Saturday, 26 July 2014

Enchantment preview: Bluebeard

Fairytales in their original form tend to be gruesome, and Bluebeard - the inspiration for the upcoming August round of Enchantment - is more gruesome than most.

A young woman marries an infamous local aristocrat, possessed of and named for his blue beard. Soon after the marriage, Bluebeard tells his wife (unnamed in the story) that he must travel for business, and will be gone some weeks. He hands her to keys to every room in his castle, telling her she may access all the rooms except one, on pain of his anger and punishment.

Inevitably, the young wife breaks his interdict, and makes her way to the secret chamber discovering its horrific secret; Bluebeard has murdered his previous wives and hung their remains from hooks on the wall. She drops the key into a pool of blood, and try as she might, she cannot remove the bloodstain from the magical key.

Bluebeard then returns unexpectedly early, but the young woman is rescued by her brothers in the nick of time.

The story is often interpreted as a patriarchal warning against female curiosity and disobedience, but it's worth noting that at the end of the tale, Bluebeard is punished for his heinous crimes, while the heroine and her family live happily ever after.

I'm wearing the special Bluebeard edition of the India skin, together with the Misery eyes (including a tear tattoo) from La Petite Morte.  The gown - with its noose-tied halter-neck - is an Enchantment prize from Pixicat, It's hud controlled, so you can choose between five colours for the gown and its attached skirt cape. (I've gone for white, to emphasise both the bridal and sacrifical victim aspects of this character.)

On my finger rests the 'Good Wife' ring from Aisling. The inscription inside promises 'obedience & love', and you can change the colours of metals and gemstones with the hud.

There is a thorough explanation in five languages of how the event works on the official blog (this is from the May round, but the principles are the same).

In short, whenever you buy an Enchantment release from one of the participating stores, you'll find a stamp card included with your purchase. Wear your card or cards and visit each of the stores in turn, and click on the stamp machine at each store to have your card(s) marked. (Multiple cards can be stamped at the same time).

When you have collected the stamps from each store on your card, teleport to the secret prize location. Make sure to wear only one card at a time for this part, and redeem your chosen prize.

The prizes are extra-special in that they're exclusive and will never be sold again.

Also in the picture - a fab gacha prize crown from May's Soul at The Secret Affair, new hair from Ison at Hair Fair 2014, plus armlets from Sweet Poison.

Skin: La Petite Morte - india BLUEBEARD CL
Eyes: La Petite Morte misery eyes-8
Makeup:  La Petite Morte. tears 2 tattoo (included with Misery eyes)
Gown: Pixicat Fatima.Dress (Enchantment prize)
Ring: Aisling - The Good Wife

Hair: ISON - Ruler (at Hair Fair 2014)
Crown: May's Soul - magic crown gold RARE (The Secret Affair gacha, until 29 July)
Hands: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands
Armbands: Sweet Poison - Rayne Armlet
Shape: Self-made

Poses: Posesion - Libra / Minimal
Photos taken at Schendi Theatre

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