Thursday, 10 April 2014

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Another We Love Role-Play post! In these pictures, I'm wearing lots from We<3RP, such as the Gertrude gown in pink from Luminary. I love the folds and gathers on the sleeve, and the style looks authentically medieval (to my uneducated eye at least).

I'm wearing TheSkinnery's special fairy tone of the Quiana skin again (50% off! do not miss!). This time out, I'm wearing the skin with its own eyebrows. (Last time, I added tattoo layers to the no-brow skin.) It would be great if more designers offered no-brow skins as standard, it seems to be becoming more popular. For me, it's not a make-or-break in purchase decision, but it's great to have that flexibility. (A range of popular appliers are included too, another big positive.)

I also wish all hair designers made 'variety' or 'naturals' packs! I'm not capable of sticking to one hair colour, so I'm happy when my fickle ways are facilitated. New brand Epos certainly does have a naturals pack, so hooray for that.

The name Epos might seem unfamiliar to you, but its from a well-known creator (Adele Bumblefoot of Stitched). This style comes with a potential added bonus - the style is in two parts, the base and the braid. You could try wearing the base on its own - I think it could make a neat updo style. The bead and band decorating the braid are colour-change also.

The Fallon (colour-change again!) necklace is just part of On a Lark's offering; check out their gown and kirtle range as well. Eyes from Musa, earrings from Distorted Dreams, and the Amazonas crown from Keystone finish off the look.

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At We Love Role-Play
Gown: Luminary - Gertrude - Pink
Hair: EPOS_01 Brown_01
Skin: theSkinnery - Quiana - Bare face(fairy) DB CL3
Crown: Keystone - Crown of Amazonas [Gold x Gold]
Necklace: On a Lark - Fallon Necklace
Earrings: Distorted Dreams: Asjo Earring - Bronze
Eyes: Musa -Opal Eyes Brown

Shape: Self-made
Hands: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands

Poses by !bang (Three Quarter / Without Purpose)

Photos taken at Happy Mood  

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