Monday, 2 April 2012

Soedara - Circlet of Sheba (or, yay, I can see sculpties again!)

Hmm, so you've got an inventory stuffed full of silks, more hair than you know what to do with, more skins than you can 'shake a stick at'... what more could you possibly need?

Yes, that's right, JEWELS.

If you're familiar with Soedara, you'll know that Marbella produces some beautiful jewelled bodices and accessories for her silks, so it's no surprise she's made some standalone options, including these beautiful Circlets of Sheba.

They are totally drool-worthy, and I mean that literally.

(I'm thinking about creating a new blog label for them, something like 'ohmygah it's gorgeous'.)
Soedara - Circlet of Sheba chained in Glass Forrest
Soedara - Circlet of Sheba chained in Silvery Seas

The circlets are 175L each and come in two versions. One version has just the circlet, the other is the chained version,  pictured here. (Chained version also comes with a nose jewel, not shown.)

There's eight colours too, so you should be able to match them up with the rest of your inventory!

You can find the full range of circlets here on marketplace or visit the Soedara in-world store.

(For anyone wondering about the post title, since upgrading to Phoenix 1691, I was having problems viewing sculpties... so I couldn't blog this stunning circlets. The solution? Pretty drastic - I switched computers!!! I guess the fresher video card did the trick... now hmmm wonder if I can get shadows to work...)

Skin- Pout 2 from Curio
Shape - Curio Pout from Body Doubles
Hair- Piper from Maitreya
Eyes - Magical Oriental green eyes from Soedara

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