Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Demons and Angels - Viking Princess outfit

This is an interesting outfit for sure - I came across it on the marketplace when I was searching for silks.

It's by fantasy outfitters Piper Shan Designs, otherwise known as Demons and Angels, and it's called 'Viking Princess'.

I really like it, but I can't see it being suitable for a kajira, and I doubt it would pass as a kirtle (what do you think?).

However, I'm sure some Elven huntresses or warrior maidens could put it to some very good use!

This is the 'ice' colourway. It's also available in lime and crimson (top seems to stay the same, but skirt colour changes).

There's some lovely detailing on the outfits, like the triskel-type designs on the belt and a kind of 'tafetta' effect on the skirt...  plus some great sturdy boots, ideal for stomping around in the snow!
You can find it on the marketplace or at the in-world store for 600L.

Skin  - Dori from Barely Sensual
Shape - Yvette from Sophistishapes
Hair - Magdalena from Emo-tions

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