Monday, 27 August 2012

Massive marketplace sale at Nomine

Nomine, the fantasy and gothic store (or as creator Munchflower Zaius describes it "darkness, haute couture, and bohemian inspired aesthetics", which sounds much nicer) is having an enormous sale.

Just about everything (well over 2,000 items) for male and female avatars has been reduced to 100L. Demos are the exception, they're free!

There's an insane breadth to the range, so what's on offer inclues hair, skins (all kinds - human, fae, drow, doll, mermaid, android, neko, deer, panda, reptile, zombie), make-up, and all sorts of clothing including the most recent mesh outfits.

Nomine - Butterfly Cheongsam outfit in Mulberry
Nomine - Nephilim skin peach tone in specialist red

Nomine - Mesh Hung dress in Onyx
Two sizes plus alpha in pack
Nomine - Nephilim skin peach tone in specialist red
Nude version also included in the pack
Nomine - Mesh Keyhole gown short in sapphire
Two sizes plus alpha in pack
I did spot some marketplace glitches in the store (where the description and image don't match) so maybe approach those with caution. If anyone does know what the story is with items like that, maybe leave a comment?

There's no specific end date for the sale, but Ms Munchflower has said it will last for approximately two weeks while she is working on some extra-special new releases!

Nomine on the marketplace

Skin - Nephilim skin peach tone in specialist red from Nomine
Shape - Emma mesh ready (modified) from Body Doubles
Hair - Brigitte (mesh) from Wasabi Pills

Eyes - Deep eyes in charcoal from By Snow

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