Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Red Hot Ginger - Posey plum silks

A little over a month ago, I found myself at the Red Hot Ginger store, just as Ginger (aka Phedre Moriarty) was rebuilding.

Then, there weren't a lot of designs on display (definitely more out now, be sure to have a look) but a few things still spoke to me, including these Posey silks.

The silks are definitively asymmetric... depending from which side you look, the wearer could be either well clothed or very, very bare!

You can also leave off the long skirt if you really want to flash some flesh.

The silks are decorated with trims of dina flowers and a metallic-effect chest piece (part of the top on the shirt clothing layer).

The set also includes arm and ankle bangles, to decorate the 'bare' side of you :)

Her kirtles lean to the racier side of things... this silks girl is certainly tempted by some of them!

The Posey silks are 250L, and if you wander down to the in-world store, you can grab a free gift (camisk/kirtle) and check out the two lucky boards.

There's also a midnight mania, but for now the /100 target seems a bit elusive.

Skin: Mensje from DutchTouch
Shape: Sterre (modified) group gift from DutchTouch
Hair: Angel Liv

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