Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Bargain time: Be a Goddess for 1L!

Short on lindens but still want to go shopping? I've been out bargain hunting just for you...

Here's a quick look at some dollarbie silks, from 'House of Style,  who have a bunch of things for 1L and up.

First up is Perspehone, a supremely elegant white 'toga silk', comprised of prim top, shoulder drap, and silks skirt (plus some pants on clothing layer).

The prim parts are copy-mod, so it's also a nice blank canvas to exercise some creativity! (Don't do what I did and put a fabric texture on the gold shoulder piece!)

Next is the 'Forbidden' set, very opulent, and again classically themed.

The Aphrodite set offers plenty to play with also.

You get three skirt versions - the full...

... the long...

... and the short. All for one 1L!

The red set also includes a basic clothing layer top. (There's also a 'bra', but it seems more like pasties for glitch purposes.)

Aphrodite also comes in white, and it's copy-mod also, so even more mod fun awaits you!

Find these silks and more RP items at House of Style on the marketplace.

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