Thursday, 8 May 2014

A gown of green

Once upon a time, I read somewhere that "to give a maiden a green gown' was medieval slang equivalent to today's "roll in the hay".

Hmm. Well, perhaps you'll treat Junbug's lavish Freesia gown with a little more dignity... or not. This is one of the ultra-rare prizes from Junbug's machine at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Only 50L a pop, and it's stuffed full of common accessory prizes, rare gowns, and super-fancy ultra-rare gowns.

The hair is another Calico creation, and includes optional ivy wreaths and face jewels. The hud allows you to change the colour of the metal bands, the ivy leaves and the face jewels. Aaliyah is one of two Calico styles available at FGC (and both are cool).

The poses are also from FGC - part of the Dita set from Ilaya. The necklace though, is from AZE Jewelry Designs, and you'll find it at Fantasy Faire, which only runs until 11 May.

At Fantasy Gacha Carnival: 
Gown: Junbug - Freesia [Moss ULTRA RARE]
Hair: Calico - Aaliyah - light browns
Poses: ILAYA Dita Pose

Necklace: AZE Forest Treasures Necklace - Women's (At Fantasy Faire - Asperatus sim)
Skin: Curio - Ember- Cloud tone Makeup 9-Ginger {Megapack Bonus}
Shape: self-made
Eyes: Ikon - Ascension Eyes - Sahara (M)

Photos taken at Zolio

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