Saturday, 16 November 2013

Reshmaan camisk and silks from Soedara

So, I was having some problems with taking pictures, possibly because I changed some debug settings to try and improve graphics.  I downloaded the new Firestorm Beta and got some... interesting results. Such as, photos where everything is black except the meshes. Or photos where everything is normal except my avatar has no face. Aaaarrgghh!

Anyway, this camisk and silks set is a recent release from Soedara, and it is packed full of things to play with as always. There are at least three different versions of the camisk, in sheer, semi-sheer, and normal. (Note: Thanks to changes in the viewer, you'll need to have advanced lighting enabled in graphic preferences to see the transparency. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.)

There's a hud so you can change the saturation level of the camisk colour, two belts, one of which is simple and one which has hud-controlled colour change beads. There are also a variety of silks to add - long or short. They're mod, so you can change the transparency as you please, and match it up to the camisk if you like.

Beautiful jewelry too - as well as the gold belts, there are simple armbands, anklets and a collar (scripted and unscripted versions). There's a lovely long necklace also, and a diadem with a stone coloured to match the outfit.

*Outfit: Soedara - Reshmaan camisk in Bronze Illuminati / Sapphire 
Shape: Self-made
Skin: Birdy. Imogen Skin  ~Peaches~ Peaches & Cream (Black)
Lipstick: Aeva/Heartsick Lipstick : Blood Red
Hair: !lamb -  Stay Don't Go (Mesh) - Ink
Eyes: IKON Destiny Eyes - Maya (L)
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands
Feet:  Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance)

*Poses by Musa
Photos taken at Bellydance Kingdom sims

*Review copies

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