Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Sneak peek: The.Plastik at Skin Fair

Are you a member of Skin Addiction or the Pale Girl Productions Info Group? If you are, it's just a matter of hours before you can visit Skin Fair 2014 (sim avatar limits allowing, of course).

The event opens to the public on March 14th, and there are three sims full of brand new skins, shapes, and cosmetics. (There are also a some free gifts dotted around and about the stores!)

Note - a script limit will be enforced for at least the first week of the fair, to help keep lag to a minimum. So make sure to wear your low-lag outfit. Better yet, why not try a full-body alpha like this marketplace freebie?

You'll find The.Plastik's store on Sim 3 of the event (bloggers have been asked not to post slurls before the early access opens, sorry!).   Inside there are new special editions of the Astrali skin, the new Fauxe makeups, and another batch of Slink nail appliers with the stunning textures you expect from Vae.

Each of the Astrali skin packs includes three versions of the skin - basic; toned-down which has less shading around the breasts; and cover-up, which has no nipples that would otherwise peek out of low-cut tops.

There are 10 of the standard Astrali tattoo layers, including face and body freckles, smudgy eyeshadow, and lip stripe.As well as this, there's a colourful eyeshadow and a lipgloss option, a tattoo layer to hide your eyebrows, and eight eyebrow shapers (brow shapers from the The.Plastik are my favourite; I am literally always wearing one).

The appliers packs are sold alongside the skins and contain appliers for Slink hands and feet plus nails, Phat Azz and Lola's Tangos.

The Slink nail applier packs include huds for both hands and feet, and each features ten different options to choose from.

Eye makeup included with skin, and the Concord nail appliers
Top (l-r): No makeup; Molten, Decay
Bottom (l-r): Heavy Metal, Vict. Blood, Cloudy

At Skin Fair, open 14th March: 
Skin: The.Plastik - Astrali Skin[Basic]:// Aruyeh
Makeups: The Plastik - Fauxe/Foxxe makeups, various
Nails: The.Plastik - Concord

Bodysuit: The.Plastik -  Ilazriel Bodysuit //Black
Eyes: The.Plastik - Vaele Coll(MESH):/-Guarana
Hands: Slink -Avatar Enhancement Hands Bangles: The Forge -  Celtic Bangle (coming soon to the Countdown Room)
Hair: Tableau Vivant~ Vlodovic Hair - Female - Equinox
Shape: Self-made

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