Thursday, 21 June 2012

Awesome Fae Armor at The Old Forge

This outfit has been lurking in my inventory for a while, and I decided last night to finally unwrap it and get all bloggy with it.

Wow. I loved it.

Take a look at the wings in particular; they're stunning. If your roleplay takes you to the kingdoms of elf and fae... then I humbly suggest you take a look at this outfit!
In the box you get two wings (one left, one right), the jeweled headress, clothing layer top and bottoms, prim shoulder/chest piece and skirt.

The outfit doesn't include any fancy scripts; the wings don't flutter or spread glitter all around you. (Perhaps as the 'armor' moniker implies, it's an outfit for a more serious sort of fae?!)

What it is though, is breathtaking.  I'm not sure photos do this outfit justice.

The outfit costs 500L and you can find it on the marketplace or follow the slurl to The Old Forge in-world.

(I hope I'm not being too cheeky by saying the outfit is much prettier out of the box than is shown on the vendors!)

Oh and don't forget to grab your free cloak.

Skin - Ataciara (Azucar) from The.Plastik
Eyes - Haunt collection (Hera's Gold) from The.Plastik
Shape - Talula from Sophistishapes
Hair - Blown Away from Clawtooth


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