Saturday, 4 May 2013

We Love Role-Play is now open!

We <3 Role-Play  is now open! or should be, if everything goes according to plan :) I managed to fit lots of stuff from the event into this post - dress (obviously), hair, skin and furniture.  

The Herbalist Worktable from Aisling, which you can see in the background above,  is cool as all-get-out and I find it insane that it's only 7 land impact. If it was prim rather than mesh, can you imagine how much of your allowance it would eat up? I love that it incorporates plants and the leafed tree branch. It comes with a hud that allows you to change the colour of the wood and turn the prim shadow on or off.

You can also see Deandra's Eye (the giant crystal) in some of the pics. You can change use the accompanying hud to change the colour of the crystal, metal and the base or trunk of the object. There's also a decorative deer head to place on the wall if you want to brag about your prowess as a hunter.

The hair is from eep. and it's a really cute style. I'm not crazy about mesh hairs which have extreme whorls and twists, but this one has a very soft and naturalistic touch. I'd love if they introduced a 'mix' pack of colours though. 

The skin is from Birdy/Alchemy, the skin brands made by Nina Helix, the designer behind the fabulous Old Forge fantasy armour and clothing store. The Daenerys skin is quite distinctive so be sure and try the demo as it will work better with some shapes than others.

Another ASOIAF reference crops up with the outfit from The Muses - the outfit is called Rainha and the red-black colourway is called Fire and Blood. You really get two colours in the pack - you can wear the outfit as red with black trims or black/grey with red trims. And of course you can mix and match between the two of them.

And remember, all items are discounted between 25 and 50% ! So if that isn't a great reason to get shopping, I don't know what is...

Slurl to We <3 Role-Play

Outfit: the muses . Rainha .
Hair: eep . hair 005 . red5

Skin: .B I R D Y.  & Alchemy - Daenerys Skin (Special edition collab)
Eyes: Mayfly - Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Sea Green Shadow,
Shape: Sophistishapes - TALULA bodyshape
Poses by !bang

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