Thursday, 6 September 2012

(Seldom Blue): Finding Fab Free hunt prize

The Finding FabFree hunt kicked off today, and a notecard from IndigoBlue Dagostino, previewing the Seldom Blue prize. I was intrigued so ran off to hunt it down for myself.

There are some great stores on this hunt, and prizes are totally free, so I really hope I can find time to visit some more stops along the way! It runs until 30 September, so hopefully...

The skin, shape, and eyes are on special offer at the moment, as sadly Redbird Body Shop is closing down, so everything is half-price until 15 September. Check it out - there are some cute looks at great prices.

Find the hints and slurls over on the FabFree blog, or follow the slurl directly to Seldom Blue (where the hint is 'Lovely latex'!)

Skin, shape, eyes: Mei from Redbird (half price closing sale until 15 September) 
Hair: Jayney from Truth

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