Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Last day of the Fall Fete

Just a quick reminder that it's the very last day of the 25L Fall Fete for this year, and your last chance to grab those bargains (until next Tuesday)... and that all the gift Trick-or-Treat cauldrons are out now, ripe for harvesting!

Slurl to 25L Fall Fete 2012

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

25L Fall Fete: New from For F's Sake

It's late for me so I'm just going to post some pics and remind you to get your sweet little butt on over to the 25L Fall Fete for some wonderful roleplay gear at seriously low prices. And don't miss the haunted house or the extra 25L haunted hunt items dotted about the sim.

I had a quick peek earlier to do some shopping myself and noticed a couple of giftie trick-or-treat cauldrons were out early! Tomorrow is the last day, and all the cauldrons should be out, so make the most of your shopping time...

Anyway, creations pictured here from For F's Sake. Check them out!

For F's Sake - Heidi slave outfit in Autumn

Monday, 29 October 2012

25L Fall Fete: New from Fire Storm Creations

Hard-working feisty Northern girls should check out Gudrun from Fire Storm Creations. Wearing this you'll always get the job done, whether you're donning your hard hat and chopping down trees or  carrying a barrel of mead around on your back (sure to make you super popular with the warriors).
Fire Storm Creations - Gudrun in brown

25L Fall Fete: New from On a Lark

25L Tuesday's Fall Fete continues through Wednesday, and tomorrow will see many designers putting out new sale items to help you stretch your Lindens! Don't forget to mark Wednesday in your diary as well, because it'll be trick-or-treat day at the Fete, with some gifts for you dropped into cauldrons by the designers.

Some of the upcoming new releases that I absolutely love are the Pashmina Dresses and the Pashmina Scarves from On a Lark. They're sold separately and are both available in nine colours, giving you the freedom to decide if you want to contrast or co-ordinate colours.  Both items share the same art noveau- inspired print, it just makes me think of the famous 1970s (and recently re-launched) London label, Biba.

I'm so going to be there tomorrow to grab this outfit in more colours! (But do feel free to elbow me out of the way if I'm drooling over it too long.)

On a Lark - Pashmina Dress in steel

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Get your hunt on

Eek! So much shopping to be done at some great events, and some really interesting hunts going on this weekend too... Here are the ones I'll be hoping to fit in this weekend! Not sure I'll get to blog any of the prizes, but here are some brief details so you can get your hunt on.

Headless Tarnsman Hunt
Started 21 October, will run through 3 November
Produced by Gorean Grid Wide Hunts, prizes are 1L
Slurl to start point Wild Talendar

25L Fall Fete Haunted Hunt
Haunted hunt started today, and will run through 31 October.
Prizes are 25L - but they're all brand new releases, and there is a picture of the item on the hunt object (a crate) so you can see what it is before you spend your lindens.
Slurl to 25L Fall Fete sim

FallnAngel Creations brains hunt
Started today, and will run through 2 November.
Prizes are 1L. Watch the FB page (linked above) for some clues.
Slurl to FallnAngel Creations mainstore and the spooky Falln Sanitarium

Shack Spider Hunt
Hunt starts 26 October and will run through the 28th. Prizes are free.
Blue spiders are menswear, green for panther, pink silks, and black for rags. Outfits are halved between two spiders, so you will need 1a and 1b for the full outfit.
Five special golden spiders too.
Split between Shack mainstore location and Forest Port (Gorean BTB roleplay)

These sims will be busy and prone to lag... so to make your own experience, and everyone else's, better, please de-prim and de-script! If you're worried about looking silly, you could always be invisible with an all-over alpha, like this marketplace freebie.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

25L Fall Fete: Sweet Kajira

Bronte Denja has really hit the spot with her 'Dama Inara' gown, available at this year's 25L Fall Fete for a very special price.

You can wear to conceal every inch of flesh and be the perfectly prim and proper Gorean Free Woman, or if you RP medieval or fantasy, drop a layer to reveal a hint of your feminine charms! But it's the little details which are the most attractive aspects to this gown - the puff sleeves are just delightful, and the gold accents enliven the sober gray.

Slave girls aren't forgotten of course, as she also offers the rather skimpy Coral camisk... picture after the jump.
Sweet Kajira - Dama Inara gown in grey

25L Fall Fete: May's Soul

May's Soul have a cute lil' mesh camisk with accompanying silky skirt on offer at the Fall Fete, so you can decide how you want to wear it. The silks are great for modesty though, and the flowered belt is dreamy.

Plus, there's some lovely furry leg warmers! You can definitely get a lot of use out of them this coming winter....
May's Soul - Selina in black - 25L

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

25L Fall Fete: Kei-Spot

Uh-oh, thrown out into the bitter cold to live with the pigs? Someone's been a very, very bad girl.
Kei-Spot: Wearing the Paint Splatter camisk at the Pig & Slave Trough

25L Fall Fete: Roawenwood

Many thanks to the wild girls of the Village of Gimli who were very welcoming and tolerant as I took photos, even while I was floating around their sim going 'whoooo whoooo I'm a ghostie'* in a most un-Gorean manner. Remarkably, by the end of my visit there was neither collar round my neck nor arrow in my butt, for which I am most grateful.

Perhaps the fact that I was looking fierce, as Tyra would say, in the Esmeralda female outlaw outfit helped my cause (after the jump). Special thanks also to buttons, the Sa di Sani first girl (aka Freya Umia), who helped me demo some furnitures!

*Not really. There are limits.
Roawenwood - Grungy Ghost Costume set (25L)

25L Fall Fete is now open!

Now open, here's your slurl to the event  :)

But please, please, de-prim and de-script yourself as much as possible to help lessen lag on the sim.

No-one will care if you show up with system clothes, a bald head and a noob walk... At least I hope not, it's my preferred shopping outfit ;)

Monday, 22 October 2012

25L Fall Fete preview: Luas

It's getting late for me... time to finish up this post, schedule it, and turn in! (If anyone ever tells you bloggers are lazy, they are so lying.)

Some fun stuff from Luas for the Fall Fete. Some of the outfits feature different options for wearing, depending on your roleplay needs. I love the adorable 'Roman Girl' outfit, which is perfect for casual mainstream wear as well as roleplay. Incidentally, when changing outfits, I accidentally layered it over 'Rebecca'... and like it. Give it a go ;)

(PS - Skin & shape from Delicious & Belissima Fall Fete showcase again.)
Luas - Ellaria in berry

25L Fall Fete preview: PeKaS woman

Kiradark Jigsaw's PeKaS line is spoiling you this Fall Fete, with two special 25L offers and a slew of new releases.

They have five new outfits lined up, but because I've time constraints, I've only been able to preview three (plus the special offers) below. You'll just have to go check them out when the Fete opens tomorrow, won't you? :P

Oh, skin and shape are Fall Fete presentations from Delicious and Belissima respectively.
PeKaS - North Heat in white (25L special offer)

25L Fall Fete preview: Sweet Pea

More yummy mesh goodness from Cloey Scorfield of Sweet Pea - and at bargains prices too, at the 25L Fall Fete, which opens to the shopping public of Second Life tomorrow.

Be sure to check out the quirky 'Butcher' outfit, an ideal Hallowe'en outfit if you want to scare a few people... and it won't just be vegetarians who run away screaming when they see that knife in your backpack!
Sweet Pea - Dancer in yellow

25L Fall Fete preview: For F's Sake!

That's 'F' for 'Fantasy'. What did you think it was? :o

Four cute outfits from Cape Weary coming up... oh and a skin from Delicious and shape from Belissima also featured in this post.
FFS - Eve in teal
Includes a 'zipped up' version of the dress too

Sunday, 21 October 2012

25L Fall Fete preview: On a Lark

On a Lark will be debuting two new mesh releases exclusively at the Fall Fete. First up is Layered (pictured below in berry), a toasty-looking autumn outfit which includes the mesh outfit, alpha, arm and leg warmers, scarf, boots... and a cute prim backpack filled with flowers.
OAL - Layered in Berry

Gifts for you in Evie's Closet

Evangeline Miles has put out four gorgeous gifts at her mainstore - free for anyone to pick up. You don't even need to be a group member!

The gifts include mermaid and fae outfits, and two gowns (one of which, Ellora, includes a matching set of wings for fae). The outfits also have multiple options so you can wear in lots of different ways. And, as always with Evie's creations, they're just stunning.
Evie's Closet - Ellora II in red

25L Fall Fete preview: Delicious

One of the things I love about Delicious is how many different combinations you can create from their outfits - I haven't shown you half of them here.

For instance, Free Woman gown Francesca comes with three different skirts (plus matching belts), you can wear it with blouse or jacket top, and then there are the accessories - prim jacket fastening, hat, veil, shawl... I've probably left lots out there too!

The cute slave outfit Verso is their 25L outfit, and it, too, can be worn with lots of variations. I've show you two below, but it can also be worn as a full-bodied camisk (ie covers the whole torso).

Delicious will also be showcasing their brand new skin line at the event, so be sure to check that out. In fact, if you're a group member you can tp across to the Delicious skin store and pick up your group gift skin (pictured here).
Outfit: Verso in magenta
Skin & shape: Carmen (copper ethnic)

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Shack autumn/winter collection fashion show

The Shack fashion show is about to get underway... now, at Forest Port. Scheduled for 1pm SLT, even after the event the event you'll be able to get 20% off new releases from the special vendors, and grab some free gifts (after the jump). These should be place till the end of the day, so come have a look!

Free camisks from Sirens at Port Haifa

Omgah, more freebies!  This time, it's a couple of camisks from Sirens, Draelle Chandler's line, previously known as Silks of the Siren.

Sirens are featured merchant at Port Haifa, and they've put out these camisks as gifts. I've no idea how much longer they'll be out for - they're merchant of the week, but I don't know when the week started. Better not take a chance if you want them...

Oh, even though they're camisks, I couldn't resist dressing up as a fae. (Skin and wings are free too.)
Sirens - Tempered camisk set in violet (mesh)

25L Fall Fete preview: Tough

YES! Silks Girl has taken to cross-dressing (or, I dressed a boy and I liked it). The sharp-eyed amongst you might have spotted that the first outfit in the CAH post is actually the men's outfit from the relevant stores. But now, to preview Tough's offerings for 25L Saturday's upcoming Fall Fete, I've gone a step further!
Tough - Hakon outfit
50% off at Fall Fete for Tough group members only

Free silks and poses

Say hello to my free alt! She's been helping me experiment with shadows (result: undecided) as well as running round the grid to pick up some cute freebies to showcase here.

Before October comes to an end, you might like to make like her and grab this cute bellydance/silks outfit from Creative Chaos, and the Olyvia pose set from Diesel Works - both are monthly gifts for October.  The silks are a group gift, but the poses are free for anyone to pick up.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Creative Angel Hunt: Some prizes

When I saw the poster for CAH4 up at Shack, I knew I'd have to check this hunt out.. and it's got lots for roleplayers along its trail.

As well as the aformentioned Shack, Silks Girl favourites Floor Candy and Slave Dressing Room are on the list.

It's a hud-controlled hunt, so the very first thing you'll need to do is stop off at the hunt HQ to grab your CAH hud (otherwise you won't be able to take any of prizes you do find!). It includes all the hunt locations and hints - I haven't found a hints webpage. The hud is free, as are the prizes. Yay!
CAH #07 Ziva's Underground Footwear
CAH #17 Destiny's Designs
CAH #35 Suki's Silken Fashions

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Slave Dressing Room - Kate mesh mini-dress

Cristine Easterling has certainly stuffed a lot into the box for one of Slave Dressing Room's recent releases. Kate is a mesh mini-dress, and it includes no less than six sizes of mesh in six different patterns - all for 100L too!

A look ahead to 25L Tuesday's Fall Fete 2012

Got your diary open? You might want to note 23rd October, when 25L Tuesday's Fall Fete kicks off.

The event opens with, you guessed it, 25L Tuesday bargains from some of your favourite stores (full list of participating merchants at the end of the post). The fun continues on Wednesday with a fashion walk, as models showcase the latest designs between 11am and 2pm SLT.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Free stuffs! Some prizes from the 30L October Fling Fair

Some very quick photos of hunt prizes from the 30L October Fling Fair. Look for the bright orange, fairly squat pumpkins dotted around the fair, which you can buy for 0L (though earlier it seemed like a few weren't quite ready, so don't stress, just move on to the next prize).  There are some sneaky hiding places though!

Some stores have prizes back at the mainstore too, and keep an eye out for some of the 30L and 50% off bargains that merchants have put out too. Don't spend all your lindens though, because the 25L Fall Fete kicks off very soon... more on that later.

NB Hunt prizes credited under the pictures
Whatz - May Skin; Bellissima - Tess shape (at mainstore);
Dream Things - Summer camisk; PA Designe - Heart choker
Damned! - Cuddle rug

Monday, 15 October 2012

Arabella belly dance costume from Wishbox

Okay, I've been slacking - this gorgeous release from Wisp Jinn's Wishbox is a few weeks old, but if you haven't already seen it, you should definitely check it out.
Wishbox - Arabella in shell

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Sweet Pea at Boho Culture Fair

Boho Culture Fair opens today, and Cloey Scorfield kindly passed me two event exclusives from Sweet Pea to blog.

I had a lot of fun with them, especially Zula, which is a really versatile mesh dress... great for a grungey contemporary look, or layer it up to make it a perfect Free Woman, medieval or gypsy outfit for roleplay.
Sweet Pea - Zula in red

Metamorphosis: Mermaid

For the journey, her sisters plundered their treasure chests and bedecked her in the finest jewels and apparel: paua shells, labradorite, and precious metals.

Her gown is the very essence of the ocean, woven and crafted with mystery and magic. In its shimmering skirts are the greens and blues of sunlight on calm sea, in its bodice, the greys and silvers of cruel winter storms and moonlight upon the rocks.
The White Armory - Seraphim Aquatica gown

Cute lil' cheapie - wearable demo corset from DragansVarg

I stumbled across this promo corset on the marketplace the other day. It's a wearable mesh demo from fantasy outfitters DragansVarg, and you get two versions of the corset in six sizes, plus alpha, plus a shape, for 10L. The full-priced corsets in this line are 250L so it's quite a deal!

I couldn't resist pulling together an autumnal outfit around it...

Saturday, 13 October 2012

30L Saturday (13 October) at Sweet Pea

This is the first time I've blogged Sweet Pea, for for a while now they've been doing some great things with mesh!

Today's 30L offerings from designer Cloey Scorfield include the Verge dress/gown (six colours) and Chattel camisk or top (five colours).

As they're mesh, make sure to try the demo, and naturally you'll need a mesh capable viewer.
The Sweet Pea - Verge dress in teal

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Solange - Balance lingerie at Zodiac

The Zodiac month for September-October focuses on Libra, the sign of balance and judgement, and Solange Cerveau's offering is the beautiful 'Balance' lingerie set.

It's almost like half a silk... just missing a skirt! I'd love to see this design turned into a silks range; I wonder, maybe if we got up a petition?!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Second Moon - Desert Dusk silks

Desert Dusk is a recent release from Second Moon... and Moonriver Darcy has placed it in store lucky chair for a few days. Isn't that wonderfully generous?

Lots of pictures to follow. I took about 30, and quite a few of them turned out quite nice... unusually I didn't have all sorts of stray prims sticking through my avatar or other photographic disasters. So, as I'm unable to discriminate among my photos, I put them all up.

Please forgive if it gets a bit repetitive!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Cheap gown - and skins - at Cupcakes retirement sale

Medieval ladies on a budget take note! Cupcakes have this 'Time Past' gown  for 5L in their current retirement sale.

There are also lots of skins at low prices before they disappear forever, starting at 25L per individual tone. Full perm skin templates are availabe too for around 750L.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Free silks at Elvenbreath, free group gift skin at Delicious

I was reading some blogs and somehow came across the startling news that Elvenbreath was closing (nooooooooooo!). Well I rushed over as soon as I found out (partly to see if the 'closing sale' was still on) and it turned out they were only closed for a week. Phew.

The sale's over... but if you go bobbing for apples you could pick up these free Fanaion silks... and more!

Oh, the skin and shape in the pics are freebies too, a group gift to celebrate the new skin store opening at Delicious.

Free gown: Group gift at Just Darling

This month's group gift at Just Darling is a touch of whimsy - a recreation of Glinda the Good Witch's costume from the Wizard of Oz. (Group is free to join and the gift includes the stave also.)

Be sure to check it out if you're looking for a sweet Hallowe'en costume, or even if you're just hankering after a big ol' crinoline-y gown!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Caverna Obscura - Sylph silks

There've been some really exciting new releases lately, and one of them is this gorgeous offering from Elvina Ewing's Caverna Obscura store.

In esoteric lore, sylphs were spirits of the air, so the diaphanous fabrics and decorative feather are perfectly suited. It's a great outfit for bellydancers, kajirae, fae, elementals, maybe even for kokarri of Mystara!

Important: the outfit includes a rigged mesh corset (plus alpha) in one size only. So be sure to try the demo and make sure you're happy with the fit or any tweaks you might need to make to your shape.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Quick - free female skins at Cupcakes, today only

Need a new skin? There are some freebies going at Cupcakes - but you'll have to look for them.

One make-up of each tone of the two newest releases have been set to sale for 0L, for today (Friday 5 Oct) only. In addition, the Heavenly set of make-up in each tone has been set to 50L. (All other skins are 499L).

It's a little bit like a secret sale - you'll have to hover over each makeup to discover which is the freebie and which is the discount. A pic of each skin below. Have fun!

Cupcakes - Kate skin, Latte tone

New release day at Shack

New release day at Shack, so you know what that means - half price vendors till midnight SLT and 15% rebate for groupies.

Todays offerings include the gorgeous new Erline silks (half-price colour is the red), the Ruffled camisk (lavender's on offer) and a set of tintable modesty underwear for Free Women.
Shack - Erline silks in pink

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Free silks! Persephone on the lucky chair at Wishbox

GRRR, my SL just did not want to co-operate tonight. Anytime I wanted to tweak something, *crash*. So as a result, a quick post. With two photos taken on different sims, in between crashes!

These are the lovely Persephone silks, brought to you by the adorable Wisp Jinn at Wishbox. And for a slap on the board, they could be yours (but probably not tonight, Wednesday, as I think it's already locked. Try tomorrow!)

They're black too, so could be handy for Hallowe'en?

Monday, 1 October 2012

Last chance on the lucky chair

Jewel of the Vosk - Spiritual is currently on the lucky chair at Second Moon... but not for much longer. It comes with three options of nudity so you can suit your setting; or even wear as a casual top.

The cute skin in the pics is a dollarbie from My Uglydorothy, SL bargainistas just definitely check it out.

(Bangles and anklets not included; they're from a separate *SM* set.)

Aidoru - Queen of Hearts silks

Aidoru's owner, Jaraloy Swords, recently very kindly passed me some goodies, including these silks (and the jewels used in these pics). They're what I call 'jewel silks', usually meaning there's more jewels than there is fabric!

The skin is from Glam Affair, at the Arcade Gacha event. It's one of the more natural tones, but still has a greenish tinge to it, giving it an otherworldly or alien quality. (I came to jokingly think of this character as an evil space princess. Maybe needs some tentacles though...)