Saturday, 2 November 2013

We Love Role-Play: Soedara and Bite & Claw

It's almost that time of the month again - time for a new round of We <3 Role-Play! As usual, the event will open on the 4th of November, and you can choose from dozens of items from your favourite fantasy and roleplay creators, all at 25-50% off.

Bite & Claw's Elora skin comes in four tones. This is Lunar, and its the most 'human', the other tones are more fantastical. I especially love the three facial tattoos with the skin - featured in photos after the jump.  They're hugely expressive too - the black tattoo is really quite scary, while one of the red ones looks almost sad. You can seem them in photos after the jump. Also in the box are matching feet and elf ears!

Soedara's outfit is new release Strength of Atikamekw in black is the We<3RP and it will be available for 30% off it's usual price of 450L and it's amazing value for money. The included face-chain alone normally sells for 150L. It's a really special piece too, definitely not something that was done as an afterthought.

The box is full of different options for you to play with. I'm even going to attempt to show them all to you. The mesh skirt comes in long or short versions, and there are umpteen flexi skirts for you to add to it. There's a mesh top and optional clothing layer top for PG purposes, mesh armwarmers and clothing layer gloves, armbands, earrings, necklace, and short and longer boots! There are also tattoos, not shown here. A great outfit for bonds, panthers, tribal girls, and more.

The hair is a recent release from Calico. It's called Mantha and aimed at more 'tribal' characters, perfect for panthers, elves, or anyone who wants to get in touch with their inner wild girl!  The accompanying hud lets you change the texture of the metal rings and hair bands so you can match whatever outfit you're wearing.

If you ask me, Calico's recent releases score really, really high for imagination and originality as well as being well-made and textured. I think it's fantastic to see someone pushing the envelope and creating distinctive fantasy styles.

We<3RP opens at 3pm SLT on 4 November

At  We<3RP:
*Outfit: Soedara - Strength of Atikamekw (black)
*Skin: Bite & Claw - Skins - Elora - Lunar - CL

*Hair: Calico - Mantha (S)
Shape: Self-made Eyes: IKON Ascension Eyes - Sahara (L)
Poses by Di's Opera
Photos taken at Humanoid

*Review copies

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