Thursday, 16 August 2012

10L gowns from Kouse's Sanctum!

I was wandering around the Cart Sale at The Wash (nothing more than 10L), picking up some bits and pieces here and there... when suddenly, I happened up a cart from Kouse's Sanctum! SQUEAL!!

There are 8 gowns in a variety of styles on the cart - some are medieval or Celtic, one is 17th or 18th century, there's a couple of ballgowns... but they're all gorgeous, and they're all only 10L each.

The sale runs until September 5th, so plenty of time... but why delay when there's bargains like this?!
Kouse's Sanctum -Natasha gown in blush

Kouse's Sanctum - Heidi gown in aqua
Kouse's Sanctum - Gabrielle gown in forest

Kouse's Sanctum -Faith gown in royal
Kouse's Sanctum -Ruth gown in chocolate
Kouse's Sanctum -Allissa gown in silver
Kouse's Sanctum -Fleur gown in dusk
Kouse's Sanctum -Antonia gown in sky

Slurl to Kouse's Sanctum at The Wash

Skin: Blanche Neige (Fairy Tales special) from Belleza
Shape: Curio Pout from Body Doubles (modified)
Hair: Lady Luck / Dear Heart from Clawtooth
Eyes: Vaele Collection (lovestory) from The.Plastik

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