Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Don't miss this round of 25L Tuesday!

I don't usually post on a Tuesday, RL doesn't allow it.. and this is not my usual style of post... but this week's round of 25L Tuesday is just too exciting for me to keep it to myself!

There are brand new releases from Soedara and On a Lark included in the list, and some fab furniture sets (usually retailing at 700L) going for a song at Firestorm Creations.

Some vendor pics below... you can also see some sneak peeks at the 25L Tuesday blog.

Be careful at Silk Worms though. There are some full price vendors right on top of the 25L offers (which are the vendors along the ground). A certain somebody who should have been a bit smarter didn't pay attention!

Lots more on offer, of course, and as always you can get the full list at any of the participating stores.

Have fun!

Monday, 30 July 2012

Freebie at Soedara!

Soedara have just launched a new line of jewelled nipple cover to match the Tariqa outfits and jewels (but of course you match 'em up to any of your silks!). They're menu-driven and you can choose from 26 gem covers, just like the Tariq headdress and necklace.

To celebrate, though, there are four simpler tattoo- and clothing-layer nipple covers in the mainstore (or you can grab them on marketplace for 1L each).

Here's a very quick pic...

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Free gown - new group gift at Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos have a gift for the ladies this time out!

Tatiana is a medieval-style gown in chartreuse and black, and is available free to members of the Creative Chaos in-world group.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Free mesh-ready female shape at Body Doubles

Need a new shape? There's a free gift at Body Doubles (but only until tomorrow evening, ie Sunday 29 July) to celebrate their new mesh ready range.

Shack have moved - and have a cart sale!

A change of location for Shack - the mainstore is now on the Bellmer sim.
To coincide with the move, they're having a cart sale, with selected items half price.

Some quick vendor pics after the jump (many more colours available for all items).

30L Saturday, 28 July: Long weekend special!

It's a special 30L long weekend this weekend, meaning you can shop at bargain prices today and tomorrow!

In addition to the 30L special offers, participating designers have put out additional items at 50% off, so enjoy. As always, lots of silks, gowns, roleplay outfits and props.

Pictured here are some of my favourite 30L offers!
For F's Sake - Esme silks in blue

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Hunt gift at Roawenwood

I stumbled across the Freedom of Submission hunt, which might be of interest to slaves or their owners.

I had a quick run round (most of ) the participating stores, and there doesn't seem to be much clothing, but there is a very appealing furniture item from Roawenwood...
All the hunt hints and slurls are here. It's a short hunt, only 17 stores, and be quick cos it ends on July 31! Prizes are 0L too, yay :)

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Solange! and Kyoot at Zodiac

A new Second Life shopping event called Zodiac has just launched - and there's no prizes for guessing that it's themed around the astrological star signs. This month, Leo is the sign of the collection. While the event isn't specifically aimed at roleplayers, there are some great pieces there you might like to look at.

Star of the show for RP types might be the Leona outfit from Solange! which would work for panther or slave. You can choose to make it PG or not... the not is after the jump :)

 The bustiers from Kyoot could be a nice wardrobe addition for bonds or free women- they're on multiple clothing layers so you can make sure you're covered (or not).

... and everything is 200L or under. Yay!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Soedara - Belly dancer Tariqa silks and jewels

I just love this outfit from Soedara. It's definitely one of the best things Ms Pronovost has ever made (and unusually for her, it's PG ha ha).

To get the complete look, you will need to spend some lindens, as it comes in three parts, to be bought separately. There's are the silks which come with some bracelets and a bindi, and then there's the necklace and then the headdress, both scripted so you can change the colours of the gems.

Anyway, it's lush, so if you can stretch to it, grab all three parts. (Of course, you can always grab the jewels to wear with your clobber, or simply wear the silks on their own.)
Tariqa in zebra (wild top) with headdress and necklace in worn black

Sunday, 22 July 2012

One Voice: Last day, tons of pics!

Today is the very last day of One Voice - the sim will be closed to the public at 11.59pm SLT. So if you haven't been, now's the time to go, and show your support for Gala and all legitimate content creators who enrich our Second Lives with their talents.

I've taken a bunch of pics for the last day... many of them are styles I wouldn't usually wear (sunglasses don't work so well with fantasy gear) but it's all for a good cause, and everything is available at the event.

After the event, or if you'd just prefer to keep your contribution RL, you can donate via the Curio Indiegogo page.
Outfit: Montagne Noire; Hair: Exile; Boots: Thalia's Fashion;
Lipgloss: Censored; Shape: Izzie's; Skin: Lara Hurley; Eyes: Pulse

Saturday, 21 July 2012

One Voice: Montagne Noire - En Petit Tenue

Montagne Noire's Victorian lingerie set, En Petit Tenue, reminded me so much of Scarlett O'Hara being laced by her maid...

...so One Voice goodies from Al Vulo, Mina, and Mayfly helped me complete the Miss Scarlet-esque look!

Montagne Noire have some other outfits in the event also, including the Peignoir which I blogged previously when it was on special offer. You have to pay full whack now, but it's for a good cause as all funds go towards helping Gala Phoenix with her legal costs - and getting Curio back on the grid!

One Voice: Paint outfit from Ever An Angel

Ever An' Angel have contributed a number of outfits to One Voice, including the artistic and bohemian 'Paint' outfit, which features a mesh skirt and some lush jewelry.

Friday, 20 July 2012

One Voice: Gold mesh corset from Blacklace

Time's running out... if you haven't been down to One Voice yet, get your skates on, as it closes on Sunday.

The good news is the initial target of 20,000 USD has been achieved, but court costs and legal fees have a way of mounting, so it could be that more than this will be needed. So, if you see something you like, my advice is buy it :)

Anyway... I'm being very slow tonight, so on with the post... here's a gorgeous offering from Blacklace in support of Gala, teamed with a gorgeous skin from Izzie's and jewels from {me.}!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

One Voice: Sari trousers from One Bad Pixel

This outfit is much more mainstream than I'd usually blog... but I saw this fabulous sari-fabric trousers from One Bad Pixel, and COULD NOT RESIST.

I've teamed them with the criss-cross tanks from Razorblade Jacket, but they'd also look really well with the casual brocade tops from Solange.

The hair ornament is a super-cute barrette from Eclectica, who are one of the recent additions to the One Voice fundraiser. There are back-attach and side-attach versions already in the box, saving you some editing!

One Voice: Poison Ivy!

As soon as I popped this brightly coloured hair (from Clawtooth, over at Hair Fair) on my head, I immediately thought 'Poison Ivy'!

As luck would have it, I happened to have an ivy-themed fairy outfit in my outfit from One Voice, courtesy of Salome Strange and SSD, so the look came together nicely.

Clothing top, skin, lipstick, eyes and poses are all from One Voice too.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

One Voice: Elf Maiden from Wild Style Fashions

If you haven't already been to One Voice to show your support of Curio/Gala Phoenix, now's a great time to go. The rush is over and you're practically guaranteed a lag-free experience! If you have been, it might be worth taking another look, as some late arrivals have joined in, and some merchants have changed over their offerings.

The event continues until 22 July, and I've still got a ton a stuff in my inventory, so I'll shut up and get on with it!

(The hand-held lantern - from LISP - in these pictures has been hacked by the way. You're not meant to wear it but to place it on the ground! However, it's fully mod, so why not play with it...)

Monday, 16 July 2012

One Voice: Shahrazad harem/bellydance outfit from The Looking Glass

Another cute fantasy outfit at One Voice - this time, Shahrazad from The Looking Glass. It's available in four colours, but this aqua version (called Paua) was the one that spoke to me!

You can wear it stripped back as a set of ornate silks, or add some extra layers to turn it into something like a genie outfit with harem pants, bolero jacket, and arm bracers.

I blinged the outfit up with some jewels from {me.}, and used the flamenco poses (which include the castanets I'm wearing!) from WetCat. Everything on the avatar is a One Voice donation item, details below!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

One Voice: Lula's floral skirts meet Solange's casual tops

... and begin a beautiful friendship. These two One Voice donation items go together so well - Tte bold colours of Lula's mesh skirts team up so nicely with Solange's casual brocade tops. And serendipitously, there are six colours of each!

Some are a closer fit than others, but because the floral skirts combine so many different shades, you could play around with different tops to find your favourite. I've mostly gone matchy-matchy here :)

The look is accessorised with the Addiction's delicate Temple of Light jewelry set, while new release Kiki from Truth in a white-blonde shade lends an ethereal flavour to the look. (The hair is not a one voice item, every else on the avatar is!)

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Soedara - Saman din Zori mesh roleplay outfit

Soedara's Saman din Zori (meaning: Shaman of the Sun) outfit is maybe her most versatile yet.

It comes in earthy and 'exotic' tones, and could be worn by sweet submissives, hard-working girls, or raggle-taggle gypsies. The leather textured options are perfect for panthers, amazons or huntresses. It also has a mystic edge (reflected in the name), rendering it suitable for wood elves, witches and wiccans, nature spirits, and wild girls of all sorts.

The character I imagined for the photos is a kind of forest guardian - an Artemis without a bow.
Saman din Zori in black leather

Group Gift at Falln Angel Creations (be quick!!)

Falln Angel Creations are celebrating their sixth birthday (hurrah and congratulations!) and a group gift has been put out for members of the Falln's Angels group, but only until 10am SLT on July 15th!

It's a gorgeous outfit, and can be worn in many different ways - in fact it's a unisex outfit because it can be worn as a 'gown' or as a pant suit. For speed, I'm just doing one very quick pic!
Falln Angel Creations - Tallimare group gift special edition

30L Saturday, 14 July - On a Lark & Belissima

Another cute outfit - that you can snap up for a bargain price - from On a Lark.

Also in this week's 30L offerings are 3 female shapes (and one male) from Belissima. They're no mod, but they do contain 4 size variations.
On a Lark - Mini in black

Friday, 13 July 2012

One Voice: Arzu Silks from Gilded Lily

Another fantasy outfit from One Voice... this time the Arzu Silks from Gilded Lily, a line created by Ever Courtois of Ever An Angel.

These silks come in three colours... black and white are available, in addition to the tourmaline (pink) featured here.

Everything in the pic (excepting the background!) is a One Voice donation item. Credits at the end. The silks are a 100% donation - meaning every cent of your 275L will help Gala Phoenix fight the injustice that's been done to her!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

One Voice: For F's Sake - Peekaboo silks

We're getting back towards the Silks Girl norm now, with a very naughty outfit from For F's Sake (the 'F' stands for Fantasy). It's amazing how an outfit containing so much fabric can still leave... everything... uncovered!

The LAQ skin in these shots is outrageously pretty, and Manna have some beautiful necklaces at the One Voice event, I definitely recommend you take a peek at them.

Anyways, we'll start with the safest shot, and hide the naughty ones after the jump!

One Voice: The dark side...

Feeling a little malevolent in your Second Life today? Well there are plenty of Curio-supporting pieces you can pick up at One Voice to enhance your witchy/vamp/outlaw/ all-round bad girl rep...

The main outfit is from Thalia's Fashions. When I wore it first, the skirt actually came up quite short (don't panic! it's mod!)... but I decided I liked this look! It has a little bit of an 80s gothic-y vibe, with the outfit's glitch pants standing in for leggings. Check it out in the second pic.

The stunning and slightly spooky skin is from Glam Affair - their skins are always lush. Full details at the end!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

One Voice: Antique blossoms from Paris

Pretty in pink? More grungy, rather! Sakide's Letter from Paris outfit comes in four colourways, based on pink or black/grey. I went for pink... and added the delicate Antique Blossoms jewels from Addiction, but that's as far as traditional feminity goes!

Punky hair from Wasabi Pills and a strong skin from Av!sage give an edge to this look. The eyes from Mayfly are stunning - very realistic up close.

As previously, everything but the background is a donation item from One Voice.

One Voice: Winter in July

Yup, where I am, the weather outside really is frightful... so inspired by this herringbone tweed-y number from Doves and Crows, I pulled together a wintry look featuring lots more donation items from the One Voice event (everything but the background!)

Add a different top and you could work this look into your roleplay. I love this sweatshirt from The Sea Hole though, and it's available in a range of different colours. The jewelry from {me.} comes with a colour change hud, as do the mesh boots from Thalia's Fashion.

Oh, skin and shape are Gala from Izzie's, and the hair, with hat, is from Censored, and eyes are the Curio set from A.D.D.Andel. Brrr!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

One Voice: Event extended until 22 July

Just a teeny tiny quick post to say that phew, thankfully, the One Voice event will remain open for a week longer than originally intended... so runs now until 22 July.

As a lot of people have been having difficulty getting to the sim, designers are now placing their donations at their mainstores also.

Salome Strange is compiling a really useful One Voice directory here.

Monday, 9 July 2012

One Voice: Winged armour outfit from Bare Rose

Bare Rose have created a fantasy warrior's outfit for One Voice, and they've called it Scarlet Phoenix Lady... apt :) (It's also available in black, and for men though!)

I teamed it up with an pose-prop katana sword from Kinki Animations. Click the sword for a menu of poses - note it will only work on sims allowing scripted items.

(As with previous posts, everything but the background is a One Voice donation item, credits follow after the pics. Very impressed with the avatar pack from Pulse btw)

One Voice: Gown on Fire!

Purple Moon's contribution to One Voice is an ode to the element of fire. Titled 'Gown on Fire', you don't need me to tell you the inspiration behind it!

The dress moves beautifully in-world too. As it flutters around your form, you really will seem "engulfed in tongues of fire". Wonderful for fiery faes or elementals as well as Katniss fans.

(As before, all items excepting the background are One Voice donation items in aid of Gala Phoenix's legal battles. Credits after pics & jump!)

Sunday, 8 July 2012

One Voice: First look, featuring Solange! and more

One Voice, the event to benefit Gala, kicks off in a matter of hours, and it's stuffed full of amazing Second Life designers who've donated items. Solange Cerveau has put out three outfits, 50% of the proceeds of each going towards Gala Phoenix's legal fees.

As I love a bit of burlesque, I couldn't resist this recent favourite in a brand new colourway... the Carnal set in red/gold.

(Everything in the picture, excepting the background, is available at the One Voice event. )

Support legitimate content creators!

Tomorrow is the opening of the One Voice event, a fundraiser in support of Gala Phoenix's legal battle against content theft.

Some wonderful Second Life designers are participating, including League, Solange, Belleza, Chop Zuey, Glam Affair, Adam and Eve, SLink, Exile, Wasabi Pills, Laqroki, Bare Rose, Purple Moon, Adorkable... and so many more, it's insane!

Each will be providing donation goodies of which 50% or 100% will be going to support Gala.

(Items in the pic are not from the event, they were already in my inventory.)

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Red Rose Hunt: Gowns, jewels & more!

Another hunt that's a little more expensive than the usual freebie or dollarbie hunts as prizes can be up to 25L. Most are less, and it's probably one-tenth of what they'd normally retail for!

Some stores have more than one prize, but the total still seems to be 25L or less.

The skin and shape, btw, are both special weekend offers from the Cupcakes sim. The Cupcakes weekend bake sale is always worth a look!
Chez Fayre - Milady Twilight gown, 15L

Friday, 6 July 2012

*Slave* Dressing Room - Rebecca silks

A recent release from *Slave* Dressing Room - the very pretty (and excellent value) Rebecca silks.

The silks feature fresh and innocent pastel colours, and are adorned with delicate roses... but oh my! they don't leave much to the imagination!

The three colours come in one box too, so for the price of one silk in a lot of places, you're getting a mini-fatpack (see? excellent value!)
SDR - Rebecca silks in beige

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Gorean Room, 1 July

Hmm, is this something completely new for the Gorean Room? A skin and a shape are included in this round's offers, so you can kit your avatar out with a whole new look!

The shape is from Belissima, and the skin which includes optional tattoo layer frecles, is from well-known clothiers Severed Heart.

Adding in the ginger Alexis hair from Truth, this look reminds me of RL model Cintia Dicker - but maybe it's just the freckles.

Anyway, as always lots of fun discounted stuff at the Gorean Room, all 50-70L, props, furniture, clothing - including lots of red for the kajirae!

Lorien - Tarja red silks

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

50L summer sale at FallnAngel Creations

Eeek! I almost missed this... and I would so have kicked myself if I did!

FallnAngel Creations are having a crazy sale, with a selection of some of their wonderful outfits for only 50L each. In some cases, this means outfits are one-tenth or less of their original cost!

BE QUICK THOUGH, the sale is due to end on the 5th of July - that's in two days time.

Slurls to the sale outfits (including silks, gowns, kimonos and accessories) after the jump.