Monday, 30 July 2012

Freebie at Soedara!

Soedara have just launched a new line of jewelled nipple cover to match the Tariqa outfits and jewels (but of course you match 'em up to any of your silks!). They're menu-driven and you can choose from 26 gem covers, just like the Tariq headdress and necklace.

To celebrate, though, there are four simpler tattoo- and clothing-layer nipple covers in the mainstore (or you can grab them on marketplace for 1L each).

Here's a very quick pic...
(The textures in this picture aren't quite as sharp as I'd like... been experimenting with the newest Firestorm viewer so I can start playing with shadows and all that stuff!)

The freebies come in tattoo, undershirt, shirt, and jacket layers... so you can combine them with any other clothing layers you've got going on. There are four colour variations - gold, silver, and gold and silver with red jewels.

Why not follow the slurl to Soedara's Second Life store and grab them - you never know when you'll need to be PG!

Find all the covers on the marketplace too.

Skin - Selene (group gift) from Aeva / Heartsick
Shape - Group gift from Filthy
Eyes - Desert Dawn (group gift) from Mayfly
Hair - Naomi (group gift) from D!va 

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