Thursday, 15 August 2013

Free alt finds treasure in the Elvenbreath attic

Free alt has been out and about again, shopping with 0L, hunting and rummaging through box rooms all over the grid.

The outfit ("Robani") is just one of several tucked away in the attic at Elvenbreath, in boxes labelled gifts for newbies. The good news is anyone can take them though, no avatar creation date seems to apply.

The skin is a group gift (free to join) at Lara Hurley skins. If you're looking for a new free or cheap skin, check out this post from the Blogging Elf who has rounded up eight great free or cheap options). I'd also point you in the direction of Filthy, who have three group gift skins out at the moment (group still free to join).

The hair is a Taste the Rainbow hunt prize, from Alice Project, while the eyes are the current group gift from Mayfly. Poses are free too, from oOo Studio!

As always, more freebies, gifts and prizes listed over on this page.

Outfit: ~Elvenbreath~ Robani
Hair: Alice Project -  Alexis Glitter/Rainbow Streaks - Black (Taste the Rainbow hunt prize) 
Skin: Lara Hurley-Aria/Pale (group gift)
Eyes: Mayfly - Liquid Light Eyes (Myrtle Green) (group gift)

Shape: Old group gift from Filthy. No longer available. Why not make your own!
Poses: oOo Studio
Photos taken on junkDrawer sim (home of oOo Studio)

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