Thursday, 7 June 2012

Free panther, FW and slave gear from Savage

I stumbled across these free gifties at Savage the other night... the outfits are hmm, I guess you could say 'themed'.

They share a name (Plain Huntress, Plain Girl, Plain Lady), a texture which looks like a rough homespun cloth, and some little feather decorations.

These outfits aren't for the pampered and privileged, but might be a perfect fit for those who get their lessons from the school of hard knocks!
Plain Huntress
Plain Girl
Plain Lady
Worth a peep in the shop... for the short of linden, there's also a prizes for picks board, a midnight mania board, and two lucky boards as well as the gifts.

 Slurl to Savage

Shape and Skin - Keri gift from Panda Punx
Eyes - Elven Eyes from By Snow
Hair - Dare from Magika

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