Thursday, 16 August 2012

Two prizes from the 'If I were rich' hunt

The If I Were Rich Hunt ("if you could have anything, what would it be?") runs until 31 August, and features one of my favourite stores (The Roawenwood) and one (deviousMind) I should check out more often!

Roawenwood's prize is the Zumurrud aybed, and deviousMind's is the Diva Diamond burlesque outfit...

The hunt prizes vary in price, from 0-5L (here, the dM outfit was 0L, the daybed from RW was 5L)

There are some prize preview pics on the official blog, and the all hints and slurls also.

I don't see a hint for Roawenwood, so I'll make one up for you: To get on TOP of this hunt, you might find yourself pushed from PILLAR to post!

The skin, btw, is from Rockberry whose annual back-to-school skin sale is on now. All single skins are 100L! (This excludes the seasonal specials at the front of the store, shapes, skin packs and so on.) No end date is given for the sale, so be quick just in case... and don't forget to check out the various lucky boards in the store.

Skin: Uma C from Rockberry
Shape: Demi from Belissima
Hair: Eden from Truth
Eyes: Jaded (fairytale) from The.Plastik

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