Monday, 2 January 2012

Gorean Hunt started today!

Been looking forward to this for a while... the latest Gorean Hunt kicked off today!

Not all prizes were out when I was hunting earlier (merchants have RLs too, I guess) but here are my favourite outfits of what I picked up so far.

(Lots of other RP items too, but this blog is about the clothes!)
Cossack Fur Cape Ensemble (over Freya outfit) from Priory of Roses

Hearts queeny from Severed Heart

Candles and Jam Slave black from Rustic Edge
Pearled Beauty veil from Lady Soul
Mirage brown from Freya
Prez brown from Freya
Your best bet is to join the Gorean Hunt in-world group for the hint list and updates as more prizes are put out.

The first stop is Freya where in addition to the hunt prizes, there's four freebies you can take (and a row of lucky toilets upstairs!).

Pay special attention at Rustic Edge too - there's not one but two Gorean Hunt prizes for you to find.

Other stores participating include May's Soul, Red Hot Ginger, Whatz, and Bina.

Skin - Antuanet from Vassania
Shape - Clarisse from Sophistishapes
Hair - Maylee from Exile for The Dressing Room
Eyes - Green Mirrors of the Soul from Soedara

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