Saturday, 29 September 2012

The Angel of Justice

The concept of justice (and the question of where justice ends, and vengeance begins) has been on my mind these past few days, which led to me blogging something a little different today.

It happens that today is Michealmas Day, the feast of St Michael and the Archangels, so I offer you a portrait of the Angel of Justice, and a prayer for all who have suffered from the wrongdoing of others.

In searching for ideas and inspiration, I did quite some googling when looking for some ideas and inspirations for this post. That's how I discovered today (29 September) was Michaemas - remarkable synchronicity!

In Judaeo-Christian tradition, Raguel is the angel of justice, fairness and harmony, while the archangel Michael is often depicted with scales and a sword (the accoutrements of Justice). Anyway... if you've a mind to read further, there are some fascinating resources out there, whether you're a practising Christian or not.

Back to the blog... In creating my angel, I wanted a look that was androgynous without being delicate, so I played around until I found the right combination. I modified a female shape (Lima model shape from Shakeup shapes) by clicking the radio button for male and tweaking some sliders to widen the hips, narrow the shoulders and so on. So (hopefully!) the face stayed quite soft, but the body powerful, as you'd expect from a more warlike, avenging angel.

The skin is a limited edition (if you want it, better hurry, there were only 9 left when I grabbed this a little while ago) collab between Tableau Vivant and Glam Affair - it's a female version of the TV Andrej skin.

The outfit is the latest release from The Old Forge (I love that store!) - it's the Kokarri armour designed for a new race of the Mystara RP realm. This is the female version of the armour; there's a male range too which is quite different, with a different breastplate and shorter skirt. The beautiful feathery wings are from Material Squirrel; I had to spend a lot of time with their demo pack before I could decide which to go for!

I used the Libra Tribute: Justice pose prop from Studio Sidhe in the first two pics; the sword (worn throughout) and scales are included as part of it. It's currently available for a discounted 100L at the Zodiac event. It only includes one pose, I'd have loved to see a few more, as I always like to take a lot of pics for the blog. Background is the Tableau Vivant Crow Stage group gift.

Skin: Andrej (female) from Tableau Vivant w/ Glam Affair
Hair: Teeloh from Wasabi Pills (old Fantasy Faire gift)
Eyes: Veila (Vaele collection) from The.Plastik
Outfit: Kokarri (white, female) from The Old Forge
Wings: Sofiel from Material Squirrel
Pose prop: Libra Tribute: Justice from Studio Sidhe
Background: Crow Stage from Tableau Vivant

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  1. you are right my friend she is a blonde and the 29th of sep. is my birthday. I love the new outfit and new look you had given her. Although there is one thing you didn't know ragual was a she never a he. thanks