Thursday, 27 September 2012

The White Armory - Contessa gown

A lot of silks and camisks lately, so to mix it up a bit, the Contessa gown from The White Armory! This gown isn't what you'd call a new release... in fact it's been lurking in my inventory since May.

To my mind at least, it's got something of an 'ancient worlds' feel about it, so I teamed it up with some satisfyingly chunky pieces from Aidoru's 'Egyptian Dream' jewelry collection (very kindly passed to me by owner Jaraloy Swords).

One of the great things about this gown is that it includes two colour options, so you're basically getting two for the price of one!

Originally released in this red or red-and-black colourway, further colours have been added under the 'Whispering' moniker ( Whispering Forest is brown-black, Whispering Meadow green-black, and Whispering Seas blue-black).

If you want the red version of the gown, I recommend you buy it in-world where you can find it in the TWA Favourites boutique for 600L.

Slurl to The White Armory
Slurl to Aidoru

Skin:Gala from Izzie's
Shape: Veronica from Anna Shapes
Hair: Melody from Elikatira (on sale till 1 Oct)
Necklace, prim bracelet, earrings: Egyptian Dream from Aidoru

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