Tuesday, 3 July 2012

50L summer sale at FallnAngel Creations

Eeek! I almost missed this... and I would so have kicked myself if I did!

FallnAngel Creations are having a crazy sale, with a selection of some of their wonderful outfits for only 50L each. In some cases, this means outfits are one-tenth or less of their original cost!

BE QUICK THOUGH, the sale is due to end on the 5th of July - that's in two days time.

Slurls to the sale outfits (including silks, gowns, kimonos and accessories) after the jump.
Pictured: Lyr gown in black

A notecard with the slurls is available at the FallnAngel Creations mainstore, or you can follow the links below. Apologies for any errors!

FallnZhakiriDress (originally L$499) -
FallnLyrGown (originally L$550) -
FallnLuxuriaGown (originally L$550) -
FallnDianaGown (originally L$550) -
FallnTittliDress (originally L$550) -
FallnCrystallineOutfit (originally L$550) -
FallnSalDress (originally L$575) -
FallnCarolynnDress (originally L$525) -
FallnVictoriaGown (originally L$499) -
FallnCeesaidOutfit (originally L$449) -
FallnDrusillaOutfit (originally L$499) -
FallnSinOutfit (originally L$425) -
FallnCordeliacOutfit (originally L$425) -
FallnAuriaOutfit (originally L$475) -
FallnTessaDress (originally L$449) -
FallnStarlaDress (originally L$525) -
FallnKahlanSilks (originally L$425) -
FallnScarletteSilks (originally L$399) -
FallnAstridSilks (originally L$399) -
FallnForcemeSilks (originally L$325) -
FallnAnaisSilks (originally L$399) -
FallnSamirahSilks (originally L$425) -
FallnReshamaSilks (originally L$375) -
FallnPapillionSilks (originally L$350) -
FallnTiyoSilks (originally L$399) -
FallnKamaSilks (originally L$325) -
FallnFeySilks (originally L$399) -
FallnClarinCamisk (originally L$325) -
FallnImaOutfit (originally L$399) -
FallnKisarimono (originally L$499) -
FallnIndiraSilks (originally L$415) -
FallnNatalieGown (originally L$550) -
FallnAoDaiRoses (originally L$350) -
FallnGinDress (originally L$375) -
FallnTomesodeKimono (originally L$325) -
FallnSoifongDress (originally L$550) -
FallnElricSuit (originally L$499) -
FallnJamesSuit (originally L$550) -
FallnLynzuSuit (originally L$550) -
FallnKingOfHeartsSuit (originally L$575) -
FallnMedjaiOutfit (originally L$375) -
FallnYazOutfit (originally L$499) -
FallnPajamas (originally L$275) -
FallnNicodemusSuit (originally L$475) -
FallnVanityWings (originally L$200) -
FallnMidoriiWings (originally L$200) -
FallnRiders (originally L$200) -
FallnEternalRoseNecklace (originally L$175) -
FallnMarchKanzashi (originally L$250) -
FallnVireVeil (originally L$225) -
FallnHitodamaCircle (originally L$285) -
FallnLammorraShoes (originally L$325) -
FallnAmbrosiaBoots (originally L$325) -
FallnKimonoBoots (originally L$325)
FallnFlamingDanceSticks (originally L$200)

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