Saturday, 30 June 2012

New dollarbie silk at Soedara

Another cute lil' cheapie from Marbella Pronovost!

For the princely sum of one of your Second Life lindens, you can grab yourself the latest addition to the Soedara cheapie wall - the Lush dance silks in black.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Fairy Tales in 2012

"Fairy Tales in 2012" is 'a tribute to the fairy tales world. A selection of the most brilliant designers of SL has contributed to create the enchantment in this magic place'. (Read more on the Glam Affair Updates blog.)

And it really is a visually stunning event... each of the individual stores features a meticulously created set, well worth a look.

Originally, I'd planned to do a Fairy Tales post based around the themes of 'good and evil', but the gown I planned for good didn't quite pan out.. so I've had to settle for 'moral ambiguity' instead. All the info after the jump!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Soedara - Babylonian Wench Free Woman outfit

Another Free Woman/ medieval outfit from Soedara, featuring a mesh corset and including three prim skirts.

Just like Soedara's Xoraxai Free Woman outfit, there are tons of ways to wear Babylonian Wench, some of which you'll see in the pictures below. (In fact, I'm a little annoyed at myself as I thought of yet another way to wear it after I'd stopped taking pictures! Grrr!)

Full details about what's in the box at the end!

Soedara - Babylonian Wench in green
showing Abundance skirt and basic neckpiece

30L Saturday, 23 June - Whatz, !Damned, Luas

Saturday again... that  means sales! This week's 30L round is also a '50% off' day, so as well as the usual 30L offers, merchants have one or two items at half their usual price.

Most of the poses used btw are anoter 30L offer from Riverdog & Sciarri's Trading Co.
Luas - Lady of the Darkness - 50% off offer, 75L today only

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Awesome Fae Armor at The Old Forge

This outfit has been lurking in my inventory for a while, and I decided last night to finally unwrap it and get all bloggy with it.

Wow. I loved it.

Take a look at the wings in particular; they're stunning. If your roleplay takes you to the kingdoms of elf and fae... then I humbly suggest you take a look at this outfit!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Another free gown at Rag Dollz

More gown-y goodness at Rag Dollz! This week's group midnight mania outfit is the Highgarden gown in lilac.

It could be yours for a slap, as the group is free to join, so hurry down there!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Gorean Room, 15 June

Another round of the Gorean Room launched on 15 June... I managed to keep myself on a very tight leash this time out, so there's only three outfits featured!

There is lots more stuff down there, all of it well worth a look, and as everything is only 50L or 70L you can afford to treat yourself.

(Better yet - get someone else to treat you!)
Wild Ones - Innocent in teal

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Closing sale at Fantavatar & Moonstruck

I love sales... closing sales, a bit less. Luna Barak is leaving Second Life and closing her store, but her creations should remain available on the marketplace, which is some consolation.

In the meantime, many pieces are reduced by 50% until the land closes on 24 June, to check out some of the amazing outfits, including gowns, fae outfits, and accessories.

I just grabbed a couple of pieces that caught my eye, including the gorgeous Berenice gown, which has so many ways to wear it.  Wish I started shopping there sooner, as I was really impressed!

Berenice turtledove gown, now 225L

Saturday, 16 June 2012

30L Saturday at Junbug

Junbug make another of their occasional appearances on the 30L list today... and as usual, the outfit is crazy cute.

The outfit comes in four colours (purple shown here) and the rather opulent skirt would be great for mixing and matching with other pieces in your inventory.

Shape is another 30L offer by the way - from Belissima, who have three female shapes for 30L today.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Sale - 50% off at Solange! Woot!

It's time for the annual Solange 50% off sale! Everything in the store, barring the fatpacks and RFL vendors, is reduced to half price for the next ten days only, until midnight 24 June.

The store has much more than silks too - there's casual or formal fashion, lingerie, jewellery, footwear, and a new petites section. Solange is just full of awesome, and now's your chance to stock up!

(BTW, you probably can't see them too well, but the eyes are just one of the many fab items in the June dollarbie box at The.Plastik. Don't miss it!)
Solange - Sahara silks - 150L in sale

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Rag Dollz: More medieval midnight mania!

Even more thanks go to the ever-generous Emedea Morgenstern, who's just put another medieval gown out on one of the Rag Dollz midnight mania boards!

The red Casterly Rock gown is still on the group midnight mania, but the newbie, Tavern Wench, is on the board that's open to all.

As you can guess from the name, it's not one for high-born ladies.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Soedara - Bondage Sublime chastity belt

Myeh... either my Second Life or my internet connection was running super slow this evening, meaning taking pictures was more difficult than usual. So please excuse inconsistencies!

Anyways, for those of you who've been enjoying the Soedara chastity belts (the Tarantia sets seem to have a quasi permanent spot in the most popular list), there's another release you should know about - the Bondage Sublime chastity belt (with optional rags attached!)

Bondage Sublime is a grungier set than the bejewelled, besilked Tarantia, but there's still a luxury gold set for the more pampered kajirae among you.
Soedara - Bondage Sublime chastity belt in new metal

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Free Medieval gown on Rag Dollz group MM board

Rag Dollz have just released some new gowns, inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire/ Game of Thrones. The gowns are called 'Casterly Rock', after the fortress seat of the House of Lannister.

As is often the case with new releases, the very generous Emedea has placed an edition of the gown in the group-only midnight mania board upstairs (group is free to join).

BTW, skin and shape are freebies from the Summer Lovin' hunt which runs on the Cupcakes sim until 24 June.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

30L Saturday, 9 June - !Damned and On a Lark

More fab goodies from 30L Saturday - this time out, a gown and camisk from !Damned, and a slave outfit from On a Lark.
!Damned - Trisha jade

30L Saturday, 9 June - Sweet Poison, Whatz, Luas, For F's Sake

Lots of fun things in today's 30L Saturday offers. As always, I'm only showing a small selection that caught my eye (thought I might feature some more later!).

If you tp to one of the participating merchants, you can slap the 30L subscribo box for a notecard featuring all the offers.
Whatz - Plump and Happy complete avatar
Includes camisk, shape, skin and hair

Friday, 8 June 2012

Project Rescue: Save the animals! SL shopping for a cause

A couple of quick photos to show you some of the treats on offer at the SVPAP Project Rescue charity event.

Everything in the room is 100% donation to the SVPAP - it features some Gorean designers and some mainstream offerings. There is plenty there to tempt!

I came away with a couple of outfits, hair, eyes, necklace, poses... items listed in the captions. More info and slurl at the end.
Dress (camisk!!)- Grunge goodness from Death Row Designs; Hair - Kim from Mina;
Necklace - Lilium from {mE}; Pose - Fly Lily; Eyes - Cora from Umeboshi

Thursday, 7 June 2012

5L cheapie camisk from Soedara!

If you wander over to the Soedara in-world store and venture upstairs, you'll find a wall full of dollarbies and cheapies, including the vendor for this cute little net camisk.

It comes in  several colours and and costs only 5L.

Free panther, FW and slave gear from Savage

I stumbled across these free gifties at Savage the other night... the outfits are hmm, I guess you could say 'themed'.

They share a name (Plain Huntress, Plain Girl, Plain Lady), a texture which looks like a rough homespun cloth, and some little feather decorations.

These outfits aren't for the pampered and privileged, but might be a perfect fit for those who get their lessons from the school of hard knocks!
Plain Huntress

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Gorean Room 1 June (or, OMG you're such a dork)

Lots of great stuff at the Gorean Room this round, include a gorgeous outfit from Sweet Poison.

Unfortunately, once I saw these cute little birdies on the Alirium sim, I had to spoil it all by acting like a complete dork.

Normal service will be resumed shortly after the jump.
Sweet Poison - Chara (MESH) in teal

Monday, 4 June 2012

Delicious - Illargi silks / camisk / chalwar

Dely Breen of Delicious has come up with a wonderful outfit which can be worn in at least three different ways - as a silk, camisk, or chalwar!

Naturally you can mix'n'match tops and bottoms to come with even more combinations... and all for only 300L. You can see a full listing of everything that's in the box at the end.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Medieval Fantasy Hunt V prizes - free warrior, outlaw and pirate outfits!

Yesterday saw some beautiful, delicate feminine outfits from the Medieval Fantasy Hunt... today's prizes are for chicks who kick ass!

Lots here for warrior women, pirates and outlaws.

(That's leaving aside the prizes from the weapons stores, which I haven't blogged!)
# 48 May's Soul   - Army Boots
# 61 For F's Sake!  - Carmen oufit
# 57 Poems of the Mists   - Firehearth seating

Zaara - 50% off sale!

Zaara aren't known for fantasy clothing, but they have so many beautiful items on offer, you'll find tons of pieces you can mix and match with your inventory.

As there's a 50% off sale until June 9th, now's the time to stock up and grab some of their delicious offerings. Everything is included in the sale - formal, casual, ethnic, accessories and jewelry.

(The hair is from Clawtooth btw, who also have a sale on!)
Zaara - Mitali top, now 60L
Zaara - Trishna print skirt, now 112L

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Medieval Fantasy Hunt V prizes - free silks, gowns, fairy outfit & more!

Wow - I've been blown away by the quality of some of the items in the current Medieval Fantasy Hunt.

I haven't finished unpacking all my boxes, but I couldn't wait to share some of this gorgeousness with you.

So far my favourite is this wonderful gown from NaLa. I'm definitely going back there to explore!
# 32 NaLa - Fryda gown
# 03 Whatz - Grisou the dragon shoulder pet