Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Fantasy Collective: OrsiniSun's Eyes of the Forest

The Fantasy Collective is is still going strong (I'm not altogether sure when this round ends!)

This outfit is from OrsiniSun, and could be great for lots of characters - leastwise the ones of whom modesty is not demanded. It's called Eyes of the Forest and comes in black, wine, or blue. The outfit includes mesh bottoms, sculpt top, mask, necklace and armband.

I've accessorised with a blowdart from [EZ] Weaponry, Persefona's circlet (free at the Christmas Market) and Glam Affair's Ballerina vanity feet.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Crayon colour challenge: Week 47, Tardis Blue

Tardis Blue

Okay, a confession: this post might have been a tiny bit cheat-y. When I checked the colour in-world, this outfit completely matched it. But it doesn't really match the hexi web colour. HMM. So, I used a lot of saturation on the image, and now it pretty much matches. Yay!

The outfit in question is Belly Dancer from Luas. It comes with anklets as well - but I ditched them to show off the Ballerina feet from Glam Affair! I convinced myself not to buy the fatpack and went with the black vinyl and red fabric instead - I figured I'd use those the most.

More info about the Crayon Colour Challenge on Softpaw's blog

Outfit: Luas - Belly Dancer  -teal
Feet / shoes: Glam Affair - Vanity Feet - Ballerina - Vinyl OnyxHair: LeLutka-SERENA  - Jessica
Shape: Self-made
Skin: Glam Affair - Elvi - Jamaica - 01 E
Eyelashes: Aeva - Eyelashes // Short Lashes
Lipstick: Aeva - HS Chloe Lipsticks : Chocolate
Eyes: IKON Destiny Eyes - Maya (L)

Pose by Glitterati (from Bitch set)
Photo taken at Oasis of Two Scimitars

We Love Role-Play reminder

Another event reminder - We Love Role-Play round 7 is in its final days (fret not, the new round opens on 4 December, and as it's the holiday season there might be some nice surprises...).

Chimeric Fashions (who are new to event as far as I know) have three beautiful masks as their offering. I took the ornate Gatto mask to the obvious location - Vexexia!

The dress is by The Library, bracers and tiara are from GSpot (now rebranding to Enfant Terrible). The necklace, meanwhile, is also a tiara - but copied, reattached and edited to be a necklace. I think it works quite well! It's from Epoque.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Brown eyes

I don't often do posts like this - with lots of layering - because it makes me feel like a cheap imitation of other, better bloggers!

However, at the risk of being accuse of copycatting (almost as bad as copybotting), I wanted to show you what Peqe's Elven outfit looks like when you're not running around half-naked. As you can see, it makes a nice over-tunic.

Also at The Fantasy Collective is the Eldar Armour from The Forge - I've used just part of it here, on shoulders and upper arms. The bow and quiver are from Pucca Firecaster Creations, at We Love Role-Play.

Enchantment reminder

This post is just a quick reminder that you only have until the end of the month to shop at Enchantment's first round, inspired by the story of Snow White.

All the items at the event are exclusive and will never be available in the same form again.

In the pictures are the Snow White gown from The Annex, Blanka hair from Mina, Snow White & Blood Red jewelry from Ellabella, and the Snow Skin from Birdy. Full credits after the jump!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Crayon Colour Challenge: Week 46, Metallic Sunburst

Metallic Sunburst

I'm wearing a bunch of clothes from The.Plastik tonight, so I guess it's a good time to remind you that there's just a couple of days left in their retirement sale. Everything on the second floor of the main building has been discounted 50-75% to make way for new releases coming this Friday.

The mesh sweater, which is my colour match, was a lucky find in The.Plastik's Halloween hunt, but it is one of the items included in the sale. (You now get a colour pack of 4 or 5 different shades or prints for 199L). You can probably guess, this wouldn't be one of my favourite colours, so I'm very grateful this was in the hunt!

The skin I'm using is a current special offer too - Aeva have released 3 tones of a special makeup from upcoming skin line Una. Each is only 50L on Aeva's cart at The Wash. As it's a preview, it doesn't have any appliers yet, but it does have clothing layer lingerie!

More info about the crayon colour challenge over on Softpaw's blog.

Sweater: The.Plastik-Astreia Sweater // Dijan
Shirt: The.Plastik - Ambrice Corset-J-Patchwork/Brown

Pants: The.Plastik - Stardust Pants://s:Tigah
Boots: Bliensen + MaiTai - Calamity Jane - Ankle Boot - Black
*Earrings: Ellabella - Nahimana's Autumn Earring 

Necklace: .mala. - hamsa boho necklace
Hair: !lamb -  Stay Don't Go (Mesh) - Ink
Shape: Self-made
Skin: Aeva - Una ~ Honey // Smudged  (at The Wash)
Eyes: IKON - Ardent Eyes - Pewter

Pose: Ma Vie

*Review copy

The Fantasy Collective: Peqe and May's Soul

Another couple of items from The Fantasy Collective! The, um, robe I'm wearing is Elven from Peqe. It's a good job elves don't feel the cold, as this is outfit definitely plays with the whole concealing/revealing thing.

Of course, you don't have to wear it like this - you can layer it up and wear it as a tunic (in fact I took another set of pics doing just that, they'll be up in a couple of days).

The circlet and necklace are the Elven jewelry set from May's Soul, and you choose either gold (shown here) or silver options. The belt is in the same range but it's not at TFC, it's at the Gorean Room until the end of month.

Once again, I'm The Skinnery's Bella skin, this time in the Winter makeup (you can see the Fall makeup and the Spring makeup in the last two posts).

More pics and full credits after the jump!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Fantasy Collective: Geek and ieQED

The Fantasy Collective is open NOW to update group members - it's free to join, so if you'd like to get in ahead of tomorrow's official opening, sign up! If you'd like to see some of the items on offer before you head over, you can check this round's catalogue on the official blog.

Here's a look at another couple of items from the event - first up, the 'Fail' outfit from Geek, which is perfect for panthers or low slaves. It comes in a range of colours - brown in the first pic, and peach after the jump. The outfit includes a mesh top and skirt (with optional bow) and a twig belt. There's also some tattoo layer warpaint (not shown here).

The twig crown and necklace from ieQED (formerly Handverk) come in two variations - with or without the red berries.

The skin is the almost the same as my last post - I used a different makeup from The Skinnery's Bella line (also at the event). This time it's Spring/Summer Fairy in the slightly darker toffee tone.

Not at the event, but still fabulous, are the wonderful Mantha hair from Calico and the Ailida bangles from The Forge.

Slurl to The Fantasy Collective

Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Fantasy Collective: On a Lark, The Skinnery, Keystone, The Stringer Mausoleum

Okay, I hope you haven't spent all your linden dollars at Shoetopia, because The Fantasy Collective opens in a couple of days on 20 November (join the  update group in-world for early access) and you will definitely want some of the lush clobber that's on offer.

Today's post shows you a couple of colourways of the Navanna gown from On a Lark. When I opened the preview notecard, honestly, my reaction was 'wow', and I had a hard time picking out a favourite colour. Or two. The mesh gown features a full skirt, laced sleeves and William Morris-inspired bodice! There's a hud-controlled texture-change matching veil, and a gacha necklace.

Also pictured are two versions of The Stringer Mausoleum's Briar Bird Wreath, and Keystone's Woodland circlet. The circlet also comes with a texture-change hud, so I will have to play around with that in a future post!

Finally, the skin is from The Skinnery, and it comes in two different tones and three different makeups. I went for the paler honey tone, and the Fall makeup, which has a lovely peachy glow underlying those delicate leaf markings.

I'll post the slurl to The Fantasy Collective (official blog here) nearer the time. In the meantime, there's lots more pictures after the jump!

Free skin at Rozena - last day

Oops, just got round to reading my notecards - today (17th November) is the last day you can pick up this free gift skin from Rozena. As far as I know, you don't need to be a group member. Just buy the skin for 0L!

Slurl to Rozena

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Reshmaan camisk and silks from Soedara

So, I was having some problems with taking pictures, possibly because I changed some debug settings to try and improve graphics.  I downloaded the new Firestorm Beta and got some... interesting results. Such as, photos where everything is black except the meshes. Or photos where everything is normal except my avatar has no face. Aaaarrgghh!

Anyway, this camisk and silks set is a recent release from Soedara, and it is packed full of things to play with as always. There are at least three different versions of the camisk, in sheer, semi-sheer, and normal. (Note: Thanks to changes in the viewer, you'll need to have advanced lighting enabled in graphic preferences to see the transparency. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.)

There's a hud so you can change the saturation level of the camisk colour, two belts, one of which is simple and one which has hud-controlled colour change beads. There are also a variety of silks to add - long or short. They're mod, so you can change the transparency as you please, and match it up to the camisk if you like.

Beautiful jewelry too - as well as the gold belts, there are simple armbands, anklets and a collar (scripted and unscripted versions). There's a lovely long necklace also, and a diadem with a stone coloured to match the outfit.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

The dashing Duchess

!dM deviousMind  is the sister clothing company to (*chanimations, and this month they're offering the Duchess C. Influx steampunk gown for a discounted price at We Love Role-Play.

It's got striking grungy textures and a distinctive shape, but with that flounce in front, it might be a little revealing for a historically accurate Victorian sim. You could try another skirt under it though, of course! 

The matching top hat is included with the gown, while the boots are another colour from BeetleBones at this round of Collabor88, while the jewelry should be appearing in the AZE mainstore any day now.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Upcoming event: The Fantasy Collective!

The Fantasy Collective is a brand new event featuring exclusive versions of new mesh items from some of your favourite designers. These items will be strictly limited, so you will only be able to find them (in that form) at the event!

The event will run every other month, and the very first one ever is coming soon, opening on 20 November. (The next one after that will be in January.)

Designers confirmed for this round include Enfant Terrible (formerly GSpot), The Forge, Junbug, La Petite Morte, The Library, Apsara/Bilo, On a Lark, May's Soul, The Skinnery and more... full list of designers confirmed so far pasted below, after the jump.

Keep up-to-date with developments on the official The Fantasy Collective website or by joining the update group in-world. Joining the group will give you early access, so I highly recommend it!

I'll post the slurl nearer to the time.

Monday, 11 November 2013


Yay! Pretty flexies!
I wanted to show you some particular items tonight, so I kind of threw together a look. The items in question are a new handbag from Junbug and a jewelry set from AZE.

What both pieces have in common is their essential 'prettiness' - both are delightfully feminine and delicately colourful.

The AZE jewelry set is inspired by Victorian magic lanterns - a kind of slideshow. The necklace shows a rendition of the actual projector, so it might be best kept to contemporary, Victorian or steampunk sims. The earrings and bracelets don't have this reference though so can be worn anywhere!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Take back the life that they stole

With a heart that always fails
My love's gone off all the rails
Like a ship without a sail
Sinking underneath the wave 

It's sleepy time, so, very quickly - the Persephone mesh tank top and jacket combo are a new release from The.Plastik and it looks like a really useful wardrobe addition. Trying the jacket as modesty cover-up with some gowns is on my to-do list for sure.

The scary shoulder-pads are from We<3RP, and they come from ieQED, formerly known as Handwerk.

Also featured in the pictures - the new Elven shield and not-so-new Izo katana from EZ Weaponry, and the perennially popular Boadicea's Bracelets and Boadicea's Belt from The Forge.

Oh and I can't forget the boots! They're at C88 and I have a pair almost completely like them in RL so I couldn't resist. They're from Beetlebones and a complete steal at 88L.

As always, more pics after the jump!

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Crayon Colour Challenge: Week 45, Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Another late night, anoher quick post!

The outfit in this picture I picked up just about a week ago, when this silk was the 25L Tuesday offer at Soedara. I took advantage to pretty much buy it in every colour I didn't already have!

Also featured - and  you can see a closer shot after the jump - are two items from this round of We Love Role-Play They are a makeup from Aeva, and the Maris headdress and necklace from the GSpot gacha.

Aeva are offering six different makeups, each discounted 25%. Meanwhile, the gacha can be round in the special cheapies area, which is between two of the cabins.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Guardian of the mysteries

Evie's creations just keep on getting better and better.

Her latest outfit has just launched with a special (discounted!) edition at We Love Role-Play and more colours will be available soon at the Evie's Closet mainstore.

It's named for Ceridwen, considered the goddess of poetic inspiration, transformation, and rebirth. In Welsh legend, she was an enchantress who chased her servant Gwion through various incarnations, before devouring him as a hen while he was in the shape of a grain of corn. In due birth, she gave birth to his reincarnated form, Taleisin, who would become a great bard.

Monday, 4 November 2013

The Undying Lands

Round 7 of We Love Role-Play has just opened!

Pictured here is the lovely Magi necklace from Ellabella, in the 'Spiritual' colourway. It's also available in black and green/purple. I think I'm going to go back for that one.

The skin is Elora from Bite & Claw. It includes the elf ears show here, bare feet, and three different tattoos (pictured in this post).

The antlers are another offering from Half-Deer at Enchantment, alongside the poisoned hair comb.

The gown is from The White Armory. Not a Ghost of a Chance is a limited edition, and only available till the end of November. It's a mixture of white and palest greys, and swathed in masses of ethereal ribbons.

Faridah from Delicious

Seems like it's been a while since I did a non-event post, so here's a look at a recent release from Delicious (before I get back to events, lol).

Faridah is a recent release from Delicious and you have three ways to wear the outfit - as a camisk or tunic, as dancing silks, or as, um, casual silks?

The outfit is a mix of mesh (the tunic, the short silks) and flexi silks, prims, and clothing layers.

I really like that the belt is available separately - ie without attached silks - perfect for adding to other outfits!

(The necklace is from  Soedara btw.)

Sunday, 3 November 2013


If you haven't yet seen La Bellezza, the new release from Junbug, do yourself a favour and check it out. It's beautiful! This Victorian-inspired formal gown comes in black and purple as well as blue. The gown is materials ready too - I'm not though, I'm too afraid to try the new Firestorm beta.

Also featured are some accessories from Enchantment (with a dress this pretty and ornate, you only need to add a few little touches). The hair ornament is from Half-Deer, and it is the Poisoned Hair Comb... as given to Snow White by the Evil Queen. How our model above is impervious to its effects, I have no idea.

The drop earrings (slightly modified) and ring are from Ellabella, and they are a tiny part of the Snow White & Blood Red jewelry set. This set contains two complete sets of jewelry, one in delicate pearly shades, and the other in deeper shades. The circlet, necklace, and face piercings are not shown here.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

We Love Role-Play: Soedara and Bite & Claw

It's almost that time of the month again - time for a new round of We <3 Role-Play! As usual, the event will open on the 4th of November, and you can choose from dozens of items from your favourite fantasy and roleplay creators, all at 25-50% off.

Bite & Claw's Elora skin comes in four tones. This is Lunar, and its the most 'human', the other tones are more fantastical. I especially love the three facial tattoos with the skin - featured in photos after the jump.  They're hugely expressive too - the black tattoo is really quite scary, while one of the red ones looks almost sad. You can seem them in photos after the jump. Also in the box are matching feet and elf ears!

Soedara's outfit is new release Strength of Atikamekw in black is the We<3RP and it will be available for 30% off it's usual price of 450L and it's amazing value for money. The included face-chain alone normally sells for 150L. It's a really special piece too, definitely not something that was done as an afterthought.