Thursday, 23 May 2013

New from Soedara: Adora Bejeweled chastity belt and silks

If you ever wanted to be simply dripping with jewels and precious metals, check out the latest release from Soedara - the Adora Bejeweled set.

This outfit is in fact a two-parter. One part is the chastity belt and body jewelry set, and the second part which you buy separately, is a pack of silks skirts.

Each of the add-on packs contains no less than 16 skirts (8 sets of skirts, front and back). You have different styles and different lengths. You can wear them matchy-matchy or mix up different lengths at the front and back or layer short skirts in front of longer. Lots of combinations to come up with.

The chastity belt offers a multitude of options too, as it features texture change jewels and you can choose from 22 different colours. You can also colour each part separately, so the bodice jewels could be a different colour to the belt for instance.

So, if you buy one of the chastity belts and one of the add-on packs, you get at least 22 x 16 different ways of wearing the outfit... and that's a conservative estimate!

Each of the chastity belts cost 375L and an add-on pack of silks costs 125L - so the entire outfit with all those options is 500L.

Follow the slurl to  Soedara in-world or find the outfit on the marketplace.

PS Yes, I do believe the outfit was named after a disreputable character known to the designer

Skin & Shape: Izzie's - Irene Catnip Carnival Skin pale DB CL (special at The Catnip Carnival)Hair: >TRUTH< Evelyn - espresso
Eyes: IKON Vanity Eyes - Denim (previous group gift) 

Poses by Adorkable
Photos taken at Les Reves sim

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