Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Don't miss this round of 25L Tuesday!

I don't usually post on a Tuesday, RL doesn't allow it.. and this is not my usual style of post... but this week's round of 25L Tuesday is just too exciting for me to keep it to myself!

There are brand new releases from Soedara and On a Lark included in the list, and some fab furniture sets (usually retailing at 700L) going for a song at Firestorm Creations.

Some vendor pics below... you can also see some sneak peeks at the 25L Tuesday blog.

Be careful at Silk Worms though. There are some full price vendors right on top of the 25L offers (which are the vendors along the ground). A certain somebody who should have been a bit smarter didn't pay attention!

Lots more on offer, of course, and as always you can get the full list at any of the participating stores.

Have fun!

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