Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Crayon Colour Challenge: Week 18, Midnight Pearl

Midnight Pearl

Back to normal, and back on schedule after Fantasy Faire (although there is still some hunting to be done!) This week's colour challenge is another one where my careful matching in-world doesn't seem to have come out quite so exactly on the blog page. No idea why that should be.... Nevermind!

This week's outfit is from Jessenia Delicious, and the accessories are from Soedara. Anklet and bracelets are from an Earendil silks set, but the necklace is one of the separately sold Earendil necklaces. (You do get a necklace with the silks, but the ones sold separately have an additional texture change feature).

Hair is from Truth, where the super-sale runs for another two days til May 3. I couldn't get to the store store so I snagged it by camming from next-door Truth District.

Next up on my blogging list - the Aeva fundraiser and We <3 Role-Play!

Outfit: Delicious - jessenia fucsia 
Anklets & bracelets: ~Soedara~ part of Earendil silks
Necklace:~Soedara~ Gold Earendil Necklace Purple
Skin & Shape: Tuty's - Gong Li (shape modified) 
Hair:  >TRUTH< Virginie - crow
Eyes: ~Soedara~ Green eyes, realistic nature 1
Pose by Leafy

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