Forge today, having spotted an intriguing outfit from them on the marketplace a while ago.

It might bad news for my linden balance though... they have some amazing looking fantasy outfits down there!

To soften the blow somewhat, they have a really nice freebie - a travelling cloak (which comes in both men's and women's versions) which has seen better days.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Gorean Room 15 April

Some picks from the latest round of the Gorean Room - you have until the end of the month to grab these outfits before the new collection appears on 1 May.

As always, everything is priced 50-70L, and this is only a small selection of the clothing and RP items you'll find there.

First outfit this week is an amazingly versatile piece from Qalma called Fisher Warrior, which could be worn in various ways by outlaws, slaves or panthers. The package also includes a hair from Iruene - how cool is that?
Qalma - Fisher Warrior

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Three Moons Hunt - Gorean hunt

The latest Gorean hunt in Second Life, the Three Moons Hunt, kicked off yesterday.

I was going to blog some outfits for you, but... I haven't had a chance to actually go hunting yet.

Never mind though, the team behind the hunt - Red Silk Productions - have an excellent hunt prize preview page!

There are 39 prize pictures on the page, and 45 stops on the hunt, so that's a great proportion. And of course, there's a hint page with all the SLurls you'll need.

I'll be doing the hunt as soon as I can, and after looking at those pics, MTC Designs and Roawenwood will be among my first stops!

(Who knows, I might still blog some outfits!)

Monday, 16 April 2012

This is hardcore: Soedara's Gadis Tawanan outfit

This outfit is not for the faint-hearted! Soedara has gone full on BDSM with recent release, Gadis Tawanan. Meanwhile, I'm hoping artfully placed hair and careful posing will defer the need to rate this blog as 'adult'...

'Gadis Tawanan' means 'captive girl' according to Google Translate, and it's an outfit for the slave girl who's kept on a very tight leash.

As well as the usual collar and cuffs, there's a slightly more rare chastity belt.... and the very unusual blindfold and gag. Well, whatever you're into, right?!
Gadis Tawanan bronze chain - white

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Flawless sim sale and hunt - couple of interesting finds...

I love hunts, and sales, so combine the two and I'm putty in your hands...

Well the spring sale and hunt is happening at the Flawless sim right now, and  while most of the fashion is mainstream/contemporary, there are still some pieces which might be of interest to RPers.

Asia 'camisk' from Vypez -0L
Lua skin and shape from NVious - 0L

Free gown from Wishbox

Want a gorgeous free gown from Wishbox? Who wouldn't!

Well, Wishbox creator Wisp Jinn is giving a special 'aquaseafoam' edition of her beautiful 'Shady Grove' gown to people who 'like' a facebook post. How easy is that?

All you have to do is like the post, then drop Wisp a notecard saying you've liked it, giving your in-world name of course.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Second Life freebie page finally live!

Phew! Well, finally, the Silks Girl second life freebie page is ready. Naturally it's one of those will-never-be-finished jobs!

I've tried to make it a helpful directory of places you can pick up silks, gowns, skin, and hair for free or for very cheap.

I checked all the links today, so they should be up-to-date for ooooh, all of two days!

I hope you find it useful and I'd really love to hear any suggestions for additions. Already I can think of some stores I forgot to add...

If you do find any broken links on the page, please let me know, either in comments or dropping me a line.

30L Saturday at Silk Worms, yay!

I love it when Silk Worms are part of this sale... it's a great chance to pick up some of their fab clobber for an absolute steal.

This cute but saucy slave girl outfit is called 'Pink Kiss', and it's definitely my pick of the 30L offerings I've seen so far.

(Mind you, for 30L, I think some fae could probably grab the outfit just for the flower belt!)

Friday, 13 April 2012

Quick! Limited time half price offers at Shack

Some fab new releases at Shack today, and on the limited price vendors for a few hours more are the Organic silks in pink and the Pansy kirtle in lavender.

Both the outfits have an ethereal quality which means they'd make fine outfits for fae and perhaps other fantasy creatures.

Details and slurls after the pics!
Shack - Organic silks pink - 395L on limited time vendor

Thursday, 12 April 2012

New (and some old) freebies from Port Haifa

There's a brand new gift just out at Port Haifa - a silk wrap camisk which can be worn PG or adult style.

Right next to it are two older freebies as well, another camisk and a cute little dress.
Paige silk wrap in light pink - PG version

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Free slave outfits on Sweet Lies camp chairs

If you have a few spare minutes (90, to be exact) and not so many spare lindens, you might like to check out these camp chair prizes from Sweet Lies.

There's a belled kajira outfit with rope belt, perfect for a girl who's a little bit rough round the edges, and there's  a tavern slave outfit, perfect accessorised for serving up food and drink.

Oh, the store has a ton of midnight mania and lucky boards as well, so well worth a visit!
Sweet Lies - Tavern Slave outfit, free on camp chair

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Free camisk - group gift at Floor Candy

As this outfit is an Easter gift, this post is more than a little tardy... but it's still available, and if you like it, grabbable!

It's definitely Easter- or Spring-themed as it's decorated with cute lil' chicks and comes with a basket of colour eggs on the belt.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Free silks, camisks, kirtle at Sugarlips

Thanks to a guess-and-win board and a (very skimpy!) group gift, there's a raft of great freebies slave girls can grab for themselves at Sugarlips.
Sugarlips - Tied neck bond outfit - guess and win prize

Soedara - mesh Ta-Teera camisk

Lots of great new releases from Soedara lately - I can't keep up!

Anyways, holidays are over, back to blogging :)   This here is a recent release from Soedara, and it's a mesh Ta-Teera.

Each set contains mature and PG clothing layer tops, and, to help you find the perfect fit, mesh hip wraps in a range of sizes from XXS to XXL.

(The outfit is also available in a sculptie version for those of you still completely allergical to mesh!!)
Soedara - Ta-Teera mesh in  Tartan Guinevere

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Gorean Room - Outfits from Floor Candy, Slave Dressing Room, Qalma, Sweet Lies and May's Soul

You know the score - some of Second Life's finest Gorean retailers gathered together in one place, with special prices of 50 or 70L.

The latest round debuted on April 1, and will remain in place until 14 April.

Some fun stuff this time out, including this gorgeous spring outfit from Floor Candy and a great offer from Slave Dressing Room (3 silks for the discounted price!).
Floor Candy - Frangipani

Monday, 2 April 2012

Soedara - Circlet of Sheba (or, yay, I can see sculpties again!)

Hmm, so you've got an inventory stuffed full of silks, more hair than you know what to do with, more skins than you can 'shake a stick at'... what more could you possibly need?

Yes, that's right, JEWELS.

If you're familiar with Soedara, you'll know that Marbella produces some beautiful jewelled bodices and accessories for her silks, so it's no surprise she's made some standalone options, including these beautiful Circlets of Sheba.

They are totally drool-worthy, and I mean that literally.

(I'm thinking about creating a new blog label for them, something like 'ohmygah it's gorgeous'.)
Soedara - Circlet of Sheba chained in Glass Forrest

Sunday, 1 April 2012

New Innocence 'Half-n-Half' silks from Solange

Good news for lovers of fine silks - Solange Cerveau has released further colourways in her 'Innocence' silks range.

This time, there's a little twist... the silks combine two complementary colours. Some of the colours are nothing less than stunning!

My own personal favourite was the blue and purple set, but to my surprise, I found the black and white set growing on me a lot... they're really fresh and crisp.

If you visited Fashion for Life, you may have had a sneak preview, as the pink and black Innocence silks were a donation item.
Solange Innocence Half-n-Half silks in Purple/Pink

The Black Egg Hunt from the 30L Saturday crew

This hunt is is a little bit different... the prizes cost 30L, which is more than usual, however you're getting a top quality, new release item, which will be sold for full prize after the hunt finishes.

Also, the hint givers at each location provide a notecard with a picture of the prize, so you can decide if you want to hunt and pay - or simply move on to the next location.

In a couple of locations (Bearcub and Glamorous Sin are the ones I remember), they've actually rezzed a pic rather than just embedding it in the notecard.

Anyways, I picked up a selection of items, here are my favourites... starting with this naughty BUNNEH!!! from On a Lark (don't worry, there's lots of clothes and wearable stuff featured after the jump!)
On a Lark - Bunny loves carrots
On a Lark - Bunny loves carrots