Sunday, 5 August 2012

Just a Slave camisk from Soedara

The 'Just a Slave' camisks are a recent release from Soedara, and a fun concept to boot.

Essentially, you're wearing a sack (and hopefully looking good in it) - and the sackcloth still bears the stamp of whatever goods it last held. Excepting the plain version, which has no label, and the 'for sale' version which informs the world that you're... for sale.

The mesh and clothing versions of the outfit are quite different... so have a look at the pics and see which you prefer. (Watch out for non-PG pics after the jump!)
Just a Slave - MESH - For Sale
Just a Slave - MESH - For Sale
Just a Slave - MESH -Kanda Leaves
Just a Slave - MESH - Kanda Leaves
Just a Slave - torn version - Plain
Just a Slave - torn version - Plain
Just a Slave - Sa-Tarna
Just a Slave - Beans
Just a Slave - torn version
Just a Slave - MESH - Thentis Beans
The mesh and clothing versions are quite different; the mesh is shorter and looser, while the clothing layers version is longer, tighter, and includes torn and regular versions. The mesh set includes a variety of sizes and an alpha, but make sure to try the free demo.

Apart from this, both sets share the same accessories - bangles, anklets, legwarmers, rope tie, and belt. The belt features a glowy jar, but I changed it in most of the photos so that it emitted a warm rather than green glow. As the belt is fully modifiable, it's no problem to edit linked parts.

If you're very inexperienced with editing, be careful, but if you do mess it up, contact Marbella Pronovost and she will swap your messy belt for a lovely pristine new one!

You can find the Just a Slave outfits on the marketplace or follow the slurl to Soedara's in-world store

Each camisk will set you back 275L or you can grab a fatpack of mesh or clothing camisks for 1,100L.

Skin - Stormy from Curio (not currently available.. hopefully soon ...)
Shape - Emma from Body Doubles
Eyes - Deep Sky bronze from Mayfly
Hair - Maggie from Truth

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