Saturday, 31 March 2012

30L Saturday - silks from Severed Heart and Luas, gown and skin from Whatz

Some interesting and unusual oufits and objects on the list this week, including some butterfly-themed items.

I loved the 'personal butterflies' from Sweet Poison - wear them and have your very own cloud of butterflies circle around you.

The skin used throughout is a 30L offer from Whatz - Vanitas summer.
Severed Heart - Springs Kiss
Sweet Poison - Personal Butterflies purple

Friday, 30 March 2012

Almost free - dollarbie camisk hunt at Soedara

Yay! To celebrate the rebuild of her store, Ms Marbella Pronovost has organised a mini-hunt, and hidden five cute lil' camisks aroundabout for you to find.

Once you find each golden padlock, you can buy it for a measly 1L, making these some of the nicest dollarbie camisks you're going to find!

Not sure how long this hunt will last, so get down there quick.

Anyways, pics below, and your slurl to Soedara at the end.

PS Thanks Chai!
Soedara - Wrapped in Lace camisk swirl flower

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Nightfire silks & chalwar from Second Moon

Second Moon recently launched their newest line, the uber-smexy Nightfire outfits.

Included in the range are silks, a chalwar, and a very skimpy 'finery' outfit.

You can buy the outfits individually, but I really recommend you buy the mix'n'match pack if you can stretch to it.

There's an exclusive group offer which might help... details after the photos.
Nightfire silks from Second Moon

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Roawenwood - New silks, with exclusive lucky chair colours!

Yay - a new silks release from Roawenwood, and double yay, there are two exclusive colour sets you can win for free on the lucky chairs!

The set, called Suadela, comes in a range of muted tones, but believe me, in this silk you don't need a bold colour to draw attention... It's verrrrry sexy and doesn't offer a lot in the way of coverage, which doubtless will be seen as a major plus by many!

Me, I'm just hoping the mesh hair will protect me from the internet modesty police ;)

Saturday, 24 March 2012

60L weekend at The Roawenwood - Salah silks

More fabulous weekend shopping, this time courtesy of Searlait Nitschke who has put out a set of silks for 60L at her store Roawenwood.

(There are also brand new prizes on the lucky chairs, but hopefully more of that later!)

This is another outfit with more than a not to springtime - the silks, arm and leg bands, are all decorated with sprigs of morning glory flowers.

30L Saturday - Stitched kirtle/gown at On a Lark

Another great 30L Saturday look from On a Lark - they've definitely become one of my favourite stores. (And I really appreciate their participation in so many of weekly sales!)

'Stitched' is a spring-themed outfit, with sprigged flower prints featured in the top and patchwork skirts. It can be worn as a free woman or medieval gown, or change the top option to make it a bondmaid outfit.

So I've decided to accessorise it with a flower headband currently on offer at The Dressing Room discount store... cos who doesn't love having a big ol' flower stuck on their head :)
On a Lark - Stitched in seafoam

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Promo at Old World - silks fatpack 19L!

Old World have a good deal on at the moment - a silks fatpack, five colours of the 'Sweet' kajira silks.

The box includes a set of cuffs and anklets, plus a sculpt top and flexi skirt in each of five colours.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

FallnAngel Creations random prize - Heather camisk

If you've been spending time on the FallnAngel sims recently, looking for Ostara eggs, you might have been lucky enough to win one of the random prizes on offer.

Free outfit - Aliana robes of concealment on Vigo lucky chair

I finally managed to win something on the lucky chairs at Vigo :)

It's a Gorean free woman outfit, a set of robes with concealment. (Naturally, you can wear for other medieval roleplay.)

Monday, 19 March 2012

Gorean Room - Sweet Kajira, Delicious, Old World, and Floor Candy

More goodies from the Gorean Room - there's some really intriguing offerings this round.

By now, you know the score: a new collection arrives on the 1st and the 15th of the month, and everything costs either 50L or 70L.

So... Let's go shopping!
Sweet Kajira - Shina camisk

FallnAngel Creations - Ostara egg hunt

The sixth annual FallnAngel Creations Ostara egg hunt is now on, and runs until 2am SLT on March 22.

I find this hunt very time-consuming as, while the eggs are largely hidden 'in plain sight', they're spread across five sims!

There's 75 hunt eggs and they cost 1L each... I don't know how many people find them all. I was thrilled to find about half!
FallnOstaraEgg#66 - Sanaka dress
FallnOstaraEgg#59 - Midori wings
FallnOstaraEgg#27 - Jin hair

Sunday, 18 March 2012

7L silks & camisk sale at J&R

Be quick or you'll miss this - a special seven-day sale at J&R designs!

All silks and camisks on the special vendors (in the middle of the floor - don't go buying from the vendors on the wall unless you want to pay full price) are SEVEN LINDENS.
J&R - Chain silk purple

Soedara - Serpent's Kiss silks

Yay! New silks from Soedara, and the good news is Marbella is now doing FATPACKS! (Well, it's bad news for your linden balance.)

I love these new silks and each set comes stuffed full of goodies - it's great value for 325L.

A full list of what's in the box at the end... or you can just look at what's in the many pics I took.

(The pasties aren't included, but they're a marketplace freebie from Beautiful Dirty Rich, and tintable, so you can adjust to match any outfit!)

It also comes with a wearable snake... so you can also pretend be the exotic-dancing replicant from Blade Runner, if you get bored of desert life.

By the way, the skirts are set to glow... but as they're fully modifiable, you can adjust to however you want. A handy notecard explains it all.
Soedara - Serpent's Kiss in 'Rich wine'

May's Soul - Bath girl (Gorean room offer)

Gorean slave girls who find themselves serving at the baths will need to make sure they're properly outfitted for their roleplay... and this outfit from May's Soul should fit the bill perfectly.

It comes with a wearable wooden tub 'backpack', containing the various paraphernalia you'll need.

There's also practical legband which holds an amphora (presumably of scented oil) strapped to your thigh.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

A Time for Light Treasure Hunt

This hunt is a little bit more expensive that the ones I usually feature, but for a very good reason - all the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society as it's part of the Relay for Life series.

So all the prizes are 10L rather than the usual freebie or dollarbies. 

The hunt is sponsored by the Goreans in the Relay for Life group

There are 25 Gorean stores participating in the hunt, although all prizes were out this morning. Check the official hunt blog for updates.
Slave - Summer silks

30L Saturday - Luas, May's Soul, and On a Lark

There weren't so many things that appealed to me in this week's 30L Saturday round, but what I did like, I loved!

Some really versatile outfits in the selection with something for everything, except perhaps Duchesses (unless they're post-revolution, down to their last crust, Duchesses).

First up is the ridiculously cute'n'colourful Sidney gown. Check it out - it's very Cinderella pre-makeover.
Luas - Sidney in Blue

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Free silks/camisk - Midnight Mania & Lucky Chair at Gem Designs

Ooops, I seem to have spent all my lindens. Again.

Luckily I managed to grab a couple of prizes at Gem Designs.

At the back of the store, there's a discount area, with a Midnight Mania and Lucky Chair as well as some cut price outfits.
Heat - Lucky Chair prize

Monday, 12 March 2012

May's Soul - Spring is Coming outfit

It's past my bedtime, so this is gonna be brief!

'Spring is Coming' is the latest release from May's Soul and it celebrates the advent of spring with an abundance of flowers... and some cute gardening implements!

There are two kinds of top in each pack, sheer or opaque, and prims are resize scripted so super easy to fit.

Solange! at Fashion for Life - Innocence silks and Peacock babydoll

More goodies from Fashion for Life, in aid of the American Cancer Society.

Today's outfits are from Solange Cerveau's range. One is a re-working of the Innocence silks, the other is a cute babydoll.

There's another two donation vendor boards as well, one of which features a set of the recent Carnal lingerie release.

100% of the proceeds of the donation board vendors go to the ACS. Shopping for a cause - can't beat that!
Solange - Innocence silk in pink/black for Fashion for Life

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Beauty & The Freak hunt - prizes from Luas, May's Soul and !Damned

The Beauty and The Freak hunt kicked off yesterday, and some of your favourite Gorean stores are participating.

The hunt blog page is so helpful as it has all the store names, slurls and hints together in one place. Fantastic if you haven't time to do the hunt from start to finish.

Hunt prizes are 0L and you're looking for a skull with a flower peeking out the top (excepting stores where they might be short on spare prims - it's just a skull then).

Here are some highlights of the prizes I've picked up so far (the skin and shape used in the pics are also hunt prizes, from Curvalicious Skins and Lushish Catz respectively).
Jezabel silks from Luas
Earrings from Persefona

Angelwing at Fashion for Life - everything in store 100L

Angelwing are sim sponsors at this year's Fashion for Life Fair in aid of the American Cancer Society.

If that wasn't enough reason to shop, all the Angelwing items on sale at the fair are reduced to 100L.

This includes the brand new Relay For Life outfits which are debuting at the fair.
Timless Light outfit - all proceeds go to American Cancer Society
Also available in 'Dark' and 'Fallen' colourways

Saturday, 10 March 2012

30L Saturday - Silks and more from Luas, Damned, On A Lark, Swords & Sahara, and Sweet Poison

Loads more great stuff from this weekend's 30L Saturday. Only a few hours left so make sure you get in there!

Keeping things tight this post, just some pics and the slurls to the stores after them :)

Lindens at the ready!
Bella from !Damned

Gorean Room - panther outfit Cassey from May's Soul

Panther girls, the Gorean Room has a treat in store for you!

This is Cassey from May's Soul, and it's only 50L until 14 March.

30L Saturday - Winter Dream outfit at On a Lark

Another winner from On a Lark! This fab outfit is part of their 30L Saturday offering this week, and one you definitely shouldn't miss.

The oufit includes shirt and pants on clothing layer, and prim belt, skirt, scarf, jacket, boots and bandana (bandana not shown).

As always, the textures are beautifully detailed, and the skirt fabric features a leaf print motif.
It's available in six colours, so you can hopefully buy a couple of colours and have fun mixing and matching.
Winter Dream from On a Lark in Coal

Friday, 9 March 2012

30L Saturday - Kirtles from Red Hot Ginger and Torvis Gorean Weapons

This week's 30L Saturday is themed 'Plump and Happy' - and there are so many amazing outfits in this round.

Prepare to make a total (shopping) pig of yourself!
Willow from Red Hot Ginger

Seldom Blue - Valentia silks

The Valentia have from Seldom Blue aren't quite brand new, in fact I have to confess they've been lurking in my inventory a little while now.

Looking at them, I can't imagine why I didn't dig them out sooner - they're so pretty.

They feature a pearl beaded design on multiple clothing layers, and beautiful diaphanous silk attachments.
Valentia silks in Pearl Bisque from Seldom Blue

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The White Armory - Lady Danielle of Connacht gown

Looking for a St Patrick's Day outfit that's not a cliché?

Well The White Armory have come to your rescue with a green-themed gown that seems pretty much shamrock-free.

Almost free: Camisk dollarbie from Brazen Bratz

I almost fell over this cute little dollarbie camisk from Brazen Bratz last night, as I was checking out the 25L sales.

There's not a lot in the package, it's just one jacket layer, but... it's pretty! (And only 1L!)

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Twisted Hunt prize at Gem Designs

I'm not doing the Twisted Hunt - sounds too much like hard work!

However, the prize at Gem Designs wasn't too hard to find, so naturally I grabbed it when I saw it.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

B!asta - Virtue Seven gypsy tie-dye dress

I love Second Life's discount shops - they're a great way to sample a new brand at a low price, or just pick up a plain ole bargain.

Best Designers Exile is a new outlet, and B!asta have this super cute gypsy dress there for 80L.

(Another full-skirted outfit! It's obviously big poofy skirts week at Silks Girl...)

Free silks - Creative Chaos group gift Bonnie silks

If you're on a tight Second Life budget, you could do a lot worse than check out Creative Chaos, Patty Flanagan's store, where you can spend as little as 19L on a cute outfit.

That's to say nothing of the freebies, dollarbies and generous group gifts.

Bonnie is the latest group gift, a lovely full-skirted silk, perfect for dancing girls.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

FallnAngel Creations - Safira bellydance outfit on Midnight Mania

It's a new month, so all the Midnight Mania boards at FallnAngel Creations have changed!

There's always a great range of outfits up for grabs. This month, on the silks board, is the bellydance outfit Safira.

You get some options to play with in this outfit too - gold or silver embellishment, skirt with hip scarf or without.

Folklore Hunt - prizes from Arctic Storm, Siryelle's Dreams and Wild Serenity

Looks like the Folklore Hunt might be worth some effort - there are some really nice prizes out there, for only 1L each. Many of them are perfect for fantasy RP.

I've just dipped my toes in it so far - and picked up a couple of nice gowns, and a chalwar/bellydance outfit.

(Hair and skin in the pics are from the Skins and Hairs Hunt.)
Fairy Nice from Arctic Storm

Want a new skin? Short on lindens?

I had lots of fun yesterday, completing the first ever Skins and Hairs hunt, which runs from 2 March to 2 April.

While it's called '... and Hairs', the huge majority of the prizes are skins. In fact, I only remember two hair prizes from the 22 locations (I could be wrong though!).

It's not free as prizes are 10L, but along the way you'll find a lot of stores have free-to-join groups and some are very generous with group gifts. (Envy Me and The Skin You're In are great for this).

Friday, 2 March 2012

Medieval Fantasy Hunt - prizes from Pekas, Luas, Voltai and Gem Designs

Some more prizes from the Medieval Fantasy Hunt... details at the end!
Pekas - Margory gown

Medieval Fantasy Hunt - prizes from Goddess Fantasies, KA Designs, May's Soul and LnL Square

Yay! It's the weekend... and the Medieval Fantasy Hunt IV has just kicked off!

There are 53 participating stores in all, including some Gorean girl favourites like Luas, Trident Jewelry, and Voltai.

I'll be showing off some of the outfits in posts over the next few days, but there's more more to the hunt than that - you can look forward to lots of roleplay items and furntiture prizes too.

Hunt info at the end.
Outfit from LnL Square