Saturday, 9 June 2012

30L Saturday, 9 June - Sweet Poison, Whatz, Luas, For F's Sake

Lots of fun things in today's 30L Saturday offers. As always, I'm only showing a small selection that caught my eye (thought I might feature some more later!).

If you tp to one of the participating merchants, you can slap the 30L subscribo box for a notecard featuring all the offers.
Whatz - Plump and Happy complete avatar
Includes camisk, shape, skin and hair
Luas - Port Kar Silks; Whatz - Rosebush Hair, skin from Plump & Happy pack; Belissima - Manu Shape
For F's Sake - Zoe camisk
Sweet Poison - Skully outfit (more colours available)
Sweet Poison - Skully outfit (more colours available)
I really like the combination of the Whatz skin and Belissima shape... it's a little bit cheesy, sure, but it's so cute and pouty!

As always, everything is 30L today only.

This subsequent post has more 30L Saturday offers.

Sweet Poison
For F's Sake

Skin - Amelie from Whatz (in Plump & Happy pack)
Shape - Manu from Belissima / Whatz Plump & Happy
Hair - Baroque (in Plump & Happy pack) or Rosebush from Whatz
Eyes - Umeboshi at SVPAP Project Rescue

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