Tuesday, 6 August 2013

We Love Role-Play: Aisling and Junbug

Hold Me Tight is the latest gown from Junbug, and a special edition is exclusively available at We <3 Role-Play. It's based on an 18th century gown, and looks really quite authentic with the kerchief tucked at the bodice. Love the detailing on the back of the skirt too.

Junbug's other offer is a half-price fatpack of Stellata Notte, previewed here (the red dress).

The house in the pictures - and the bench in some of the interior shots - are Aisling's W<3RP items. It's another of buildings at the event which really impressed me. It's also only 35 land impact, has 3 storeys, is Kool Door system friendly, and you can set access levels on the doors.
All the shots with an avatar were shot high in the sky above my own Linden home, but for the exteriors I needed a bit more space. Not usually blogging builds, I had no clue where to take it thought.

I tp'd to a couple of pretty locations but they didn't allow rezzing, and while some do there's often prompt auto-returns (I swear, I think I'm black listed at Bentham Forest now due to shenanigans with the jellyfish gazebo).

So, I did what any sensible person would do.

I wore the house. Oh yes.

*Sigh* I remember the days when I couldn't even edit an invisiprim to fit my foot! It's a long road I have travelled.

Anyway; many thanks to the folks at the picturesque Zolio sim (it's an amazing build, with lots to explore - much, much more than meets the eye, and most of it not at ground level) for their kind forbearance towards a slightly strange blogger wearing a house.

I'd probably have kicked me off the sim.

 At We <3 Role-Play:
*Gown: Junbug - Hold Me Tight We <3 RP Special Edition S
*Skin: Alchemy -  Eladie Skin ~Fade~ (red)
*Poses: Musa - Gown Pose 001-010
*House: a i s l i n g - Yren House
*Bench:  a i s l i n g -  Alpha Comfy Bench
(NB seated pose is not one of the bench poses, I used a pose from my inventory to suit the gown better)

Lashes: !Musa! EyeLashes5 Elegant Red
Hair: TRUTH - Froukje - copper
Shape: Self-made
Eyes: IKON Ascension Eyes - Sahara (M)

*Review copies

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