Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The expectant queen: More from Enchantment

A quick post to show you some more items from the upcoming round of Enchantment.

W.Winx & Flair have produced some pregnancy-themed poses for this round as their in-store exclusive. The set includes poses with hands protectively cradling tummy, or supporting a tired back! They inspired me to take these shots of a pensive queen... perhaps remembering the bargain she made, to surrender her firstborn infant to the imp known as Rumpelstiltskin.

The circlet I'm wearing is the Rumple Tiara from Wimey. It represents the straw which the miller's daughter had to weave into gold, and it comes with a colour change hud for the tiara's gems.

Finally, the necklace and ring are from yumyums. Regarding the necklace, there are 11 different gem styles to choose from, while a hud lets you change the metal of the ring and the gem surround, and the colour of the leather cord.
In case you don't already know, the Enchantment event is a stamp card rally. Briefly, whenever you buy an Enchantment item at a participating store, your purchase will include a stamp card. Wear this and click on the stamp machine at each store, then teleport to the special location to redeem your prize when your card is complete. You can wear more than one stamp card whilst clicking the machines, BUT be sure to wear only one card at a time when redeeming prizes. More details here.

All these items are in-store offers, none of them are prizes. However, I have had a sneak peek at the prize location and I can tell you there are some very drool-worthy pieces there, so be sure and get your stamp card stamped!

Participating Enchantment stores:

Cute Poison
The Annex
[Modern Couture]
The Forge
anc LTD
W.Winx & Flair
The Mint Condition
dead dollz
Tableau Vivant
Le Forme

Prize Location

Enchantment specials:
Circlet: Wimey - Rumple Tiara
Necklace: yumyums - Family Necklace {Garnet}
Ring: yumyums - Family Ring
Poses:  W.Winx & Flair - Ye Olde Mumma Pose Pack (Boxed)

Gown: Junbug - Stellata in Black Maternity
Hair: Calico - Aiyana
Skin: Curio - Dainty (not currently available)
Eyes: Ikon -  Ardent Eyes - Pewter
Shape: Self-made
Hands: Slink - Avatar Enhancement

Location: Wonderoaks residential sim

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