Thursday, 31 October 2013

Crayon Colour Challenge: Week 44, Smashed Pumpkin

Smashed Pumpkin


This colour isn't too far different from last week (which I posted literally minutes ago, lol) as that was peachy-orange and this is orangey-orange. If you want to be fancy, it's almost 'persian orange'.

In the spirit of the season, I went a bit wild and just threw things on all over the place. A fair bit of modification and photoshopping of the pieces themselves, so I don't claim these are particularly accurate representations.

(Usually in photoshop I don't touch the outfit unless I'm trying to correct a mistake I've made, like a bracelet sticking into my arm etc.)

Anyway, with that rather hastily-taken photo, I think I am now finally up to date with Softpaw's crayon colour challenge.

Trick or treat?

Top, sleeves, hat, choker: The White Armory - Storybook Legend Gown Set - Hallows
Mesh corset: The Plastik -  Yvaine Corset [XS]://Octane
Black transparent overskirt: Mocha - Tulle Tiered Skirt [Black] Skirt (modified)
Mesh underskirt: The Plastik - Misfit Skirts ://Morocca
Mesh overskirt:  The Plastik -  Reverence Skirt://Glitz

Hair: LeLutka -HELEN - Bournville
Shape: Self-made Skin: Izzie's - Lucie Bloody Mary fair DB (currently at The Dressing Room Fusion)
Eyes: IKON Lucid Eyes - Coffee (L)

Pose by bang
Photo taken at  Alirium

Music: Kate Bush - How to be invisible

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  1. So, essentially, for smashed pumpkins, you smashed an outfit together!