Thursday, 19 April 2012

Free cloak at The Old Forge

I finally made it down to The Old Forge today, having spotted an intriguing outfit from them on the marketplace a while ago.

It might bad news for my linden balance though... they have some amazing looking fantasy outfits down there!

To soften the blow somewhat, they have a really nice freebie - a travelling cloak (which comes in both men's and women's versions) which has seen better days.
The cloak can be worn either hood up or hood down - or without the hood entirely (wear the 'hood up' version but don't add the hood for this).

You can find both the men's cloak and the women's cloak on the marketplace (be warned, it's running pretty slow at the moment), or grab the outfit in the in-world store. The women's version is downstairs, and the men's upstairs.

Looking forward to blogging more from this store soon!

Slurl to The Old Forge

Outfit under cloak: Stitched in seafoam from On a Lark
Boots: Dirigible Damsel Stiletto from Secret Shelf
Shape and Skin: Zelda from Mystic Canvass 
Hair: Delia from Truth
Eyes - Intense stormy blue from Jala (marketplace dollarbie)

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