Friday, 13 April 2012

Quick! Limited time half price offers at Shack

Some fab new releases at Shack today, and on the limited price vendors for a few hours more are the Organic silks in pink and the Pansy kirtle in lavender.

Both the outfits have an ethereal quality which means they'd make fine outfits for fae and perhaps other fantasy creatures.

Details and slurls after the pics!
Shack - Organic silks pink - 395L on limited time vendor
Organic silks with glow option of skirts and chest silks on

Organic silks - non-PG options!
Shack - Pansy kirtle in lavender - 150L on limited time vendor

Shack - Pansy kirtle in lavender - 150L on limited time vendor

 The Organic silks, excitingly, are scripted with a whole range of modify options. As well as adjusting the size via the menu, you can set glow, full bright, shiny and more, on different parts of the silk -eg the fabric, the metal or the gems...

There is a 'standard' belted silk and the option of a side silk to add fullness, clothing and prim tops, arm bands and anklets. Available in seven colours.

Ordinarily 795L, if you're quick you can get them for half that on the limited time vendor.

The Pansy kirtle is a simple outfit - in terms of what's contained in the box. As always with creations from Firefox Fonda, the textures are beautifully detailed.

What's in the box then, are top and bottom on clothing layers, and a kirtle skirt. The skirt features a subtle ombre effect, and the clothing textures are decorated with pansy flowers.

Available in six different colours, usual price 300L, if you're quick it's 150L on the special vendor.

If you get to this too late, well, there'll be more offers next Friday - the usual new release day for Shack.

Slurl to Shack silks limited price vendor

Slurl to Shack kirtle limited price vendor

Hair - Wasabi Pills
Eyes - Soedara

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