Thursday, 31 May 2012

Soedara - Xoraxai mesh Free Woman / medieval outfit

A change of direction for Soedara - this time, a Free Woman (or medieval, or gypsy) outfit in mesh (so for mesh capable Second Life viewers only)

This outfit is all about options, as it comes in many different colours or pattern. Once you've chosen which is your favorite, there's then an abundance of ways to wear it...
Soedara - Xoraxai FW dress in purple flower 3

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Free outfit on Rag Dollz midnight mania

I'm not sure if this outfit could be called silks, or a gown, or a bellydance outfit, but for the next few days at least it's on the Midnight Mania boards at Rag Dollz... so run along and slap, you've a good chance of winning!

Monday, 28 May 2012

Slave Dressing Room - bath girl outfit

Another bath girl outfit - this time a fun (mostly) mesh offering from Slave Dressing Room.

I had lots of fun experimenting with the photos, as you can see...

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Evie's Closet - Lenka gypsy outfit

Another truly gorgeous outfit from Evangeline Miles. Lenka is a gypsy outfit based around patchwork detailings, a white chemise and a delicately-shaded skirt.

There are colour matching add-on 'Butterfly Crowns' as well, sold separately, so you can add to your Lenka... or any other outfit.

Jewels are the Auna set from Kosh. They're scripted for texture change so you can match them to your outfit.
Evie's Closet - Lenka outfit and Butterfly Crown in Clove

Soedara - PG tops for Tarantia silks

Soedara have just released a set of PG tops to match the Tarantia d'Or silks, meaning you can now wear these silks out of Gor (or other adult sims), and not get banned!

They're a sold-separately add-on pack, so only the clothing layer top is included, not the prim bodice, the silks, or any of the jewels. And while they're designed to match the Tarantia d'Or range, they also mix'n'match well with other pieces from Soedara.

The gorgeous skin in these pics btw is a Skin Addiction group gift at the Skin Showcase from Leafy.
Soedara - Tarantia d'Or PG top in gold
with Tarantia d'Or Unum silks in gold

Friday, 25 May 2012

New release camisk and silks at Shack!

Friday... new release special offer day at Shack!

As always there's a special vendor offering 50% off one colour of each of the new releases until midnight Second Life time tonight (Friday 25 May).

So you can pick yourself up a brand new Shack camisk or set of summer silks for only 99L or 150L.
Shack - Lali camisk in grape - 99L today only

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Shack lucky dip prizes

Shack have installed a new lucky dip (in the shape of a rabbit hutch!) and best of all, you don't need to be a group member to win prizes. There's furniture and clothing/roleplay items.
Shack lucky dip prizes:
Chaise cream; Billie camisk moss; Hand chains gold; Makeup runs tattoo

Free silks at Aari

There's a free monthly gift at Aari, and for May, it's a set of blue silks.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Evie's Closet - Ellora special at The Gallery Gift Shop

For every Snow White or Sleeping Beauty, there's a Wicked Stepmother or  Fairy, without whom there'd be no story. But evil or misunderstood?

It's how you play it, and to help you create your character, you'll need to look the part...

This special edition of the Ellora II gown from Evie's Closet will certainly fit the bill.

Free blogger-inspired gift at Adorkable Poses

So. True.

Especially that bit about the inventory.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Soedara - Tarantia d'Or Tres silks/chastity belt

The last of  Soedara's Tarantia d'Or trilogy takes a trip back in time with Ancient Egyptian ornamentation.

The silks feature winged scarabs, thought to bring good luck and ensure rebirth on a higher plane, and ankhs, the symbol of eternal life.

These touches mean the silks would be ideal for ancient world roleplay, or for (daring) Second Life priestesses to wear...
Soedara - Tarantia d'Or Tres in Poseidon Blue

Monday, 21 May 2012

Free silks - Group gift Irene at Creative Chaos

A beautiful gift outfit from Patty Flanagan of Creative Chaos! I love the colour - periwinkle, I guess you could call it. Suits everyone!

There are lots of different ways to wear this outfit, and it would be perfect for fae as well as dancing girls... or even just as a contemporary outfit.

Gorean Room, 16 May

Running a bit behind schedule on the Gorean Room this round! (Too many fun hunts maybe...)

Some favourites pictured below - as always great stuff for free, slave, and panther/outlaw. For me, star of the show is free woman gown 'Aphris' from Les Encantades which comes with a box stuffed full of goodies, including two veils, not shown here.

As always, everything is 50L or 70L, and the next round starts on 1 June, so don't wait too long!
Les Encantades - Aphris gown (w/o hood & dress collar)

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Nature's Hunt - The Fairy Trail - More prizes!

More prizes from the Nature's Hunt Spring Blossoms 2 - The Fairy Trail hunt (what a mouthful!).

There are over 100 stores in this hunt and lots of great prizes - I might post up some more pics soon - as the hunt ends on 31 May there's still some time!

Prizes cost 1L, and some of them are ah-may-zing. Pics below!
#24 - Flowerdreams Creations - Alegra gown
#48 - KA Piercings & Jewelry - Flower necklace

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Gowns, gowns, gowns! Kouse's Sanctum retirement sale

Oh oh, my inventory's not going to shrink any in May, that's for sure.

I've just discovered Kouse's Sanctum are having a retirement sale, and tons of gowns are on sale for 75L until the end of May. After that, they'll be gone for good.

Some typically gorgeous examples below...
Kouse's Sanctum - Naomi gown in ruby - 75L

Shack - Lemon Hunt

Woot! Shack are running a hunt, this weekend only - so Sunday 20 May will be the last day.

Wonderful prizes too - silks, gowns, camisks, kirtles... and plenty for men too!

It's a freebie hunt, and you can grab a hint list from the info board at the landing point.
Prize 7 - Cleo silks

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Natures's Hunt - The Fairy Trail

Some gorgeous prizes to be won in the second Nature's Hunt Spring Blossom, running till May 31. The theme of this hunt is The Fairy Trail, so as you can imagine, lots of the prizes would be great for fantasy roleplay.

I don't often include non-clothing prizes, but some of them items on this hunt are so lush, I couldn't resist incorporating some of them in the pics.

There are over 100 stores in the hunt, so here's just a tiny selection... there may be more pics to come!
#28 - Nuts Inc - Outfit
#91 - Props n Poses - Photo backgrounds

Monday, 14 May 2012

Dollarbie silk from Bacidalucia

Eeek - no idea how long this will be available, so going to post on an asap basis, and if you want it, I suggest you follow suit and get down to Bacidalucia as soon as you can too! It might be available until the end of May, but I'm not 100% sure.

Anyway, this is Cleo, an Egyptian-inspired silk from Bacidalucia Oh, it's currently on sale for one linden, and you can wear it in a couple of different ways!

Wishbox - Wanderlust gypsy outfit/ medieval gown

Another stunning outfit from Wishbox!

Wanderlust is romany-inspired, but perfect for all sorts of medieval maidens with lots of ways to wear it. Ladies of Gor, you're not forgotten, as designer Wisp Jinn has included several modesty options.

There are some accessories (rose wreath, bangles, earrings) sold separately too - I couldn't resist, as you can see, they're just too cute:
Wishbox - Wanderlust in purple
Matching accessories (rose wreath, earrings, bangles) sold separately

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Soedara - Dainty CoinSlut

Been a bad girl? Answered back when you shouldn't have, and been sent out on the streets to earn coin? Well at least with Soedara's 'Dainty CoinSlut' outfit, you'll be well-dressed while you endure the humiliation!

In fact, you essentially get two outfits in the pack - the chains can be worn on their own, and the ragsof the waist chain clicks on and off with a touch. The other outfit? A prim top and skirt which you can combine with the chains too.
Dainty CoinSlut - chains, common to all colours

Saturday, 12 May 2012

30L Saturday, 12 May - !Damned, Elvenromantik, Habitation

More picks from 30L Saturday, with some gowns for the ladies and silks for the girls.

As before, shape and hair are 30L offers too.
!Damned - Trisha jade
More outfits available

30L Saturday, May 12 - On a Lark's Dancer outfit

On a Lark always come up trumps on 30L Saturday! I loved the wintry outfits they featured over the past few months, but now that it's spring, they're offering something a little lighter...

The 'Dancer' outfit, as usual with OAL, can be worn in many different ways. The set includes full skirt, silks skirt, and harem pant options, with two different tops.  There are several colours available too, so if you head to OAL you're sure to find something you like.

Oh, the shape and hair are 30L offers too, from Belissima and Glamorous Sin respectively.
On a Lark - Dancer in brocade red
Harem silk, demi top options

Friday, 11 May 2012

The Old Forge - Chi Armor outfit

Chi is a stunning roleplay outfit from The Old Forge. Not for slaves or dancing girls, it's more suited to fantasy warriors, elemental demons, dragon wranglers, maybe even high Elves or other fae folk.

As you can tel from the name and patterns, the outfit is Chinese-inspired and even though the outfit is technically armor, it isn't overtly martial.

The hair sticks look like they could do some nasty injuries though.
The Old Forge - Chi Armor in water

Thursday, 10 May 2012

GU Summer Meltdown Hunt - Gem Designs

Another couple of outfits from the Gorean University Summer Meltdown Hunt... this time it's Gem Designs, and yup, there's one prize at the market, and another at the mainstore.

Quick post so... slurls after the jump!
Gem Designs - Key indigo

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

GU Summer Meltdown Hunt - Red Hot Ginger

More prizes from the Gorean University Summer Meltdown Hunt... this time from Red Hot Ginger.

As with the other hunt posts, there's one prize in the GU Market, and one back in the mainstore.

While you're there, take a few minutes to look around - there's a little room of lucky boards, and, some of Phedre's latest creations are very intriguing. I'll be back!
Red Hot Ginger - Eris kirtle/camisk

Vanity silks at Slave Dressing Room

Cristine Easterling's latest ~ very lovely ~ silks have been widely blogged, but the red set just came out.

They're beautifully elegant and feminine, festooned with roses and butterflies

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

GU Summer Meltdown Hunt - Arachne Silks camisk and EMO-Tions hair

A super-quick post tonight! More great prizes from the Gorean University Summer Meltdown hunt - two hairs from EMO-Tions and an outfit from Arachne Silks. One prize from each store at the GU market, and one back in the mainstore.

The Arachne outfit is split in two parts - but they're actually quite independent of each other if you can only find one. (Not one of those times where you have to worry about ending up with only half an outfit!) One part is the camisk, and the other is the 'Coin Slut' accessory set.
Emo-Tions - Vain hair
Arachne Silks - Camisk

Monday, 7 May 2012

GU Summer Meltdown Hunt - Shack gifties!

Are you hopeless at hunting? Well never mind, hunt sponsors Shack have left a box of free goodies for Free Women, slaves, and men right at the landing point.

BTW, I tried on the men's outfits - and ladies, I think you'll definitely be able to make use of them!
Shack - Glitz camisk

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Some random pics

Was playing with a new swim hud and animations, taking some pics... thought I might as well add them up!

GU Summer Meltdown Hunt - Soedara prizes

The Gorean University Summer Meltdown Hunt kicked off yesterday, sponsored by Shack, Arachne Silks and Soul Effects, prizes are 0L and it looks like there's some real treasures among them!

Prizes are split between the Gorean University market and some participants' mainstores. So far, I've grabbed most of the prizes around GU, and am working on picking the others around the grid.

I made it a priority to hit Soedara though, because there are four rather excellent pieces you can pick up, including the shape used in all these photos.
Soedara - Teaser Talender Girl silks

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Gorean Room 1 May

The latest round of the Gorean Room started on 1 May and continues until 15 May, when it's replaced by a new collection. Everything is either 50L or 70L, and the slurl to the new location is at the end!
Catha slave outfit from Qalma

Beltane Fair - 30L items

This weekend is your last chance to hit the Beltane Festival for bargains and hunt prizes. There are some fun 30L items out, pics and details below.

For starters, I'm a bit in love with these firesticks. Not only can you use them for dancing, but just think of the roleplay possibilities.

There could be a tragic silks-go-up-in-flames incident while you're dancing, necessitating a trip to the infirmary, you could 'accidentally' singe another girl's hair right off (phew! what a stink!), or OMGAH you've just burnt down the stables. These firesticks might cost 30L, but really they're priceless.
Firesticks - 30L from Una
Chain Silk - 30L from PA Designe

Friday, 4 May 2012

Wishbox - free Tribal Fusion silks on midnight mania

The latest prize on the Wishbox midnight mania is the Tribal Fusion outfit - a versatile bellydance outfit that you can pare back to wear as silks, or style it up with the bottoms to present a more a look with an ethnic flavour.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Soedara - Tarantia d'Or Unum silks/chastity belt

A seriously hot new release from Soedara - in fact it's scorchio!

The outfit is a bit of a two-in-one as well - with just one click you can make the silks disappear, revealing the gemmed chastity belt. You can also add the belly chain jewel for some extra opulence.

There's also a special promo offer on for group members - you can buy the Pastel Pink set (shown in most of these pictures) for 150L instead of the usual 375L. The offer will run for at least another week (and I've heard rumours of more promo offers to come!) so until May 10, possibly even longer.

If you're not currently a group member, a fee of 100L applies - but you're still saving 125L if you want to buy the pink set!

Don't forget, you can click on the pics and zoom in to see them full size and get a closer view of the details - and it's definitely worth it with these fab silks!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Beltane Festival - Hunt prizes

Hurrah! Another 30L Saturday festival, combining two of my favourite fashion passions - sale shopping and hunting.

This fest is to celebrate the spring festival of May Day or Beltane... Well, it beats dancing naked round a bonfire, leastways in the Celtic weather we've got outside here.

This hunt is also perfect for everyone who operates on a zero-Linden economy in Second Life as all the prizes are free.

As always, I'm only featuring the wearable prizes here, and there are some bits and pieces I haven't photographed this time out. There are lots more prizes to pick up!

Some designers have left the hint in a hunt object at the Beltane sim, and you can find the prize back at their mainstore. Others have gone above and beyond, and put out two prizes, one at Beltane and one at their mainstore.
Whatz - Serendipity
Two prizes, one at Beltane, one at mainstore (second not shown)